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[Accepted]Lmwevil Dionae App

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BYOND Key: Lmwevil

Character Names: Tess Greed (miner) Nikiru Kporaro (Warden) Charlie Mindan (Atmos tech)

Species you are applying to play: Dionae

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes we have


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Simply put I was a main of Diona back on Bay12 before losing interest overall due to a stagnant developer base. I gotta say this is a very different kind of Doooooona but a welcome change, they’re exciting and with much more personality.

Simply put the sheer scale of freedom that can be expressed along with the unique and inspiring gestalts they could come from as jumping points is also part of my love.

Hopefully I can be again just as I was on Bay, another good influence on the whitelist and showing newer players the awesome potential of such a beautiful race. 


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Where to start? Well they are so alien that comparing them to a human is nearly impossible. They are a collective that must decide in unison or perhaps a great majority on all their actions, and no single piece of  their collective is without a mind. Every nymph retains their own unique knowledge and intelligence, leading to a loss of even one being traumatic if not prepared for extensively. 

Interacting with the crew becomes additionally interesting due to the fact they are inherently quite curious, but also sustained by light, radiation and biomass. Things like the chef if you wanted to talk with them could be more about taste, or based on history it could be sheer quantity of matter that you want to add. 

Additionally different from roleplaying a human, blood is an essential part of their learning at least in the initial stages, so there could be potential of wanting a sample of a crew member’s blood or making a financial trade. While they need official degrees that isn’t what they strictly need to understand a certain topic or activity, in addition they learn extraordinarily quickly.

In short they’re just fucking awesome and somewhat erroneously I like to call them plant tyranids, although obviously not the case. 

TL;DR: I wanna improve public perception of Diona and RP quality of the whitelist along with enjoying their RP.


Character Name: Confessions of Unrequited Heart


Grown first in the Emperor’s own garden as his perfect life form, bathed in a bath of gold and filled with sourced blood. To say that Confessions had a good start in comparison to non-Dominian gestalts is certainly an understatement.

Gifted on their own to a vassal, they quickly gained a good reprior with those around them. Given years they continued to absorb further biomass and had enough nymphs grown to form a gestalt. They became a novelty in the court and something of a secondary viewpoint as an observer with a unique viewpoint.

Through all this time they convinced their owners to allow them to pursue formal studies, of course this eventuated with said people being directly brought to them.

They learned exceptionally quickly and gained an appreciation of the Dominia culture and their Goddess. While they would never grow to have a fanaticism towards it all they however did have a sense of pride of where they came, and more importantly in the measures of control it witnessed over the populous. 


In the end their only real interest soon became the emotions of those around them, as was their core interest from the very beginning. They found an adoration in the love that was shared or perhaps only given and not reciprocated. Such trivial notions of happiness weren’t that interesting and were too easily faked, however emotions of trauma… those also were quite the interesting thing too.

Eventually with wit and guile it managed to convince their owner to let them go to pursue knowledge of the universe at large and sharing the ‘love’ of Dominia. There was so much to learn, so many races to see... so much that could be improved... where could it even begin? 

What do you like about this character?

I love the simplicity of Confessions at surface value, a mass of nymphs, most of whom were Dominian royal gardens and as such incredibly well developed and given anything they could want. The fact that they grew along with political guile learning of the manipulations of the psyche for their own gain. The fact that what it finds most interesting is the collective traumas, loves and strongest emotions of humans. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I’d rate it as more than competent to do this role as I’ve demonstrated both here and on Bay


I truly cannot wait to play this race and can’t wait for whatever questions you want to grill me with, or corrections you have for me! 

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I've had the pleasure of being able to interact with Lmwevil's characters both off and on Aurora and I can safely say they're a pretty great roleplayer. It'd be fun to see what they can do here with Diona as a species. Big ole' +1 from me if that means anything.

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They know what they are doing. Have had the pleasure of RPing with them many times across several servers and they've never missed a beat to be genuinely enjoyable with truly unique characters with far more depth that the average. Also has had experience with Diona and played them quite well for a walking bush that drinks blood.

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Hello! Sorry for the delay with this. After some thought, i've decided to accept your application.

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