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  1. Sorry, I've suddenly been swamped in work so I can't really dedicate time to lore right now, I will be withdrawing this application and wish good luck to the others, I might reapply properly when a new spot opens and I have enough time.
  2. I believe that skrell lore is in good health right now, I don't believe anything needs a large rework. With that in mind, I plan on working on further expansions to the lore with the current developer, my personal ideas being more expansions to the daily life of Skrell, such as more sports and media. My overall plan is to add more things for Skrell to talk about on the station, like movies they have watched. I want to expand on the Idols part a bit too adding idol Skrell in sports like swimming and hobbies like singing or chess so that it can be commented about, and that they can have fans, generating some nice roleplay. It'll probably come with a few cool loadout items like a lunchbox or a plushie.
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: Flpfs Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore Developer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: I used to DM for a group in DnD. Examples of Past Work: None Additional Comments: I've really liked reading through skrell lore, and I can work on adding new features to the codebase if needed.
  4. Some habits carried over, yes. Azorisk is excessively paranoid when alone at night. This has led to him placing several locks on his door and always spying out of the window, every so often. He's tried to hide this new side of him to the folks back home, and maintains a false façade of bravery to more traditionalist sinta, lest he appear weak. Currently he's been struggling with staying in tune with his original values and he's gonna try to figure out who he really is and how he fits as a sinta into the larger Spur outside of the Hegemony, unrestricted by the social rules back home.
  5. BYOND Key: Flpfs Character Names: Swan, Jack Mayfly, Ernesto Zhao Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A shade of grey, probably light grey. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I liked the unathi lore after interacting with players in-game. I particularly liked reading the section on honor and the different wasteland clans. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Their society is much different from Humans, based on concepts like honor, which is integral to an unathi's reputation, and clans, which almost every unathi is a part of. Physically, they are much more stronger than humans and their presence is more imposing. Their politics also has the clash of the Traditionalists and the Hegemony, and there are also interesting specifics like the life of unathi in Dominia. Their economy is also different, working on a guild-based system with patronages rather than the human megacorporations we are used to. Character Name: Azorisk Ozeuoi Azorisk was born in 2436, to a small family on the outskirts of Darakath. While his father fought in the Contact War, his mother worked as a healer, and always emphasized the pursuit of knowledge to her son. While the war raged on, Azorisk took on an interest in tinkering with old devices, sparking an interest in everything that beeped or clicked. Often times going to visit the junkyard nearby, he took things apart simply to see how they worked, and learned how to work with simple, mechanical tools. Sadly, this wouldn’t last long, as he would soon be conscripted as he came of age, to fight on the frontlines, as his father did. The fighting dragged on, and they were pushed back all the way into their home city again. As Darakath fell, Azorisk and his family defected, managing to flee to a deserted part of the wasteland. Abandoning all that he knew and loved, they were confused and lost, but hope wasn’t gone. The family decided to join clan Ozeuoi to survive, and Azorisk used his talent to serve his clan, building and repairing generators, balloons and turrets. While the work was tiring and the wasteland was hostile, Azorisk found a strong sense of community there, and particularly enjoyed the company of the dionae that worked alongside him. A believer of Th’akh, he thinks that eventually Moghes will be returned to its original state as intended by the ancestors, after much hard work. After some time in the clan, he was approached by Hephaestus Industries representatives looking for new talents to hire into the company. Encouraged by his family, he decided to obtain formal education and leave the planet for now, so he could send money back to them and support the clan. Azorisk was ecstatic at the opportunity, seeing it as a chance to finally become an accomplished individual and as a way to obtain prestige, making his family proud of him. Moving to Tau Ceti for his studies, he resided in district eleven due to the cheap housing. Working odd jobs on shuttleports with less than optimal conditions, he had to give it his all to make ends meet and have a little extra to send back after it all. Suffering some culture shock due to the diversity of Biesel, he distrusted IPCs, seeing them as simply pieces of machinery that were treated too seriously, and preferred to speak to other sinta he met and a few dionae, sometimes visiting the Eternal’s temple for conversation. Perhaps enjoying the comforts of modern life too much, he adopted habits that would raise eyebrows back home, such as taking a liking to canned goods and sweets. After lots of sleepless nights, Azorisk finally graduated, and was hired by Hephaestus to work around Biesel. Enjoying his new-found employment, Azorisk takes a good view upon Hephaestus and sees it to be as a benevolent corporation in the Spur, one that treats its workers well. Being shuffled from small jobs such as shuttle repair and maintenance, he proved his experience enough to be selected for a position aboard the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I like that he's been changed by his time in Tau Ceti, it's gonna be interesting to see him talk to other sinta and what they think about it. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think it's good enough, most of the time. Notes: None
  6. ayo this is a sheesher, i really liked the concept of Camarillas and the Merchant Navy, it will create interesting RP for synthetics and revitalize the faction. this has a +1 from me.
  7. 1 - Elep's questioned their loyalty after speaking to skrell born on Mars who never gained Federation citizenship, believing that the Federation should accept all skrell regardless of birthplace, and that the background checks required to obtain citizenship were arbitrary and oppressive. They've had to explain why they still supported the Federation to non-skrell, stating that despite the Federation's flaws, skrell should still unite to make their homeland a better place and should be proud of it, no matter where they are. 2 - My skrell's stereotypical about Unathi, perceiving them as prone to violence, picking this up after talking to humans on core worlds during their travels. Regarding what they think of humans, they see them as the best ally skrellkind could have. They had positive interactions with most humans they spoke with, and were treated kindly aboard the submarine they worked at. 3 - They like playing ping-pong, learning it after being taught by their shipmates on Europa. They also enjoy watching movies, particularly ones from Venus, and they listen to moisture wave. 4 - Due to them moving around a lot, they haven't formed many strong relationships. They had a workplace rivalry with the other skrell aboard the submarine, a navigator, after they were called lazy and lackadaisical.
  8. I've updated the app, I believe the format's correct now
  9. BYOND Key: Flpfs Character Names: Swan, Jack Mayfly, Ernesto Zhao Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A lighter tone of blue. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I like the species and find the lore interesting, I particularly liked the parts on how the wider Federation works and the different eras of Skrell. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Differently from humans, Skrell are sexless and never developed the concept of gender, and prefer to form romantic unions rather than marrying. Skrell express emotions through voice, movement, psionics and use of their headtails, rather than facial expressions. They also possess psionic capabilities, being influenced by psionic wakes, and being able to enter the Srom when they sleep. Character Name: Elep Oxurg Elep Oxurg was born in 2411, making them a part of the Radiant Era. They were raised in Plebu, Aweji’s industrial hotspot. Their Qrri'Myaq is an electrical engineer, and worked in many projects around Plebu, employed by Qerr'Zolvq, and their Qraa'Myaq is a surgeon, having studied at the Aloise University. Oxurg is a receiver, and they’re part of the Xiiori ethnical group, tending towards Axiori characteristics. Oxurg is a devout follower of Qeblak, and after they finished kindergarten, they decided that the best way to see the universe was by exploring themselves, instead of just seeing it through holograms. Encouraged by their family, they obtained an education in navigation and reactor engineering, completing their training at the young age of 42. Setting out to explore the stars, they explored Solarian space mostly, and decided to stay in Europa for a while, finding the planet’s vast ocean environment beautiful. They worked as a reactor engineer in a medium-sized scavenging submarine for a while, before leaving Solarian space due to the fracturing of the Alliance. Attempting to continue their quest to explore the galaxy, they decided to venture next into Biesel space, citing a curiosity to see other alien races face to face. To cover for costs until they can travel elsewhere, they decided to stay in Mendell for a while, working with NT as an engineer. Life outside Federation space has changed them, making them more trusting of humans in particular, taking a great liking to Venusian media, it’s stars and glamour after they’ve visited the planet. However, they still remain distrustful of synthetics as before, believing their emotions are simply simulated to better fit in with other species, and that their actions have secondary, more perverse motives. Oxurg someday hopes to return and visit their home planet, having positive views of the Federation and agreeing with its ideals. Their credit score sits at a 6.2 but has been slowly rising due to their positive behavior towards the Federation on social media. What do you like about this character? I think that the character's liking in exploration will be interesting, and I will be able to roleplay with other people talking about planets I have visited, along with discussing cultures and seeing other species. How would you rate your role-playing ability? About a seven to eight out of ten. Notes: None
  10. I really liked talking to Rusty in game and interacting with you and in my opinion, we need more players that roleplay like you do. While I haven't seen you around a lot, I still believe you can become staff even with your short playtime, so I will be leaving you my +1.
  11. Danse is one of the persons I enjoy interacting the most in the Aurora community and I have never had a negative OOC interaction with him. His dedication to human lore is a breath of fresh air and I am frankly excited to see what he will bring to the table with his unique ideas. +1
  12. Right, sorry for the delayed reply, I was busy I felt like I was being targeted due to, how I perceive it, the extremely minor nature of the complaint filed about me. I feel like Abo is not acting out of pure concern and is simply reporting me in hope that something eventually sticks. I feel like he was impartial and that I was simply reported due to a personal dislike of me as a player. About Swan saying Ryan Barrett is too poor to afford a lawyer over commons, I disagree that it remains questionable on any level at all, or that it was better said in private. You talked about appropriate behavior for an EPMC IPC. This is not an IRU, or an ISU, the content in lore written about Index Security is very vague, simply saying that it's high-quality and that IPCs have a permanent ownership contract. I don’t recall anywhere in lore there being a specific section specifically about how Eridani IPCs should behave, so I simply took liberty to develop the character in a way I felt was sensible. I liked the idea of an Eridani IPC, so I created Swan, it's background being that it was used for corporate enforcement in private and public facilities, to keep low-level individuals in line, somewhat inspired by real-life concepts like the Pinkerton agency. As an example in lore, dregs in Eridani live horrible lives, being denied basic human rights and are barely counted as people, being regularly brutalized by the EPMCs. So, how is it questionable for an IPC that is literally purpose-made to ruthlessly oppress people to call somebody poor? I would fully agree with you saying it would be questionable if Swan insulted somebody like a doctor, scientist or head of staff, which is why I agreed with what you said about Swan's behavior in the relay. But Ryan Barrett is a known name in security, having a previous criminal record and being on the Aurora as part of some sort of parole program, from what I can recall. Of course Swan is going to treat him more harshly and keep an eye on him more, this is fully IC and has nothing to do with their player. Summarizing, I disagree with it being called questionable or better said in private, due to the nature and background of my character, as well as the context the line was said in and Swan's IC view and relationship with Barrett. This being the primary reason I named you in this staff complaint. I don't have anything else to say unless the staff wants anything else.
  13. BYOND Key: Flpfs Staff BYOND Key: Unknown, NiennaB Game ID: Couldn't locate Evidence/logs/etc: Posted below Additional remarks: Reason for complaint: I would like to know the reasoning why a member of the staff completely unrelated to lore logged a line of conversation where I said Ryan Barrett was too poor to afford a lawyer in the transfer shuttle and reported The reason behind this complaint is that I believe that the staff member who reported me is overstepping their authority and distorting the context of what I said, making it seem like it was not in the context of humorous banter but to humiliate the character of Ryan Barrett, it feels extremely strange that somebody singled me out, possibly all round long, simply to find any small evidence of perceived wrongdoing and to report it as lore-breaking. I feel like the staff member who reported me did so filed the complaint in bad faith, doing so because of a personal bias against me as a player. After writing this complaint and asking NiennaB for the round ID, I was told the individual reported me came out as a player and not as a moderator, however I am requesting a investigation to confirm if they really initially reported it as a player and this is not a simple act of this unknown staff member backtracking. About the behavior of NiennaB, I feel like the complaint was handled improperly since they did not have the full picture and context of information, resulting in them jumping the gun at me, I do not think it is acceptable to officially discipline a player without concluding a full investigation at first and knowing all the facts pertaining to the complaint. I would like the leader of the lore team to give an official ruling on this situation, for which I have been left in the limbo, and to decide themselves if the behavior I have shown as Swan on that round was so inappropriate it really required official administrative action.
  14. Cool Schlorrgo says: My character's opinions and views do not necessarily reflect my own.

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  15. Incident Report 2463-03-21 Reporting Personnel: Jack Mayfly Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Shaft Miner Game ID: ca0-dq5z Personnel Involved: Alex Yammato - Offender Ryan Barrett - Victim Gulrez - Witness Secondary Witnesses: N/A Time of Incident: 23:10 Real Time: About 00:00 UTC Sunday, 21 March 2021 Location of Incident: Cargo Bay Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [X] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Me and Ryan Barrett were smoking in the Cargo Bay a few minutes before shuttle arrival. This left some litter of cigarette butts on the floor which we planned to dispose of later, however, Alex Yammato kept ordering Barrett to pick up the butts and throw them away. Upon Barrett's refusal, Yammato became irate and began berating him, then punching him in the jaw, several times. I then proceeded to insult Yammato after she punched my colleague. This caused her to become even more irate, punching me and knocking me to the ground, then assaulting Barrett further. After this was concluded, she left cargo bay and a few minutes later said asked on commons if she could kill Barrett. Submitted Evidence: Radio logs from the death threat in the radio, plus the resulting radio chatter. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: No, as this incident happened too close to shuttle arrival before any meaningful action could be taken by the on-shift supervisor. Actions taken: Security was informed about the incident. Additional Notes: While this round had heavy antag involvement since it was merc, this incident is totally unrelated to any antag actions that happened within the round.
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