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Octavian Moroz, your potential HoS

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Hello, reader.

Hopefully, you've got on this thread just after the shift and some RP with me, so you could've leave some feedback.

I'm looking forward on posting a command whitelist application, but beforehand I'd just like to gather some comments regarding my character and advices, so please take this thread as it would be my actual HoS application! 🤗 

post.scriptum: I do appreciate all feedback, either would it be positive or negative, but what do I appreciate more is advices and tips. If I've done something wrong - I'd really like to know your position and your thinks about what should I've done instead, so I will try to change it next time (of course if it is argumented and justified).

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I've played a few rounds with Moroz, and I think there are a couple things you could work on:

Moroz oversteps their bounds fairly often as a mere officer. Be that issuing orders to other officers, trying to issue orders for the HoS (instead of waiting for the HoS to issue the orders), or even outright disputing the HoS. As an officer, those are all no-nos. Further, I've seen Moroz yell at the HoS for "going too far," when by all accounts the HoS did precisely what they should have done. These sort of behaviors can happen, but only in extreme circumstances, and they are things I have seen on every round I've played with Moroz so far.

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3 hours ago, CampinKiller said:

I've played a few rounds with Moroz, and I think there are a couple things you could work on

Thank you for the feedback, I was told literally the same yesterday so I had to rethink the most of Moroz character😁

While I do actually try to get commanding initiative in most situations officers are involved, I'd however not say I do frequently argue with commanders above me. I do still understand Moroz is an officer, so he must subordinate heads, as he do.

Regarding the situation of me telling HoS "going too far" as beating laying down guy, that is a part of Moroz soul «don't beat the laying», tho guess it can be considered as very much «arguing to head». I will keep it in mind!


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I'd say most of my interactions with this character have been negative. Most of it has occurred with my HOP, who ICly has no issues with Moroz's actions, but the interaction with my CMO (who has zero tolerance for insubordination) left me with very poor perception of Octavian. As Campin said, I think he oversteps his bounds way too often. My first interaction with him was with my HOP when, about 10 minutes into the round, Moroz went to my office and proposed himself as interim. While this might seem as a neat idea, I really had little justification to do so, especially because the round was really lowpop and we remained green the whole time (so even later on I had little reason to do so, especially when you were the only officer for the most part and served better at your position). Regardless of this, I RPed with you, and while it's true that the interview had to be interrupted multiple times, I've learned very little about him other than his desire to become a head, which is an OOC goal you have. I tried to learn more about Octavian ICly, despite everything I've mentioned, and even interviewed your coworkers to make a full profile of him, only to receive poor answers, probably because he's a new character but also because it seems you haven't interacted much with them. The end of the round was really the final nail in the coffin for me, because the situation could've escalated to an IR if the other officers didn't talk you out of it. Granted, I think I took it a little personal afterwards when I was told what happened, because I main CMO and I've gone to (admittedly annoying ways sometimes) to ensure the protection of the patients and the following of protocol. I thought about every HOS I've met so far and they would've never placed themselves in such situation, which only made me wary of some behavior I believe you should correct.

I don't think my HOP and Moroz have interacted that much since, but I've noticed the same pattern of behavior just by following security radio, be it with the HOS or your colleagues. In some rounds, you've made some controversial remarks that have caused a lot of discussion, mostly disagreement, regarding how to react in a situation. With my CMO, Pierre had to call you out, repeatedly, for refusing to leave the Command frequency after Logan had stepped in, from what I can OOCly say it was an attempt to have a few more minutes as interim. I didn't like this, and I was especially disappointed in how Moroz reacted to the petitions I've made. I know Pierre can be passive aggressive, but he's mostly passive, and the way you responded I think was not proportional to what I was asking.

I'm not sure if it was the reception to your command application what caused you to scrap your previous character, with whom I shared a round. Now, I don't really want to think about that one round in particular and, to be honest, I feel like some might've taken too personally against you what was a hectic situation that left us cornered with the AI (I felt much so, because I went only to the bridge to swipe for a response team after you had trouble using the terminal (I don't blame you tbh, the first time I had to use it I panicked), and then I couldn't leave or even appoint an interim for my department). I think it was an awful round to play command, especially interim, but I do think it's true that your interactions with your department, and the antags, over the radio, were really negative and left a bad impression in many security players. I do, however, think you deserve more credit for knowing how to react, because you made some suggestions (such as move to the upload) which ultimately extended our survival. If anything, I don't know, I've been trying to erase that round from my head ever since because I know I didn't like many of my actions on it either.

That being said, I will give you a few tips I think could improve your chances for a future whitelist, but also more importantly, your value as an asset in gameplay and roleplay, because I do think a huge aspect of the command whitelist is having solid roleplaying skills, and many of the criticism I've seen about command players basically boils down to the player in question not meeting roleplay standards.

Give your character other motivations rather than being HOS. In fact, I'd say get that out of your character's mind at all. Promoting a character can backfire because if you don't get the app it will become awkward, but also because you do have to think about modifying some of your character's behavior, as you have to try balance what would be acceptable, OOCly, from Command, and which quirks a character can have before the promotion. I don't think promoting Pierre has made him more bland as a character, if anything I'd say he's more cranky now, but there has been some changes I've had to make (even a little retconning) to him because of his new position. If you want to play Aleksander, Octavian, or whoever, give them other ambitions than just this. Although characters are conceived to serve a purpose (e.g., you part from "I will create a HOS"), this utilitarianism will prove fatal for the character to evolve if it relies of it beyond this stage. Profession shapes many of the aspects of our lives and this is also true for fictional characters, but a character cannot become round if this is their only driving force. They require  much more, and what surrounds and constitutes their personality is what will eventually make others excited to see you in the manifest whenever you play.

If you're having trouble with your department, step away from protagonism. Try to listen more what your colleagues say, work more as a team and don't take action without consulting others. I would even say that, if this has become too much of an issue, instead of trying to promote characters you should focus in playing cadet or a simple officer. Don't think yourself above your coworkers or force interactions with the antagonists that will have you as the center.

This goes for OOC behavior too. Contact players you enjoy RPing with, involve yourself more in OOC channels, and receive more feedback as that. This subforum is mostly dead and you will not gather much feedback from this post, unless you have an ultra popular or really infamous character everybody has a word to say about them. Instead, approach roleplayers you like, get involved in things like relay and chat RP, and over all workshop more in private and public conversations, possibly through Discord. This is also a great way to make ooc friends, so that's all positive.

Lastly, accept that this is a process and it will take time. Probably weeks or even months, and because of that, try sticking with a concept at least at the beginning. I don't recommend scrapping characters or making too many because at the end, you will develop some more than others at best or, more commonly, all will be underveloped. There is no magic thing you can do that can make your character grow without much work, and I think you've actually taken a good first step at seeking feedback already, but positively improving upon the reception you receive will take some trial and error, and that's okay.

I hope anything of what I've said helps you and I wish you the best of luck.

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@Desven Thank you so much for such an extended feedback, which I'll have to process and realize for a week at least! Be sure that the shift I shared with you as Chernikovskiy, my application and especially your review of all this just influenced and will influence my future decisions and the change in basic concept of my characters.



I'm not sure if it was the reception to your command application what caused you to scrap your previous character, with whom I shared a round. 

My own thinks and some staff tips given pushed me to create few more characters, and not just loop on one of them. I didn't give up on Chernikovsky, but just temporarily stopped with him while developing several concepts for additional characters. That was actually my main mistake making my characters' main goal to be career growth, each shift now I'm looking forward for new connections and getting known among the crew.



Lastly, accept that this is a process and it will take time. Probably weeks or even months, and because of that, try sticking with a concept at least at the beginning. 

Ain't rushing in time anymore, gotta think at everything twice and thrice before stepping on something important.


Damn now that looks as some diary notebook with the to-do list, tho that might be right as I'm really looking forward to such great roleplay improve and appreciate all the feedback and said above. I get the positive and negative sides of my play, trying to expand first and fix second (however it oftenly gets out of hand as you mentioned in our shared round, but let it be my starting point)

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