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  1. I love these additions. It makes things more user and newbie friendly!
  2. Seeli

    Xenobiology is broken

    You are my hero @geeves! I am loving Xenobio. Even while it is broken, I keep going back to play it, investigate where exactly it is broken and try to come up with ways it could be helpful in the long run. I really like playing my cave gremlin. So reading that you've given it a much needed patch, I am very grateful! Thank you! Prey was a terrifying game. I did not have a console, so I could not play it myself, but I watched playthroughs and hung out with my friend while she played it. It was a good game and I loved it. The typhon have some scary and interesting abilities, and part of their durability comes from them being slime-like to begin with. So yeah, that would be an amazing influence and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I only hope that they stay colorful, even if they get scarier.
  3. Seeli

    Xenobiology is broken

    Oh! Additional note: Maybe the increased mutation/reduced mutation addition could be with Xenobotany's help.
  4. Seeli

    Xenobiology is broken

    Wow. Yeahhh, that's a bit odd. Still, it would be nice if Xenobiology could help the station and also have more interesting slimes to research. Like interact with Xenobotany, perhaps help with growing interesting plants and Xenobotany could help Xenobiology with slimes. From TG, the ones that seem the least LRP: self-recharging cells (the little ones), sentience extract (get a ghost player in the injected slime/monkey/slimeperson). Healing extracts (heal a type of damage from certain extracts, or create a chemical from others), slime stabilizer (reduce mutation), increase slime mutation extract. My own additions: Get a little gold from gold slimes, little silver from silver slimes and little uranium from adamantine slimes. Black slime additional extract: Mimic extract causes the simple mob to transform. Become a skrell when core was injected with water, or human when it was injected with blood. Psionic ability extracts: Due to their origin in the lore, an extract that could give psionics like telepathy would be interesting. An additional function of Xenobiology could be the study of foreign Fauna (like carp or cortical borers). Scanners that can study creatures, like the anomaly scanners and such in xenoarch.
  5. Seeli

    Remove Cargonia

    1. Yes. +1 Locking weapons behind command/interim/AI access. 2. Could make Quartermaster a whitelisted role. 3. Yes, please. Please please please. No more "cargonia rises!" taught to new players. 4. -1 removing KAs, as there is very little RP on the rock and KAs let miners do their jobs quick if they want and come back inside to rp. They can do it slower with other tools, but the KAs make it quick and satisfying. 5. I got tired of ahelping cargo for their behavior/excessive skills/gun toting validhunting, and even more tired of being the least liked CT when I did not do the same. I felt like I was always the bad guy or pestering admin, neither of which I liked doing, so I stopped playing Khas'miera. & Instead of guns, perhaps let cargo order useful things for the station, like materials. Increase the amount ordered for some things (a SINGLE chicken for 200 when a normal spawned crate comes with multiple). What about ready to cook carp meat (ie no carpotoxin in it)? Or more medicines?
  6. Hi there! So I noticed that Xenobotany was under the knife at the moment and I thought I might bring up Xenobiology as well. On the 7th of December, I commented in the Brainmed board that when Brainmed was testmerged on Aurora, Xenobiology was broken. MattAtlas responded the next day that it should be fixed and it was! But when Brainmed was brought back to be fully merged with the server, Xenobiology was broken again. A lot was going on and I was disheartened, so I stopped playing to take a break and came back hoping that it might be fixed again. But upon playing a few times, I am sad to say that it is still very broken. Slimes prematurely detach, stare at the monkey, get hungry and angry the longer they stare, do not grow to adulthood while the monkey is present, sometimes do not grow to adulthood even when the monkey is removed, and seem unable to mutate to the rare strains like Adamantine and Cerulean. This was a scan of all of the dark blue slimes that I split from a dark blue slime, that had a very similar scan. (Edit: It is supposed to have cerulean listed) So perhaps, instead of just fixing the borked Xenobiology, it might be time to update it. As it stands, xenobiology offers very little worthwhile to the station. I read the wiki TGstation and the xenobiology has amazing uses. For example on tgstation, the silver core creates food OR drinks, while the blue slime core create frost oil, a slime stabilizer and foam that carries a reagent. Their yellow core seems very similar, however, it seems to have the added bonus of self-charging. A low power self-charging cell sounds exceptionally useful. What suggestions would people have for slime cores? How could we make xenobiology useful to the station and not just a meme/gremlin dungeon? If I can get solid feedback and suggestions, I will make a suggestion post with the proposed changes for Xenobiology.
  7. Not a fan of this, as it will add extra stress to AI players, as it will make helping people/opening doors even more of a pain. Maybe a headset that cannot be tracked instead? Traitor/antag item, or a setting in headsets so anyone paranoid can turn it off?
  8. Reporting Personnel: Khas’miera Al-Rahan Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Bartender Game ID: b4L-aWgc Personnel Involved: - Ryan Wikkem, Shaft Miner: Offender - Tzarka Ssarzi, Visitor: Offender - Yahir Na’Zirah, Visitor: Witness/Victim - Ahvulyar Markov, Cargo Technician: Witness/Victim Secondary Witnesses: - Narra M'rah, Engineering Apprentice, first up the ladder in bar bathroom and sealed the holes in the ceiling of the toilets to prevent venting and spying - Rafee Isra, was present when Yahir informed patrons in the bar of people in rafters and climbed the ladder into the rafters - Derrick Mens, Security officer, first officer on the scene of reported incident Time of Incident: Real Time: 6:15pm AEST, 18/12/2019 Location of Incident: Bar Bathroom, rafters above toilets. Nature of Incident: [ x ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ x ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Towards the end of the shift, 10 or so minutes before crew transfer, Markov and Na’Zirah wished to change their clothes in the bar bathroom. When Yahir returned, he informed the patrons by the bar of “peepers” in the rafters of the bar bathroom. Apparently they laughed at him when he stripped to change. She asked over common radio who was in rafter of toilets as she went to investigate. The floor of the bathroom was covered in trash and two credit chips were dropped next to her. She called for security to come get them down. She stated that perverts were banned. M’rah brought a ladder, which both she and Isra climbed up. Security arrived shortly after. Ssarzi and Wikkem climbed down, as Officer Derrick Mens ordered them to leave. Before security could investigate, the bathroom was vented. She does not know the cause of the venting, but she believes it was a result of Ssarzi and Wikkem hiding there. M’rah sealed whatever happened in the rafters. This one informed both Ssarzi and Wikkem that she wanted them out of the bar for the rest of the shift if they could not treat others with respect and privacy. And then crew transferred off the station, with no investigation or charges for Ssarzi and Wikkem's actions. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes. Quartermaster, Natalie Duponte, over PDA. Duponte understood her desire to report them. Actions taken: Security called, no other actions taken. Additional Notes: ((It was an antag round, but neither of them were antags or involved with antags))
  9. -1 I see your points, but I disagree. Shooting around a fuel tank should be something that people are afraid of.
  10. -1 To removing the gamemode. A rework of Malf abilities so they do not need to rely on delta hacking, so they can rp more, would be much more beneficial to the server.
  11. -1 Agree with Garnascus here. & Like ANY of the gamemodes, ling can be good or bad. The only way for people to get better at changeling is to play it. Removing a gamemode because some players do not do much in the rounds to drive narrative could be done for ANY of the gamemodes.
  12. I like the allergies idea, but I don't like the Quik-Pay terminal, because it implies that none of the employees are covered medically on the dangerous research station. It makes me really uncomfortable and it could be a nightmare for alien races.
  13. Subjectively, you believe that giving the option to clone at all is "unacceptable". And subjectively, I believe that entirely removing the option to clone their character, even off-station, is also "unacceptable". If the character makes the decision to be cloned, there is usually some story reason behind that (such as being a parent & not wanting to orphan their children). Or perhaps the player is attached to the character and has too many unfinished stories or relationships. Whatever the case, it's all subjective and the player's choice.
  14. I would much rather a rework to cloning than outright removal. Like perhaps people who want cloning have to actively go to medical and get scanned and mapped in the shift, so the cloning pod actually knows how to bring them back. Without it, there's a high chance the clone will be "braindead" (ie ghost does not go in new body and the new clone body has no brain activity). Especially if they have been dead a while, the decay of the brain and neural pathways after death means the cloning pod will not map their brain correctly. But a majority here seem to want cloning gone entirely, not reworked. My only hope then is that cloning is not removed from the lore and options for off-station treatment after the PR. Like perhaps cloning has a station all its own, specialized in proper post-cloning treatment, because too many clones are not treated properly afterward and there are too many risks of traumas. Some other NT station got the exclusive rights to cloning (and related experiments/science). I leave it up to devs.
  15. Rhashalii'rmirhan Khazmahr has a really long name and they're scaaaary! But giggles aside, Bear is doing great as RD. They are serious about the safety of their department, do regular check-ins and assist their scientists, organize those in the department to keep them involved/best utilize them, and seem to coordinate well with other departments. Updating my +1. Nicely done, Bear!
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