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What is the canonicity of Discord Lore?

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One thing I've been wondering about for a while is, how canon is discord lore? For those that don't know Discord lore is lore/expansions that is found on discord only, not the wiki, and is primarily expansions on lore which is on the wiki or in articles by the relevant Species Maintainer/Writer.

For example, a piece of discord lore recently is that @TheBurninSherman stated(supposedly, I didn't see them say it but trust the word of the person who said they did to use it as an example) harsher Elyran Modesty laws(like not dying hair or getting piercings) are only enforced in rural areas of conservative planets, instead of all over those planets, whereas the wiki just says the conservative planets enforce the harsher laws. This goes for alot of things, from the strength of certain factions/corporations to a bunch of minutiae that helps is building a character.


This may be a stupid question but I want to know just because people consistently bring up things they've heard from loredevs over discord, but isn't on the wiki or articles, in OOC debates about factions as cold hard facts, and I'm curious as to whether it is considered to be more headcanon, or firmly canon despite it not being on the wiki or in any articles.

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We have 2,5 places where "official" lore is represented:

  • The wiki
  • The forum news section
  • (To some extend the game itself)

Due to the (fast moving) nature of discord conversations, discord is absolutely unsuitable as a authoritative source on lore.
Therefore the wiki and the forum are always the leading system and the authority in case of any "lore conflicts".
Lore writers have the capability and procedures to update the wiki / forum news database and are expected to do so.
They can clarify minor things on discord, but they key facts are expected to be on the wiki / forum.
And again, in case of any conflict, the wiki / forum are the authoritative source not what any lore writer said via a discord message.

People have the capability to make up their own lore to some extend as long as it is believable and does not conflict with existing lore.
This applies both to things that happen in the game and on the discord.

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