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  1. So basically, remove scientists and make Roboticists in charge of all the "research" Scientists used to do? No thank you, I am sorry, but please no. Big -1!
  2. Keep scrolling up, there are days with back to back to back extended rounds. There are days with 50/50 extended. And then days with mostly antag. Point is. I personally don't think we need more extended. Especially when some, possibly bunch of those "antag rounds" it is probably just antag-extended, with peace gimmicks or missing antags for whatever reason.
  3. I really don't think we need more extended.
  4. A surprising effect of the blurry tiles all over the station was motion sickness. Moving around as a ghost and then stopping over blurry tiles (white, colored or the slightly blurry dark grey) felt like reading a book in a moving car; immediate motion sickness. It is also difficult to tell which walls are standard and which are reinforced at a glance, unless there's a patch where you can see the color shift from gray to light gray.
  5. Antagging with good roleplay and escalation is hard, sopo is just an added deterrent to try. Sopo only pacifying by paralysis, not 100% knocking out of the round, would let them stay in the flow of the rp. That's a very nice change.
  6. Glad you mentioned this. It's not just RnD for me, it's all of the tiles that look blurry to me. It's that strange border. Maybe make the center of the tiles larger and the shading smaller? Or more subtle. The holodeck tiles are absolutely fantastic and a great example. Also. The scrubbers, vents and AI pad are cute. The added dots and x's on the walls are very strange. Not sure what it is.
  7. ShesTrying is a fantastic roleplayer! Their characters are so different and delightful to interact with, from the wild little Voa to the sweet Naali, or commanding Riori. Ivara seems like another delightful character and I am so eager to interact with her on station! BIG PLUS 1!
  8. I think that Traitor AI would be a fun and interesting replacement, and as mentioned, would take the pressure of them being solo-antag, or whitelisting AI may be a good alternative, as the difficulty and responsibility of an AI are quite high.
  9. I enjoy the concept of renegade and the antag-but-not, as it discourages them from going wild and hurting crew for "no raisins" like traitors. Instead, they're paranoid, they're having a bad day, they've snapped, whatever the story, it can be entertaining.
  10. Appreciation for the staffbeans! Wholesome!
  11. I am not a fan of removing flash disabling borgs. Sure, flash can be misused and abused, with flash spamming, but like anything, punish those who do so. There needs to be a way to NON-FATALLY disable borgs for a sec or two, so antags or crew can escape, emag the borg, remove the power cell, smack the borg, whatever. If the options for a brief disable are ion or shoot/bash them to death, then basically the options between are killing and killing. I do not like this and do not think that flash disabling borgs should be removed.
  12. I really appreciate how much work you've put into these sprites. Each one looks different, but also seems part of a set (ie a company uniform!). There are some really nice colors here and there, and I particularly love the whole designs for security, medical and most of science! Really quite fantastic! I am looking forward to wearing those generic jumpsuits, too! You make some incredible designs that feel space-age futuristic, but also fit really well into a corporate business feel. Very nicely done! I do, however, have some personal concerns with a handful of uniforms and the tl;dr comes down to the colors of these few are desaturated and the same tone. I really enjoy the designs of your uniforms, I do. My issues are with the colors of the RD's alt uniform, the gardener's uniform, the CE's uniform (although I am very hesitant to include this one because the blue and yellow ARE quite nice), the atmospheric technician's uniform, and the engineer's uniform, as well as all of cargo's and mining's uniforms (not included above). The colors of these uniforms in particular seem a little desaturated or too military-esque, if that is such a thing. When I removed the color entirely, I also noticed that for some of these it was just a little difficult to tell the color is removed, and the tone was also very similar. However, I stand by the opinion that the uniforms have a brilliant design, it's just the colors. Compare the old gardener uniform to the one added here. The old gardener uniform is bright greens and blues (which I enjoyed, but are admittedly TOO bright), and then the new uniform has a new work suit feel to it and the green on the legs is nice, but that tan brown takes away from the nice green and makes the work suit feel military. Perhaps instead of a tan brown, changing the gardener's top half to a lighter green or blue would bring out that lovely dark green of the bottom half. Little alterations like this, altering the brown to lighter more saturated colors. The CE's uniform is a nice blue and yellow, so I am hesitant to include this. Adjusting the yellow to be slightly brighter though might make it pop a little more, or perhaps it is a trick of the eye next to the other engineering uniforms that is bringing down the saturation. The engineer uniform is orange, but I think the saturation might be a smidge too low as it appeared brown a number of times I looked at it. The atmospheric technician has that lovely stripe of blue through it, but the desaturated brown is the same tone as it and makes it so the blue does not pop at all. Brightening or raising the saturation of either the blue or the brown could make it pop. Changing the RD alt uniforms to a warm reddish or purplish brown would take away the dull (as in desaturated) military-esque feel. Cargo, mining and the QM's uniforms could use brighter, more saturated colors also. For example, the colors you used on the purple and yellow generic jumpsuits would look incredible in the designs you made for cargo and mining. These are just my opinions though and I understand that brightening the colors of these is not as easy as adjusting a slider, they have to be altered pixel by pixel. So I do feel terrible for suggesting color alterations. If you did take my suggestion and decided to alter the colors of some of these, I would gladly assist! And if you choose not to take my suggestions, I also understand! These are just my opinions and I am still very grateful for the wonderful spriting you have done. Thank you for your time.
  13. It makes sense, because IRL, you can loop arms or put someone on your back, or even hold more than 1 pen in your hand or place a hand on a cat's hand to hold them still without ALL OUT grabbing them. In-game, you cannot. There is more than one way to drag someone/something, but in-game there are 2 hands and a drag. Removing the drag to make it a grab would remove quick exits (pull an item or person out of danger/into that dark maintenance tunnel) and the ability to hold a mob still (that cat shall wander), as well as ANY ability to pull big things like crates (since they don't take grabs) and would have to resort to pushing. I am sorry, I personally wholeheartedly disagree with this suggestion.
  14. I agree with Lemei, cultist has been nerfed a lot and needs to keep some handy tools for converting. I think Naelynn's idea is fantastic. Then it's not an army of cultists, it's an army of bodies, because that's all you are creating. A husk. I liiiike it.
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