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Complaint - Josh1133

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BYOND Key: CampinKiller

Staff BYOND Key: Josh1133

Reason for complaint: FailRP, ignoring a-helps, causing general chaos.

Evidence/logs/etc: So, it started in the Brig when Josh, who was the wizard, comes up with a handcuffed officer and a borg. I walk outside, confronting them, and am immediately mindswapped. Yet, when Josh is arrested, he has gone SSD. As you'll see in the screenshots, he even intended to do it, saying "might as well, since I suck at wizard," which is blatant intent to cause chaos for no reason. It then led to me being marked insane and even arrested for such, before the mess was attempted to be sorted out by the Acting Captain, who'd also been mindswapped. Adding to that, all the staff online ignored my a-help. No response at all.






Additional remarks: I find this to be ridiculous that a Moderator was trolling - in a roleplay server, no less - to cause chaos, which is exactly what they were doing by randomly mindswapping people. Add to that the fact that I literally have so far spent the last 20 minutes in handcuffs waiting for my body to be found, and it is essentially round ruining.

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Just a fun fact for you. You got me confused, you see, I didn't approach you with another officer and a borg, I was the officer. By your pictures, it showed that I had body switched with you, so I was now in your body. The person in my body (( Xanderdox)) went SSD after you arrested him thinking it was me. I do suck at wizard, and am only body switching as we are still currently in that round and I have done it to many people so far. It has caused a lot of chaos, but as Antag that's kind of my job. Currently, I'm in the body of Aaron Hawkins and arrested for everything I had done, the only real mistake I made was the switch with Nibbles as I didnt do any RP with it (( Sorry Nibbles)). But yeah, I didn't go SSD, Xander did in my body. I think you got confused by the mechanics.

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