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Drwago 9/13/19

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BYOND Key: Abigbear

Staff BYOND Key: Drwago

Game ID: b3d-djgj

Reason for complaint: Warning applied for finding the nuke while investigating a breach and stealing it back. They said we were valid hunting and avoiding fear rp while going out of our skillset. My character had a sniper rifle. He had material scanners combo'd with mesons on and saw the nuclear device. No doors or activity was happening inside the shuttle. He reported it but was afraid they'd come back to stop them or detonate the device so he seized the opportunity to crack it open on the far side with a welder tank with another unathi miner. At this point their airlock opened and two raiders charged out firing. My char fired a few pot shots and jetpacked away. My companion however was on a void bike and could not escape as easily so he engaged. I dropped back down further away and used the scope to help him. I was fired at and when a spike thrower impaled me I decided it was time to go and jetpacked out of the line of sight, dropped down, stole the nuke and left. I'm not sure how this is avoiding fear RP as when you see a device with a massive nuclear symbol on it, you don't need any special training or skillsets to know it will kill everyone. It was *not secured to the floor* and the intent was to heist the heisters while they were supposed to be inside the station. We had been told to arm ourselves prior by security and did so. My character chose a rifle with a scope. No advanced combat tactics other than using a scope and his jetpacks to move away from his attackers were used, CQC never happened and he engaged at a range where he had a clear advantage and was not being fired on, then fucked off. The unathi miner however, steam rolled them with a void bike and an axe/shotgun.



Additional remarks: My main points I want to reinforce here is we had no idea the raiders were inside, nothing was moving and it looked empty. The nuke was unsecured and plainly visible. I used jetpacks to avoid most of the conflict going into steal it as I went in and got out. The raiders airlock was on a different side and they were mainly fighting the miner. My combat engagement was mostly support from range and the raiders decided to leave the safety of their ship to attack us which was a massive mistake giving us a wide open steal the nuke flag.


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Hi, so there was multiple issues with this incident. You claim to of been investigating a breach, be this true or not isn't really relevant and not related. The issue is that security told you this Raider/Terrorist group was

1. Armed

2. Dangerous

3. You were aware they had a nuclear bomb they could detonate


With these three factors in mind (Which you were aware of according to the ticket and this complaint) you and another shaft miner dragged a welder tank outside, placed it next to there ship, said you didnt see anybody on the meson scanners, and then shot the welder tank, and when the raiders fired at you for provoking them, you engaged and then with the unathi (Who was also talked to but was more understanding of the issue) grabbed the nuclear bomb and begin to run off.

There is quite abit wrong with this whole situation but to map it out for you, you directly went out of your way to get a welder tank and drag it out there instead of letting security handle it, shot the welder tank, next to the ship of a raider group where you knew there was a nuclear bomb stored, engaged the raiders and then stole the nuclear bomb.

This genuinely was valid hunting and lacking of any fearrp, you not only endangered your own character but the entire station with the reckless actions that a well balanced and sane character wouldn't dare take, aswell as going outside of what a normal skillset/mentality is for a shaft miner and again, blowing a hole in a terrorist groups ship to steal from them under the defense "I didnt see anybody home on the scanners"

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1) we knew they were armed so were we.

2) falls into the same category as numbed one

3) i discovered the nuke while sniffing around their ship which is when priorities shifted massively. During that time i saw no signs of life, sprinted back a few paces for the tank and proceeded. To a quick smash and grab while they were supposed to be raiding the station.


It was just south of us from the surface cargo level. We were investigating the breach in the window with a welder tank a half screen away so ot wasn't out of the way to get. Security had been barely trying to hold together in the crossfire round or so it sounded. The nuke was haphazardly left in the cockpit of the ship. The welder tank was placed away where it would create a small hole away from where the nuke was sitting. Miners make holes. It would have been no different then planting one of the seismic charges that we get  It was an easy grab to which once my char had grabbed it, he started  yelling to the AI for help on what to do with it.

As far as the fight with the raiders? Yes we knew they were armed. So were we. We also thought they were still on station. When they came out right as we blew a hole in their ship, they were bumbling over each other outside of the cover of their ship were mainly perusing the Unathi leaving their ship behind. I had a jetpack and superior range while they were leaving every advantage they had behind so my char had quite a bit of confidence until he was shot. Once hit, i grabbed the nuke and left. Gave the Unathi who slugging out with the vox a few shots in support and continued on. No idea what happened to the second one. Didn't wait to see. What my character did know was a hostile force was actively engaging the station and had a potential weapon of mass destruction sitting in their laps so his mindset was to take their toy before they realized it. And he did versus giving them a chance to use it.

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Yeah man i am sorry but this does not really look acceptable. Miners assaulting a raider ship like this is unfortunately inappropriate. 

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Well alright then. I guess I was using the mindset treating it like the derelict ship that spawns in the mines when we saw an empty raider ship. But if staying away from it as an antag vessel is the expectation then I will do so in the future.

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