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Medical facilities for Nuke Ops + ERT.

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Nuke shuttle does not even have facilities for ghetto surgery. I cry.

Nuke and ERT do not have access to spaceacillin and other related chemicals for infections. This sucks. I also cry if I get grazed by a hostile laser once or twice. Crying is not fun.

Could we please have these? It would make having medics on either side of the spectrum much more worthwhile.

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Get robust.

Most of the time, you won't get an infection if you take care of it, quickly. But, that's a VERY small amount of time. Either we increase the time it takes to get infected or, we add a ghetto surgery room with spaceallin. It should only have one light source, a lamp. A cigarette stored inside for un-sterile surgery, and the most ghetto ass tools around.

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