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Staff Complaint - BoryaTheSlayer

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BYOND Key: Flpfs
Staff BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer
Game ID: b0c-clHv
Reason for complaint: I went AFK on an extended round as Janitor near round-end, upon returning I see that goonchat’s kicked me from the game and when I log back, I have a warning on my account that I disconnected from the game in a secluded place and that my job slot was limited.
I believe this warning was excessive, seeing as the other janitor went AFK too for a similar amount of time.
Evidence/logs/etc:None other than the warning applied on my account.
Additional remarks: None

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You have 2 notes about going afk for long periods of time. The warning was an escalation of those notes. As was said in the warning, if you need to go somewhere, just ahelp or notify the online staff over discord if you can't come back. You were disconnected at the very least for 30 minutes, if not 40.

I don't really care about the other janitor. If they had done the same, that should've been ahelped. They would have been punished accordingly.

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Hello, I'll be taking this.

Generally, warnings are given as an escalation of a note if the action is repeated. You were noted on November 11th for being afk for too long, so a warning was given as the behavior was repeated. Just because someone else was also afk for too long does not mean it's allowed. As I see it, the warning is justified.

If you need to go for 20+ minutes, please ahelp or try to alert staff through discord. If something happens and you can't, alert someone whenever you get back so we know something happened. 

Unless anything further is brought up, I'm going to lock and archive this in 24 hours. 

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