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Ban appeal

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BYOND Key: r0bby

Total Ban Length: 4230 minutes

Banning staff member's Key: pumpkingslice

Reason of Ban: Joined in round as "Nintendo Powers". Was ahelped about their name and decided to troll back by simply replying with "bark". 3 day ban applied..

Relevant logs:

You are the Chaplain.

As the Chaplain you answer directly to the head of personnel. Special circumstances may change this.

Arrivals Announcement Computer [145.9] says, "Nintendo Powers, Chaplain, has arrived on the station."

Moderator PM from-PumpkingSlice: Hi there. So issue: Your name is violating our server rules. What would you like your new name to be?

Moderator PM from-PumpkingSlice: click my name to reply.

PM to-PumpkingSlice: bark

Moderator PM from-PumpkingSlice: So issue: Your name is violating our server rules. What would you like your new name to be?#

PM to-PumpkingSlice: bark

Moderator PM from-PumpkingSlice: Woof to you too.

PM to-PumpkingSlice: what?

You have been banned by pumpkingslice.

Reason for Appeal: what the fuck? I was literally asking to have my name changed to bark. This didn't fucking occur to the admin that I was actually answering his question, ignoring my confusion when he said "woof" to me and just threw on a 3 day ban? Is this shit for real or is this admin really that irresponsible and/or dumb?

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Bark is a legitimate first name (irl of ugandan origins) and I don't see why it wouldn't be accepted. It doesn't breach rules as far as specified and it wouldn't be much different from an assortment of exotic names I've seen on the server.

Besides the fact, that's not entirely relevant to the fact that the admin thought I was literally barking at him when I was asking for my name to be changed to it as per his question, and then just threw a 3 day ban on it

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I would have thought powers to be an acceptable surname already. I wasn't really given an opportunity to explain myself. The admin asked me a question, I answered it. The admin copy+pasted the question, so I just answered it again. Copy+pasted the same question is the key here, didn't say anything like "Thats not an appropriate name" or "Don't bark at me", literally just asked for a name again. Then made the comment about "woof" and banned me, all within like 5 minutes.

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I mean really how can you even argue this? An admin asks for me to give him a new name, so I say bark. Few seconds later he asks the exact same question so I say bark again thinking maybe the admin didnt catch it last time, the admin then says "Woof to you too.", and upon me saying "What?" in confusion, he decides to ban me for 3 days because he's literally so stupid he thinks someone is actually trying to bark at him like a dog through the internet, without even stopping to question it

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Headmin here.

I feel like the situation here is not a very serious one. The name you were asked to change was "Nintendo Powers". Given that having a character named "Nintendo" =/= Heavy RP, and that by all accounts you should have read our rules on naming conventions, I'm afraid you're pretty much responsible for working yourself into that situation.

Bark is not an acceptable name either (I don't particularly care if "Meow" or "Chair" are obscure surnames in other languages or culture, they also wouldn't be allowed on here for the same reason "Bark" isn't.) Given how far-fetched this whole story sounds (come on, let's be honest here), I find that you could have done much more to explain your case than simply typing "Bark" twice in a row when asked a question, committing the very same fault you are blaming the responding moderator here to have done.

While I do agree on one point, which is that the moderator who dealt with your case was pretty quick to ban (your very poor job of communicating your intent did not help you, though), while I would generally be inclined to lift this, I'm actually going to opt against it for the language you've used here.

There are ways to submit appeals. They involve being polite; even if you're upset (even for legitimate reasons), you're expected to control your anger and not throw insults around needlessly. Calling the staff who banned you irresponsible, dumb, and stupid, along with copious amounts of cursing, does not convey at all that you are ready to discuss this issue maturely and in a reasonable manner.

Thus, the ban stays in place. Additionally, this behavior will be going in your record too, and I'd recommend you make an effort to be much nicer when dealing with staff in the future, should you wish to avoid a repeat of this incident.

EDIT: Due to replying to this with further insults sent via forum PMs, the user's ban has been extended to a permanent one, along with an adjoined forum ban.

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