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  1. I like the design, but can they please be brightly colored like before?
  2. Love the color and that little zipper detail. o:
  3. Uhhhh, how about instead of removing Station Engineer, you add another title? Station mechanic, as Prate suggested, maybe? Or as you initially planned, make Maintenance Technician the standard. Whatever the case, change the default because new players might just default to it anyway, and let the engineering department keep station engineers as an alt title? Then it's chief engineer, their engineers, [insert new standard here], and technicians (the specialized titles). I get that IRL it does not quite line up. But "engineers" in games, in sci-fi settings are a quick and easy title for "THEY BUILD/FIX/DESIGN/MAINTAIN". I mean, the definition of engineer (noun) is: 1) a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. 2) a person who controls an engine, especially on an aircraft or ship. & 3) a skilful contriver or originator of something. Think about Engineers in Star Trek "And they probably redesigned the whole sickbay too! I know engineers. They love to change things." (Bones, Star Trek). As the Trek wiki explains it: engineers were responsible for maintaining and repairing all the systems on starships, space station(s), and other related equipment. Or, another sci-fi setting: Star Wars Engineers: "An engineer was a person involved in construction, design, or the use of engines or machines... Starship engineers were members of a starship's crew who maintained the ship's systems... In combat, the engineer could reroute power to increase speed or shielding, and repair or jury-rig battle-damaged systems." In other words, when the junk hits the hyperdrive, engineers repair, maintain and keep it going. Or how about Space Engineers, from the game SPACE ENGINEERS: where it's all about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Or heck, what about a non-sci-fi example: the Engineer from Team Fortress 2. He designs, builds, fights, deconstructs, loves his turret baby. Point is, language evolves and generally, when talking about Engineers in games and sci-fi, Engineer is an easy and reliable way to say "the person who designs, builds, maintains, repairs and deconstructs the STATION/SHIP". Please leave the Engies in Engineering.
  4. It serves no purpose other than to instantly gib someone and it has been abused lately. No rp, just flash and gib. Maybe instead, they have to chant around it, make it a cool sacrifice thing, THEN gib?
  5. +1 a good player and roleplayer, with some fun and interesting characters! Sterben, Copperfield and Flamel are good command characters and I am eager to see them again.
  6. A big +1 from me. Fantastic and interesting characters, with fun quirks that make them each individual. Have to agree with nienna, Sabela and Senan are my favorites. I look forward to seeing how they rp an unathi.
  7. +1 this. There are already two chef slots and bar gets way more patronage on average than kitchen. Plus, the rp when there are no patrons could also be way better with two bartenders.
  8. I really miss the yellow and purple colors of Cargo & Mining. It's a brown and grey combo, and lacks noticeable differences between mining and cargo. Mining is only slightly darker. Compare that to the brown-yellow and purple of old mining, and grey and yellow of old cargo, these muted browns are sad and desaturated. They look like darker assistants. Please bring back color to cargo, bring back yellow and purple. Please!
  9. Still remember that time a shitter broke into medical sublevel maintenance, came out of the secret entrance in the long-term patient care and tried to kill my character. Sammo was there, calling for sec and fighting them off. Samara cares for folk a lot, for what's right and fair, even if she doesn't know the person well, and will fight for what she believes in and cares for. It is her strength and her flaw.
  10. I was emagged as maintenance drone and told to "cause chaos". Didn't know what that meant, so I ahelped "is it ok if I just rip up floor tiles, furniture and lights?" or something like that. Get the ok. Proceed to rip up every single floor tile from aft hallway, to central, to medical and to the bridge. Ripped out a bunch of lights along the way and completely dismantled all the furniture I found (not computers/equipment), including the captain's office. I was chased by crew, especially the engineers and doctors who reeeeally hated my tile ripping. I fixed a few breaches caused by the more extreme maintenance drones... then ripped up all the floor tiles while the room refilled. Good times. Should probably mention I went through security too, and I revisited areas I had been through. Even ripped up tiles RIGHT BEHIND people putting the tiles back, only to be chased out.
  11. You are amazing, so fast! Thank you so much! I am really hyped for Miners, QMs and HoPs all over the server. 8D Cannot wait to test it out!
  12. Yeah, probably. So either the smelter or stacker maybe?
  13. Thanks! I appreciate it. & Additional to my idea: The scanner might be better than the stacker idea, since resetting could be tricky but also could separate crates and scan individually. Also, there might already be code that does the crate scanning, since when you sell crates of materials via cargo shuttle you can see the details on the cargo console of what was sold and for how much. I don't know, but I am very curious.
  14. You know that thing, the Yield Declaration, that almost no miner ever wants or does do? The times I have been asked for one, the individual tends to demand them forcefully, which creates a fun little IC conflict. But Yield Reports are kind of unpopular and for good reason. I can see why miners don't want to sit around, counting what's in every pile, when some loads they bring in can be enormous. Especially when they could be roleplaying or happily getting their chill on, smashing rocks instead. So, I was wondering if it would be possible for the stacker to count yields instead, which Miners can print off and reset when their load is done. Or maybe create a tool for miners where they can just click on a full crate and it counts what is inside it, then they can print that out and attach to yield reports. Either would make yield reports a more fun and easy alternative to what they are at the moment. Coding wise, I do not know how easy this would be and would defer to those with experience.
  15. Oooh, rolling camera feed distortions through departments due to Ion storms would be great. Antags could take that as an opportunity to run places they shouldn't with the randomized ones or even cause FDs themselves. Can't some antags fake announcements? They could fake an ion announcement too. And departmental camera hubs would be cool. CMO, HoS, RD, CE, Captain, HoP offices. Maybe even QM.
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