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  1. I think this would make playing med a bit more streamlined and would avoid the situations in which someone gives a person the wrong drugs because they don't know their exact condition. It would allow for more precise gameplay at the expense of a little extra time to triage, which is something med does already to a degree.
  2. MEGACORPORATIONS RESPOND TO SOLARIAN CORPORATE REFORMS Following the Provisional Council for Solarian Defense’s decision at the beginning of this year to enact widespread nationalization and corporate restrictions against the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and its affiliates, there has been an odd silence from the corps until today. All corporations targeted by these recent reforms have come forwards with their decisions in multiple press conferences today. The NanoTrasen corporation made an official statement that served as little more than a confirmation of Solarian intentions, an
  3. SOLARIAN PROVISIONAL COUNCIL ANNOUNCES WIDESPREAD CORPORATE REFORMS Today, the Provisional Council for Solarian Defense released an official statement regarding the presence and operations of various megacorporations affiliated with the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. This announcement has come amidst the turmoil that the Solarian Alliance has been experiencing since last month after a short war against the Republic of Biesel and its backers in the newly formed Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, Republic of Elyra, Frontier Alliance, and Izweski Hegemony. A subsequent series of mutinies in th
  4. SITUATION CALMS! SOLARIAN FLEETS DISENGAGE! Solarian forces are withdrawing from the Republic of Biesel after the threats of war from the Coalition and Elyra. Fleets that had been noted as having altered their courses towards Tau Ceti have broken off, and those remaining in the system, such as the Thirty-Fifth Battlefleet, have departed on a return journey to the Core Worlds. As tensions de-escalate, our sources have told the Bugle that the Alliance has cut off most forms of contact with its Outer, and even some Middle Ring, worlds. Insiders in the Solarian navy have informed us that all
  5. The Coalition and Elyra Threaten War! BREAKING ― Indicative of heightened tensions that have gripped the galaxy, the Coalition of Colonies has issued a dire warning directed at the Solarian Alliance. Roughly six hours ago, a secure transmission was beamed from the Scarab Fleets and from their flagship the King's Omen, relaying a message from Reilly Sianne and the Free League. The message was as follows, as repeated by Queen Iraiya, "Should the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations continue to disrupt the galactic peace, and interfere with the lifeblood of the new colonial world, let i
  6. NANOTRASEN ATTACKED! 35th SOLARIAN BATTLEFLEET ENTERS TAU CETI! The NSS Aurora and NSS Upsilon have been targeted by two Solarian Interstellar Naval Intelligence shuttles that landed and began looking into the Clandestine Incident. After the death of multiple on the Upsilon, and one on the Aurora, both shuttles were intercepted by the NDV Icarus and destroyed in-flight when returning to the 35th battlefleet. Our sources within the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion have confirmed this action and teams have been dispatched to both the Aurora and Upsilon at this time to further secure the stations
  7. Operation ‘Violet Dawn’ Unveiled! Mass Unrest in the Solarian Alliance! BREAKING ― Chaos in the Solarian Alliance today reverberates across the galaxy thanks to an anonymous whistleblower, who has leaked the classified documents surrounding the calamity on Mars. A dossier provided to the Bugle by this whistleblower via a secure channel blames a secret research team identified as the 'Violet Task Force' for the source of the fires and phoron influx that has doomed more than 60% of Mars to uninhabitability and for causing the deaths of millions, prompting outcry on a galactic scale and tota
  8. Disaster on Mars! Witness reports and third-party testimony regarding the situation on Mars has painted an increasingly dim picture; despite attempts made by the Solarian government to quash any reporting on the state of Mars, the Bugle has learned from inside sources that a horrifying discovery has been made: a gargantuan, phoron-based conflagration has been burning for days at a Solarian black site near the southern pole of Mars. The intense fire has spread across and scarred wide swathes of the planet's southernmost areas, and it is currently estimated that multiple habitations, arcolo
  9. Mars Gone Dark! BREAKING ― sources within the Sol system tell the Bugle that just a few short moments ago, all inbound and outbound signals from the surface of Mars have ceased completely. The nature of this communications blackout is not currently known, and space flight around the planet has been seriously disrupted due to the loss of traffic control. Solarian navy vessels have been sighted in orbit around the planet, and ships attempting to land have been refused clearance by the Alliance military. The Alliance government has not returned a request for comment made by reporters.
  10. Einstein Engines Unveils New Engine In a press conference held earlier today (GST) in Harmony City, Luna, Doctor Noella Lopez-Zhang, the current CEO of Einstein Engines, revealed that she and her company have created a new variant of warp engine referred to as a Suzuki-Zhang Hammer Drive. The Zhang-Suzuki is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than the typical warp drive in-use by the majority of human ships in the Orion Spur. “Words cannot begin to describe how proud I am of Doctor Suzuki, our chief research officer, and her research team. Without herself and her team, we would have
  11. EVENT DETAILS Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Small Assigned Admin: ReadThisNamePlz OOC Event Description : The first scheduled act of the King of the World Arc will begin. Who knows about it : No-one knows about it ICly. Host/participants : TheBurninSherman, Kyres1
  12. The Maldarth Affair The Coalition of Colonies Ministry of External Affairs has announced today to the greater Orion-Spur community that they have solid, hard proof that Solarian Allegations of Phoron hoarding by their outer ring planets is totally and completely false. This information comes as a large shock to known space at large as the scarcity of the vital element grows more and more dire by the day. The information provided by the Coalition, sourced from an apparent whistleblower who defected from the Solarian Alliance, has given insight into not only just communications that pr
  13. BYOND Key: TheBurninSherman Character Names: Main ones as of now are: Song Sun - Chief Medical Officer Karolina Bezdnova - Scientist (Zavod) IRU-Dauphine - Forensic Technician (Idris) Umbra SSU #4.262-C - Bartender Subaru Matsushita - Atmospheric Technician Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A deep, burgundy red. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per questi
  14. Phoron-Related Xenofauna and You! This is a public service message paid for by the NanoTrasen Employee Resources Division Phoron-Related or Phoron-Interested Xenofauna are a relatively unknown classification of xenofauna species specialised in the metabolization of phoron for energy or other life-essential processes. Typically, these species are found residing in deep space away from inhabited and technologically developed or advanced regions. These species are known to both seek-out and consume or otherwise make use of phoron deposits in various ways so as to propagate their species and
  15. Abo is a fine person and while my time with them even on the admin team was basically nonexistent, their character and experience speaks for itself. I am looking forwards to potentially seeing them on the moderator team. haha nice guy +1
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