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Pilot Helmet Sprites


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I've been complaining about how the current Pilot Helmet sprite looks too much like a pair of NVGs.

I want this to change, I've re-coloured a couple sprites and I to create a discussion about them, piloting will be an important part of the NBT and I want the pilots to get the freshest looking kit they can.

This is the current Pilot Helmet Sprite (not including TCFL helmet)




This is what it looks like on a Human/Taj/Unathi




Races with abnormal head shapes or snouts don't look the greatest while wearing these helmets.

We need a helmet sprite that fits the heads of most races while preferably not looking like NVGs. So I re-coloured a helmet I saw in head.dmi.


This is a re-coloured version of chelm_mesons which can be found in head.dmi I have not re-coloured it to fit the basic helmet as that is what I used for the comparison.

This is how the helmet looks on Human/Taj/Unathi/Baseline




I am not a good spriter, but I'm willing to attempt making a new pilot helmet if this re-colour doesn't fit.

This is the .dmi where you can find both versions of the helmet.



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