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Aurora Chapter Log

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Welcome to the Chapter Log. This is an OOC narrative coverage of ongoing events for players in the loop to consult to hear what exactly is going on.

The first few entries will be about the first "Chapters," which were previously logged on the wiki. These will now be logged on the forum for your ease of reading, in chronological order.

Generally, changes to this log involve important ongoing events which you should probably know about.


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Chapter 1 - THE PRELUDE

Date : Roughly pre-August of 2020

This is the FIRST CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story.

In Chapter one, the Prelude, the Orion Spur is in a state of relative peace! There are many happenings currently on the decline that will ultimately coalesce into the finale arc of the current setting, transitioning from the NSS Aurora, to the NCV Aurora - the station setting to the ship setting respectively.

There is currently no galactic narrative at large - lore is presently working free of any cooperative story being told. Stay tuned for changes to this - every update to the Lore Hub will be chronicled in the lore diary.



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 Chapter 2 Act 1 - KING OF THE WORLD

Date : Oct 24th (Initiated by the Clandestine Incident)

This is the SECOND CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story.

The Sol Alliance has begun its final decline. In this chapter, the galactic stage will be set for chaos as the largest player in the Orion Spur crumbles. Will the megacorporations elevate to become Humanity’s foremost authority? Will the Coalition take advantage of their sole adversary’s collapse? What will happen to Tau Ceti?

One thing is certain: this chapter will alter any concept of the modern starmap as a whole.

Meanwhile, Phoron begins to grow scarce - deposits across the galaxy are dwindling, especially under Nanotrasen Corporation control. The Clandestine Incident has occurred, the detonation of the final major phoron deposit known to the corporations.

This act will last indefinitely until the preparations for the arc are finished.

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 Chapter 2 Act 2 - KING OF THE WORLD

Date : ??? to Dec 1st (Finalized by the KOTW Event Week, and Ozdemir's demise)

Heavily condensed version of the actual acts and chapters of King of the World, which were too big of a pain to add here. they were also incomplete. Notify kyres if anything's missing

This is the SECOND CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story.

KING OF THE WORLD reached staggering heights after the Clandestine Incident, with the following events transpiring.

After the phoron shortage expanded due to Clandestine's destruction, the corporations begin to point fingers! Prime Minister of the Solarian Alliance Michael Frost, having been the first accused as the culprit, met his demise only days later! Infuriated, the Alliance would send its best investigators accompanied by marines to get to the bottom of the incident. They would investigate the Aurora crew, who were aboard Clandestine before it exploded.

After departing, the investigators were shot down by NanoTrasen interceptors! Further outraged, the 35th Battlefleet, stationed near Tau Ceti, made its first moves...

... before turning around, after hearing of threats of war! The Solarian Alliance, plunged into disorder, would suffer rogue fleets by the dozens - some creating warlord separatist states, fractured and with their own ideologies. Coined the "Wildlands" by Tau Ceti officials, the 35th battlefleet instead opted to return to Tau Ceti than heed government orders to retreat!

In the second invasion from a rogue fleet, known as the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION, players were able to participate in the war effort against Admiral Raymond Ozdemir leading up to his demise in the crushing pressures of Reade's atmosphere.

Featuring extracorporate ERTs, a lack of crew transfer entirely, random events and attacks, and even bombardments, the week of events stood as the climax of KING OF THE WORLD.


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Date : Dec 1st and beyond (Began by the finale of KOTW.)

This is the THIRD CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story.


After the conclusion of the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION and the KING OF THE WORLD arc, the galaxy is in turmoil! The uncertain future of the Orion Spur has been decided as the Solarian Alliance caves in, leaving the New Human Wildlands in its place for much of its territory.

Now, an intermission phase is entered before the next chapter of the Aurora's story begins.



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