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Metagaming officer

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BYOND Key: Nanotoxin

Player Byond Key: Das_boot

Reason for complaint: Metagaming

Approximate Date/Time: 5:50 am EST 28/2/2014

So I was a changling this round, and there was only one officer on the station and one security borg. (I'm not writing an incident report or complaining about anyone other than the officer) The round started with my character Chaos Baylock telling Travis Davis, who was sitting out side her library, that she didn't want any of his kinky tajaran fetish crap going on in her library. Travis then promptly threw a telescrystal at Chaos, like travis does. Chaos then reported it to the officer, while spitting disgusting profanities granted, and the end verdict, the officer said he put a restraining order on Chaos and the science department, and if she went within three feet of the science department that she'd be arrested. So she complied and stayed in the library, then davis walks in, and just before he throws another crystal, Chaos snaps a picture of him with the crystal in his hand, then he teleported chaos again. Chaos then called security again, and showed him the picture. and the officer released travis because "It's the officers discretion to make arrests."

I could understand all this to a point. But when I ended up absorbing travis as a changling, was when he really started meta gaming. I walked out of the bar and he promptly came up stunned me with a stun baton. Then I was taken to the brig and interrogated by said officer and shouted at, after he had been so nice to the real travis.

Aris and I then went to xenobio and then the officers come barging in because someon copied Aris' voice over comms. Then, while standing right infront of Aris, capable of hearing that she wasn't speaking, he stun batoned us, multiple times and took Aris and I to the brig "Because he had to be sure" I then silent stung him, and once he got his voice back, he said that we injected or stung him with something to make him not talk.

I ahelped but at that point it was too late because the real travis was revived and I was buckle cuffed to the cell bed. The result of the ahelp was skull telling me that I had four minutes left on the timer.

And as I'm sitting here writing this,in the body of travis davis, he's saying that I need to be taken to the incinerator and that I'm actually the journalist.

I tried talking to him LOOCly but I couldn't understand anything he was saying

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Wow. That's an amazingly innacurate description of what happened.

1. The borg stunned you outside the bar, no idea why, you were just missing. I took you to the brig to ask you questions and try and ensure your safety while I looked for Baylock (Clearly didn't know you had switched.)

2. The borg came in and stunned you in xeno. I showed up late, and upon leaving with Aris, I couldn't speak. I panicked, because I thought it was a fault on my end or with my computer. I asked both ahelp and in LOOC if it was me or what, Admin (skull) responded it was legit, the player responded it was a silence sting.

3. I thought I would try my best to RP it, and play along, knowing sec would have no idea what a changeling or sting was. The borg suggested the BOTH be detained, which I agreed on (admittedly, it was a convenient out for me, and that is where I admit I may have messed up.) BOTH people were taken to cells, because as the only guard, i knew my ability to control both was very limited and I needed to control the situation while i figured things out.

4. The borg left and checked on a body we found earlier. He came out of cryo as one of the players i had jailed, which to any sane person, would show that the person jailed could not be who they claimed to be. So, i let the other player I now believed to be innocent, go, as I had no evidence, and kept the one I did have evidence on, jailed. It was at this point all the metagaming stuff came about. I apologized for asking in LOOC to begin with, to the player and the admin, and tried to salvage the situation as best I could.

5. I assumed the player was the journalist because that is the only person i KNEW was missing.

As for assuming something was wrong with either of the crewman when I was silenced, that is definitely on me. I guess I had a really hard time figuring out how I'm supposed to deal with a situation like that, and that is all on me. Everything else though, well, I don't know.

Edit: Oh, and the incinerator thing, I thought you were dead, and yeah, that was just plain stupid. I'd chalk it all up to me being tired, but that's stupid to.

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I'll just reply real quick to all these points

1. Borg stunned me first then when i was up and talking, you walked over and stunned me the moment you saw me.

2. The borg game in, stunned Aris, then we were standing there. He allowed you in and then you stunned us both. You could clearly see that it wasn't Aris talking on the headset. and you stunned us both as we were above the table. Then you started to arrest us cause you needed to make sure it wasn't Aris talking. Arrest me for no reason at all. Once we were leaving Xeno, infront of misc, I silent stung you, and you were informed by an admin that it was a silent sting. You then procceded to beat us with the stun batons there, we even called for Anatu Parish's help as you were doing so.

3. "Because I need to think" is not a valid reason to arrest someone. There is a processing room interrogation room, and there's even the room in the lobby with beds, but an officer who arrested someone because they're flustered is not a good reason.

4.You trying to salvage the situation was saying you'd let me out or let me kill you. It'd kill the game if you did that it wasn't something that coudl've been fixed, i just shouldn't have been in the brig in the first place.

5. I can sort of agree with you on that, but with the other voice on the radio copying everyone, I don't think that the journalist would've been the first though.

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1. That's a lie or you have a terrible memory.

2. Also, very big lie. I stunned you on the way out one time, when I couldn't talk.

3. Did you even read that whole reasoning? Or are you just re-wording it to make it sound worse? Also, yeah, it is a good reason, because guards aren't borgs, so emotions and needing a moment are valid things that happen.

4. That wasn't how I was trying to salvage the situation, I said that to you in OOC to make a point it was almost impossible to salvage at that point.

5. Yeah, when the captain showed up and I head the voice, i thought maybe that was some sort of power you had. Remember when I came into the cell the second time? That was to check for a mic, after the captain got there, I tried to step as far back from the situation as I could.

The first two points will just have to be settled by admins, because that's bull. And the third point, re-read my statement a bit more logically and with a bit less salt. I felt that was a rationale thing a guard alone on a station and scared after his voice disappeared would do. Excuse me if at a situation like that I used what I felt would be common sense instead of by-the-book.

As a side note, I need a link that better describes how to deal with lings please, because the wiki doesn't say anything other than "Besides Xeno, no one really knows much about lings or how to identify them."

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1.I'm not lying the engineer even said wtf in looc

2. That is not a lie, you started hitting us both literally one square up and to the left from the top of the xeno table

3. I wasn't rewording it. Your words in looc were that you needed to think, and ICly an officer wouldn't do that. What I Was saying is that instead of placing them both in cells, you'd take them to the processing room.

4. You didn't say anything to make me believe the contrary as to that was what you were offering to happen. Incase you weren't aware, there's no sarcasm font

5. I'm not sure if you're new to this game or if it's someting that's strictly on this server, but it says "X is speaking into the X headset" when someone around you speaks into the their headset, and nobody in the room was saying anything remotely close to what was being said on the radio, so that knocks out the possibility of a station bounced radio.

**just as an edit I'm not replying to any more "that's a lie" statements

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1 & 2 - Wow, well I really don't remember it going down like that at all, but I'll admit I might be jaded by the rush of the situation and panicking.

3. Seriously? A guard wouldn't of needed to think? That's what you're saying or am I missing something?

4. This point is really kind of stupid to argue about. Intent to be sarcastic. My bad.

5. Yeah, I just didn't notice that. Honestly, didn't even think about it till you just said something.

Look, I've said 1000 times already I admit I made mistakes. Hell, I called the Admin on myself and told them what happened. The first two things I really don't remember going down like that, but how about this, tell me how that should of gone down? Despite what you might think, I'm not some asshole trying to get a leg up on RPing or something. I love dieing in this game as much as I love living. The thing that's been my major issue is how the hell I'm not supposed to recognize that there was something wrong with that situation with my voice dissappearing. So, is there any way you could tell me how, if you were me, you would of handled the situation?

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Well, Instead of stun batoning, I'm fairly certain SoP says use flashes, then batons, then tazers if need be. So I would've switched that up there. I wouldn't have taken the advice of the borg, and I woudld've noticed that Aris wasn't speaking on her radio, so there'd be no reason to take them both in. Obviously since i didn't take them in, the rest of this is hypothetical. If I were to lose my voice, I would've played it off as, "Oh wow, I've been shouting at this guy a lot, I've probably just gone hoarse" Not "I know you did, I know it's some magical stuff, I can't prove it, but I know you did and I'm going to question you about it anyways." Then, even then, if I was still arresting them, I would've brought them to the processing room, the room just up above the warden office, because really, I don't have anything to charge them with. Even on the way there, we asked you and the borg repeatedly to tell us our charges, neither of you responded.(The silent sting should've worn off by the time we left science, you just kept Me'ing so you couldn't know if you could talk or not). So lets say after all that, I still decided to put them in the brig, I would've questioned the other one, or thought the one in the cell was a clone, as there was a geneticist onboard. If I for some reason still decided to keep travis bucklecuffed to the bed, I would've at least tried to talk to both of the travis' instead of telling the borg to bring the person to the incinerator. I can understand after seeing me in the bar that you'd take me to the brig and question me, but you changed your attitude competletely towards davis.

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I'm gona throw my two cents in on only one comment. How he changed from being super nice to the real travis to being mean to the fake one seemed reasonable considering a dead body had just been found. It was hard to tell what happened and the situation went from annoying banter to serious shit cuz someone died.

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Fair enough on the flash thing I suppose, but once again, you're really pressing the whole "you should follow regulations to the letter, no matter what." kind of thing. Also, what does batoning you even have to do with me metagaming? Nothing, it has to do with me being a good officer or not and is an entirely different complaint.

I was a human guard that was completely without back-up or any chain-of-command. I had found a horribly mutilated dead body, and in the course of trying to find the suspect, was incapacited in my ability to give commands or information of any kind. Of course a guard would get paranoid and angry in a situation like that. Like the other player pointed out, I went from being nice, and trying deal with a lot of hooliganism calmly and with no arrests, to dealing with a brutal murderer. I may have made a few mistakes as a user, but everyone makes mistakes.

The fact is, I've played Security quite a bit, as well as Supply, Science, Medical, and Engineering, and never had a complaint on how I RP. Also, as far as metagaming goes, the borg even said in OOC someone had changed it's laws and I commented in OOC "I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that" and at no point did I bring it up or act strangely to the borg. (I still don't know what that was about anyway.)

If we're going to continue playing together, this needs to get settled somehow. If you just don't like the way I RP, than that's a personal issue that just isn't going to get dealt with. If you still truly believe it was me intentionally being an a-hole and metagaming ON PURPOSE, than I guess it's entirely up to an Admin to decide.

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I was the admin tending, so I'll post here by the virtue of that fact.

I didn't provide any reprimand for Das Boot because he recognized and admitted to his own fault. Plus he felt sorry for it. I do not see any reason to take matters beyond that, nor to push them beyond that, purely for the sake of, "He must be punished!" No, he is already attempting to learn, and we will enable him to do so.

Mistakes happen, they aren't punished if the individual learns. I have faith that Das Boot did learn, and so I will place trust in him, on that matter.

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Mistakes made were acknowledged, which should be sufficient to prevent further incidents like this from cropping up. I see no reason for any disciplinary action to be taken right now, considering this fact.

If the author wishes to dispute this resolution, he's more than welcome to PM me.

Locking and archiving.

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