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Staff Complaint: Garnasus

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BYOND Key: Nikov
Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus
Game ID: N/A
Reason for complaint:

1. Command whitelist was revoked. Requesting it be restored.

2. Discord ban is in effect. Requesting it be lifted.


To point 1; From the whitelist app rules:



Failure to uphold the standards put in place for a member of command.

Receiving too many administrative actions. Any temporary ban, job ban or permanent ban will result in the whitelist being removed.

The previous conditions are under the discretion of the team to enforce. If you disagree with the removal, create a staff complaint for others to review.


Emphasis on the final phrase. This language specifically directs me to create this thread.

I would ask Garnascus to exercise his discretion to restore my whitelist. It is not so much that I disagree with it, but as it was removed in a manual ban which he authored, only he knows if the removal of my whitelist is a desired outcome so long after the fact.

To point 2; see point 1. To my recollection it is from the same incident, or could at least its lifting could be considered part of the same general grace I've been shown, and I do deeply appreciate it.

Additional remarks:

This is wholly at your leisure to address. I am still refreshing my muscle-memory for the Aurora codebase. Of course, I will be remaining firmly where I belong in Engineering and not rolling into a new department. My principle concern is the roleplay. I will be determining what course to take my main character in; if he is no longer able to be a CE, I need to make a decision and move forward with his arc some other way.

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Unfortunately we have had a rule in place for quite some time now that states a command whitelist is removed if you receive any ban from the server. This is carried out by the people on our whitelist team so i did not even have anything to do with it. What is your discord key? No reason for you to stay banned there. 


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Not to argue but the post cited is from September 14th 2018, which followed my ban by some days.  If the rule came into effect on the 14th (as I presume from the post date) after the ban then perhaps we can reason this is a case of a punishment being applied ex post facto, perhaps due to an oversight by the whitelisting team culling all banned ckeys from the whitelist. However I don't know if rules get applied ex post facto. You can close this conversation out with or without a response, and thank you for the discord unbanning.

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25 minutes ago, Nikov said:

I don't know if rules get applied ex post facto.

This rule was enforced from before that edit: it used to be enforced under the "too many administrative punishments" clause with the understanding that a ban essentially meant that, since you have to be punished a lot to be banned or fuck up really heavily. It was put into clear writing later, but this isn't an ex facto application.

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