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[Denied]SonicGotNuked - CCIA Application (To the Darkside)

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Byond key: SonicGotNuked

Character names: 

Alik Jrruzhani (Surgeon)

I'll just post the list. Everyone else got forgotten due to my six month hiatus and I never stick with one singular character throughout my time playing here. 🤷‍♂️


Age: 20

Timezone: -7 UTC

What times are you most available?: Practically every day.


How long have you played SS13?: 4-5ish years

How long have you played on Aurora?: 4 ish years

How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? Very.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I had a permanent synthetic and antag ban a long time ago. I've appealed it since and never got banned since.

Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: I was a mod for 1 year on aurora.

Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I've been on this server for about four years. Moderated it for another year. Now I want to dip into the IC modderation. I also had a command staff whitelist for a while (Which isn't necessary but helps) 


Why do you want to join the CCIA?:

What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: 

I feel that CCIA agents must possess a sense of patience, fairness and be a good example of roleplay. While a moderator must be understanding of an OOC intent while representing the staff team as a whole. The CCIA agent is representing the actions and whims of NanoTrasen at an IC perspective. Every 'higher authority' than the captain is reflected through a CCIA agent on those rare times Central Command does get involved. This provides a quality of fairness that an agent must possess to keep the round enjoyable for both antags and crew. CCIA agents also have the ability to make a character no longer playable or playable only in a restricted manner as well due to the majority of the job being that of incident reports. 

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: CCIA agents during an ongoing round handles the big boss fax machine. They respond to faxes and provide a place for the command staff to respond to. They also organize Incident Report interviews for ongoing character development and higher quality of roleplay. Rarely, would they be an overseeing eye on a tactical team. They can have a major impact of the round. It is important to have that in mind when interacting with the station. 

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: Outside of the server, a CCIA agent helps determine what actions are considered canon or not when it comes to a staff complaint. They'll, in aid with the other staff, will investigate a situation report to determine antag involvement so that a character will not unjustly get hammered. They also monitor the IC situation reports on the discord. I also feel like they provide a good example of roleplay from my own personal experience. Even if it's not intended, CCIA gets seen as an example. 

How do you handle stress?: Well

How well do you work autonomously?: I've modderated a lot of dead hour rounds.


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Hi, while I appreciate the interest, you would need to show some more activity. Try reapplying after you've played consistently for a few months.

Application denied.

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