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Already spawned Android/Cyborg fix please!


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To some, this may be a trivial thing, but to a roboticists player like me this is an important deal. All i am asking is for the already spawned cyborg/androids you name it, have a already spawned Positronic brain, or occupied MMI device inside of it.

Else when ever i open the cut the wires and it sais that said unit has no brain in it, makes me question what does it run on. As again this is a great deal for me and maybe for other roboticists.

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Already spawned cyborgs and android do have MMIs and Positronic Brains, from what I can recall.

However, players that spawn as 'Robots' (The third option) spawn with neither an MMI nor a Positronic brain. Supposedly their processor is too ingrained to be removed.

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And this is the thing that irks me. There is no possible chance to help the said cyborg through any attempts if the said unit was tampered by unauthorized personel, via removing the main processor that functions them.


But they're not cyborgs hence why they have no MMIs and they're not Androids hence why they haven't got a Positronic(read silicon) brain. Players choose to be robots, it adds diversity it shouldn't be taken away.

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And this is the problem, that i come across and for the first time, makes robotics feel just.. empty and useless because they have no longer the power to either help sabotaged units and just ask AI or Commanding heads to lock down the unit until crew transfer. Of course we can keep it as it is, but if they wish not to receive any IC help from Robotics, welp, their choice am i right?

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The three distinctions of mobile synthetic assistants aboard the station:

  • Cyborg

    An MMI-d cyborg, where the hunam brain is used as a core processor.
  • Android

    A cyborg equipped with a positronic brain as a core processor.
  • Robot

    A robot equipped with neither: all processes are spread out to individual controllers.


Why does this choice exist? Well, because when you choose to be a robot, you accept the handicap of, "Once I die, that will be it." Where as with a cyborg or an android, your core processor can be extracted and you can carry on with your life, being a happy little (annoy) brain in someone's satchel.

If you come across one such thing where you need to extract the processor and scrap the body, then, well. Find another option. I think it's actually quite neat, and presents variety.

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But this raises me a question... what is the point of a robot who cannot be salvaged nor repaired to be allowed on the station at all? A cyborg can be salvaged, an android can be salvaged, hell even an AI can be salvaged once it has been disabled, and it can still be repaired after wards when used with intelicard. Correct me if i am wrong, but why would a corporation risk its own workplace with outdated and risky equipment which can still serve a purpose after wards but make it a one use? This imo already eliminates the logic that the stations equipment is expensive, let's throw more money out of the window for old stuff, sure why not.

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Who says a Robot is old technology? In fact, just by the way it works, one would expect its /new/ technology, perhaps even experimental. Its processors are integrated, which means it can operate without a positronic core or an MMI. That seems an advance in technology, not a step backwards. The fact that it can't be repaired can likely be explained by the fact that its so new methods of repairs haven't really been developed. And, considering we're a research station, it is our job to field experimental technology. There is no indication that a Robot is old technology.

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I think you took it out of the context. Because according to your text, we would be a robotics facility which tests numerous robotic/syntetics on how they act, behave and their overall progress, while in reality and if we follow the main story, we are but a plasma research station. I do not wish to continue this line because it has no meaning towards the main reason.

The main reason why i address this post is, why would a corporation send out a prototype robot which has not been tested fully nor can even be salvaged properly or repaired properly to the secret plasma research station. And i will raise the question again, to why have robots that cannot be repaired and which can cause serious damage to the station with out a fail safe and by fail safe i mean having it not getting destroyed and repair it so it can still function for further needs rather then having the robot functionality made 100% sure that it even if it did raised a problem, this problem can be fixed.

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1: We're more than a plasma research facility, in fact many occupations on the station are dedicated to researching things that have no relation to plasma.

2: We're not a secret facility, as a nitpick.

3: For variety's sake, OoCly, and ICly it is once again likely for research purpose.

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Implying that we are no longer secret facility, and that we research also anything that also does not include plasma, it still does not answer the question as to why would the people who made robot prototypes would test them on other facilities with out being 100% sure that they will have a fail safe towards any dangers these units can bring.

Firstly, the robots or any kind of syntetic is an expensive equipment, even for a prototype. If this prototype does not have any way to be saved, repaired, then might as well insert a kill switch to these units and blow them the f- up and clean it up, write a report "it was faulty, and our McBaldRoboticists couldn't repair it, so please send us another bot that may or may not get faulty again so we can blow it again, thank you."

Just because a player choose to play as a Robot due to fact that it wont get another life, is not only dull, but also illogical. Sure it's his choice, but what if this person wanted to play as a robot just to have a different play style, and by that meaning he gets smacked, blown to pieces, hoping that their makers will make a brand new chasis so he can wreck justice over those who destroyed his old chasis and saves the day? And if the counter argument to that is to switch to being a an android/cyborg, is bad, admit it. Even the AI can be a robot and it would be saved because intelicard, while the poor Robot just dies like a scrap of metal and sent down to junkyard.

A new thing has appeared! Intelicard! This thing.. This thing is the saviour of all heads of not getting their jobs fired when they have safely extracted a dangerous AI so it can be fixed. So why can't we use THIS on the ROBOTS so that they have a chance to live again, and then have the ability to upload the Robots "inteligence" from this intelicard into the empty chasis? There, this would fix a lot of problem rather making a small fuss into a huge debate.

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I. Do not see the issue in this being a thing. Not one bit.

It can't be salvaged? Yeah, okay, but that doesn't exactly matter. It's an option that actually makes a meaningful difference in the game. Also, it's a conscious choice. So you can't just accidentally end up with it. And machinery generally isn't expected to malfunction to the point of it needing to get wrecked, what you speak of is not a standard occurance.

I'ts a choice. A nice one that has an effect on IC without being too stupid. So why not?

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I should point out that ICly, positronic brains are both expensive and very finicky... and borgs require someone who'd rather be borged than cloned. Robots, requiring neither, could very well be far less expensive and difficult to build, even if they have to be returned to the factory for maintenance.

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