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[Accepted] Cnaym's Unathi / Aut'akh Application

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BYOND Key: Cnaym
Character Names: Main ones: Kim, Iruca, Kaiser, Ayleen Pryce, Catherine Ruilly, River Frye, Lucien Grace
Species you are applying to play: Unathi, Aut'akh
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Blue Aut'akh
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, been stalking them for a while now.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:
Seeing little to no Aut'akh around lately and want to improve their numbers since they are an amazing group of people. I love their lore, their character concept is very appealing to me and the Paradigm Bulletins together with ingame interactions with Ansiba Zui had me falling in love with the species more than once. Took me a while to write my app since events have been overrunning me since I applied for moderator, but I finally got to it.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:
The fluff really. You get a ton of amazing tools to promote the lore through IC means, you have to adjust your playstyle around the responsibility of being a lot stronger and survival focused instead of getting them valids. I feel like the different Implements and the Mesh can really spice up simple things like doing a repeated work over and over for example. Then there's the connection to the other species, religions and cultures. Certain priests may love the metal monster in front of them, while other Unathi or Dominians will let you know that they consider you a soulless monster. Then there's the middle ground, species who had little interaction with the Aut'akh or OOCly new people who want to learn more about them. It moves from playing a role to representing a people which makes it so interesting for me.

Character Name: Optikam Rin

Please provide a short backstory for this character
Born 2435 Rin grew up in the middle of a war that nobody was prepared for. Her parents barely managed to keep her safe during the week long nuclear war and everything they owned was lost to nuclear hellfire. When it became clear that they where unable to provide for the child they called in favors from fellow survivors who knew them before the war and managed to get Rin into a smaller orphan clan, with the hope of offering her a better life. Living in an almost proper clan was better, but no real solution. Lots of menial labor and barely any food led Rin to strive through other means. She helped get things in and out of the settlements that where either forbidden or frowned upon and managed to survive on her own for a while. When she overdid it, which lead into a formal investigation into her orphan clan, she was declared a Guwan and forced to leave what little she called her own behind. After getting exiled from a couple of towns she traveled the wastelands with a fellow wanderer who turned out to be one of the unaugmented Aut'akh followers, who was searching for new recruits. With hopes of a better life and belonging to a steady community again, she ventured north.

Barely considered an adult and with nothing to call her own she was overwhelmed by the strong bound that made up Aut'akh society. They where barely scraping by, just as everyone else, but for reasons she didn't fully understand they where one people that wouldn't let each other down. There was no exile, there was no greed, there was only a shared vision and the strive to be more than survivors. Given her prior interaction and mentality she was wholeheartedly welcomed into the Optikam clan. When it was time for her augmentation she didn't exactly value the ritualistic side of it, but that was about to change when she was connected to The Mesh. Overflooded with the sudden realization that she was now connected to her new family far beyond simple words and their shifting meaning she started her work as a scout filled with joy, slowly realizing that the Aut'akh where indeed lead by something more than mortal lords and clan infighting.

While she was accustomed to her new life and enjoyed her work there was a single event that turned her entire newfound faith in her community and abilities around. It was the first deployment of the BattleTrance.OSS against a hostile scouting party. Rin was trained in it's use, but never realized the possible outcome. When she woke up she was surrounded by dead Unathi and Aut'akh alike, realizing that she was not made for the frontlines of war, she returned with the groups leader to the bunkers and began working for more subtle fields of information gathering, trying to stay out of combat as much as possible.

When the second Decree came in April of 2461 she signed up with the exile fleet in hopes of once more shaping her own future and aiding her fellow Aut'akh in surviving their current situation. This time with newfound strength, due to her not fighting alone, but for a cause she deemed worthy through her own choices. While she doesn't mind the small space that she calls her own in New Gibson, she is overjoyed to help the Aut'akh as one of the first to work outside of the colonie for extended periods of time as a cargo technician aboard the NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

Short IC Overview:


-Optikam Rin is 6' high with a dark blue chassis that weighs arround 260 lbs and dark red mechanical eyes.
-Before joining the Aut'akh she was a lone survivor and always strifed to meet her own goals until she finaly found a community she could belong to
-She does not mind her new home much and always keeps an ear to the ground for anything usefull to the Aut'akh
-She has a good understanding of currency and their power over people, she's trusted to make her own decisions when using her credits, but will try to cut deals to send as much back to the colonie as possible
-She has a harsh hatred of the Hegemoney that will sometime slipp through when poked about it, but will not openly exclaim her distain towards it
-She is not interrested in a personal relationship and instead views all of the Aut'akh as her family
-She is fascinated by the more alien races like Dionae or Skrell and wants to learn all about them
-She's focused and enjoyes her work as cargo technician, that enables her to be productive while meeting new people every day
-She understands that the augmentation made her body superior to her old form and that she is to handle it with responsibility, sometimes finding it hard to hold back when faced with oposition from other Unathi.
-She was never religios but sees The Mesh as the higher plane that she pledged her loyalty to
-She'll survive by any means necessary, believing that the Optikam are the only clan with the willpower to do whatever is required for the Aut'akh to survive and grow
-She trusts the other clans to do their part and does not interfere nor question their strategies much


The mixture between acting in the shadows and the need to connect with everyone arround in a desperate race to not be alone in their new found environment and daily work aboard the Aurora. Rin was not made for self antaging, but rather to find out as much information about the other species and cultures as possible in their daily life aboard the Aurora. This can come in a suprising willingness to help someone who clearly has not the best of intentions just to see how the story unfolds or spying on the local IPC bartender to figure out why he's shining in gold when all of the other IPCs have a rather poor income. A good example would be the knowledge that money is powerfull and people are willing to exchange goods and informations for it, something that other Aut'akh struggle with, but a well educated Optikam could use to their advantage.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?
8/10 I do what I do. People seem to enjoy it. I get emerged and have fun doing it.

Keeping it a little in the dark for things that I want others to find out through IC interaction and records. If there's pressing questions please ask them and let me know how to improve my application. 

Edited by Marlon Phoenix

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You know I love your characters, cnaym always brings his best to the table with diverse and lovely characters. You've done fantastic work with your IPC chars. I'd love to see you bring it to the Unathi as well. +1

Let's be real. Aut'akh are best. Your Optikam looks fun, excited to see it!

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Cnaym has fantastic characters, they're each so different and fun to interact with. IC and OOC the player enhances rp and understanding for others, while driving and involving themselves in stories. I heartily agree that they are a solid 8/10 roleplayer, if not more!

Poor little Rin. ("little", heheh) To come from so little, become a Guwan, and then be found by Aut'akh and the Mesh! Happy little Rin. The need to interact with others, learn about them, will open a LOT of roleplay opportunities. I mean, A LOT! Imagine walking up to a really quiet character and slowly unraveling their backstory, finding out why they're quiet and offering them friendship. Heck yeah!
I really hope to see them in game soon!


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Like many others I do enjoy Cnaym characters, even when they try to kill me in dark corners. I'm pretty sure that Rin would be at good as licking her own eyes as are the other lizard people. That and the fact that the backstory seem interesting and solid enough.


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Hello, sorry for the delay.

This is a very compelling character. You show a journey into the Aut'akh that is familiar but very personal. You have a good grasp of the themes and make-up of the Aut'akh and I think you will be a great player of them.

Know that even though you applied as an Aut'akh, you are now also able to play regular Unathi.

Application accepted!

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