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Player/Character Complaint - Synthette

Guest XanderDox

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BYOND Key: XanderDox

Player Byond Key: Synthette

Reason for complaint: I can't even describe it with anything other than 'Shitcurity'

Approximate Date/Time:March 17th, approx 2:50-3:40

So, I actually liked Synthette at first, my character even promoted her. However, during the Mutiny round this occurred in, she ran into a crowded area, containing most of Security, the HoS and Captain, and medical staff, and threw a flashbang without orders or warning. She then arrested me, ran me to the brig (I'm HoS btw) and then, proceeds to OPEN FIRE on me with LETHALS, as the Miner Aaron Hawkins struggles to run off with me, she continues to open fire on me with lethals, the Detective then joins in and tries shooting at me too.

Basically, she flashbanged a heavily civillian populated area that had multiple sec and command members, and opened with lethal fire without permission, or any reason to even have lethals. Very very /shitty/ behaviour, it was like Ana Issek, but without the actual legitimate validation that Sue always has for killing. I don't have the logs, but I'm fairly sure Golle has some.

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Well, the flashbang just ruined with the rp going on. Also, without any real threat or reason, security fired, using lethals, at me and the hos while we were both running. Also, when we got cornered at the medbay, the detective just shot me with her gun, even without me trying to do anything against her. It was really stupid to use lethals in that situation, no real reason to hurt us, because after the situation was under control, and an officer harm battoned me, I had to spend some time in surgery, even without trying to hurt security in any way.

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Hey there, I didn't realize this complaint was here or I would have written sooner. I'm glad to get a chance to address this incident, because I was hoping to. This seems like the best place to do that now. I'm also open to resolving issues over personal messages, whichever way you feel more comfortable with.

I want to start by saying that I did make a mistake. The approach I took was indelicate and rather sudden. The lethal lasers were also the result of a mistake, as they original were set to stun when they had been used earlier to stun some of the people who came after. I had clicked expecting to reload or otherwise reset my gun to keep firing, I didn't realize how guns completely work on this server yet. Armed, deadly firefights were not my intention.

I'd like to frame the situation more for people reading this by saying I was the sole loyalist to the Captain in Security, as I had been directly menu recruited by the Captain earlier while receiving a promotion to replace the Warden who was quarantined as part of the directive. When the Head of Sec decided to openly call for mutiny and arrest, I had clearly told them when they came to take a weapon from the armoury that I did not support it. This same subject of unlawful mutiny was discussed at the round's start in confidence with the HoS when I believe they were prepping me for recruitment but did not use menus to lock options.

I spent a lot of time frantically trying to contact the Captain for orders on how to proceed and move against the HoS who had openly called mutiny and I knew was personally armed. I finally reached an officer who said the captain was being held by the HoS outside the bar. With no backup, no way to get orders, and panicking from having no backup from higher authority I ran to the Captain's aid and threw a flashbang at the corner of the hallway as soon as I saw the HoS. It was my intention to let the Captain run and arrest the offending HoS, which was a faulty plan induced by fear of realizing I had just stunned a whole crowd.

The laser fire was a mistake that would be the only reason for this to come as a formal complaint, all other actions I believe this entire incident was within the structured flow of the game and more of IC issue than an OOC one. I also want to say I respect Xanderdox and their character's actions and roleplay, they did a good job and performed an admirable coup with efficiency. I wish I was able to join their mutiny, but I was already recruited as a loyalist before they could give me convincing evidence for enlisting my aid in overthrowing the captain. My character is a stickler for following strict chain of command when available and will bend the rules under great duress but is incredibly uncomfortable doing so, and the kind of pressure that was on her as the only person to stand up to a whole armed crowd made her overreact.

I could have done better by approaching the HoS for roleplay negotiation instead of immediately launching into stun and run tactics. It was short sighted of me and my character and was an impediment to roleplay and story instead of an enhancer. I've since further taken my responses to situations calmly, something my other CO's can attest to.

I hope we can roleplayer together in the future and regret this incident came between our interactions.

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Alright, I think this was a completely reasonable response, I did really enjoy your company in Security up to this moment, and I do hope I can again. At this, I request this complaint be closed.

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