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  1. God I hope I quoted that right. So, I agree with nearly everything you said here, and just wanted to throw my two cents ontop of this. I've kicked around the idea of making a dedicated discussion for this one thing, but to put it bluntly combat just doesn't feel fun for me as antagonist anymore. Due to recent changes, security feels as though it's on such a higher mechanical level, once they crack open the armory, and like a declawed kitten before then. I'm not, as antagonist, going to put effort into attempting to do a unique gimmick(using lore stuff that is) that involves fighting secur
  2. Quoting is hard. While I agree with a your conclusions, and some of the other points made, others confuse me so I thought'd I'd just ask. When you say Antags getting Powergaming gear, can you expand on that? Like, what piece of gear in the uplink, or ability afforded to those types without one, classifies as powergamey to you? "Mains on both sides are terrible at their roles and unwilling to learn new roles or improve" - Is this like a, security players should try playing more antagonist, and vice versa, or like a- both mains should go play a completely different departme
  3. I'm super tired so sorry in advance if I massively misinterpreted what these new laws mean, but it seems that people are forgetting the other laws exist. The AI cannot hinder security or the crew in fighting a horror form, because that would go directly against law 2 of Serving and Assisting them. At the same time, the AI cannot actively assist security and the crew due to the law 3, protecting all sapient life, but it can still help those who wish to run from it, or don't seek to harm it. Given this, I think a major point of the new laws, is the fact that AI can no longer assist security in t
  4. Pretty much what the title says, a single vampire in it's current state can effectively stomp the entire station unless they impose limitations themselves, I know because I've done this. I personally(as well as some I've spoken with OOC'ly) think this isn't very fun for a number of reasons, and should probably be reworked. 1) Dominate. Just get rid of it, and if people don't want that atleast get rid of instadom. Dominate itself is so annoying to deal with for the person who is being dominated, as it is pretty much "You now have to do this, or face administrative OOC action" with see
  5. So, over the course of this thread I've realized a majority of what I said surrounding that event specifically was incorrect, and while I would like to remove it from my original post I think it would be wrong for me to sweep a mistake I made "under the rug" so to speak. Knowing what I know now after reading responses from both you and @DanseMacabre I don't think I'd make it again, and with that I am slightly thankful for this thread being able to get rid of some of my incorrect assumptions about what actually occurred, as well as showing me other perspectives that I hadn't seen. While I still
  6. So, I still need to figure out how to quote, but for now I'ma just respond like this I think I touched on this minorly in my original post, saying that there was an explanation to why they didn't engage, but that was probably not enough. If there was no reasoning behind it, I think first) there would have been a player complaint and second) more people would be mentioning it. That being said, at the level some people(including myself) understood, it fell under a misbehavior, and was another minor reason alot of people tend to dislike security OOC'ly. I think the tldr was that it looks bad
  7. So, when it comes to the opinion that "Security is bad and fucks up everything it touches" I think that's actually held by a minority, but I think that atleast half, if not more, of the playerbase has an opinion ranging from Mild Dislike to Outright distrust/hatred of the department and it's players. I also think there's both an IC and OOC dislike for the department, but like most things they can somewhat bleed together, so for now unless it's requested I'ma just focus on the OOC dislike. To start, I think a big reason for the OOC dislike is how difficult it is to differentiate IC actions
  8. While I've not had the pleasure of interacting with their HoS as antag or security yet, the limited interactions I've had with them as a doctor and EMT have been wonderful. They're mechanically competent with solid RP, making a round with them as command enjoyable. +1 Edit: Removed a redundant word
  9. I dunno how to quote so I'm just gonna type the question. What does Vaziri think of the other two factions? To start he thinks the both of them rebellions, not proper nations within their own right, this is especially true for the DPRA for reasons I'll touch on shortly. Due to him never directly fighting the NKA, his mainly thinks of them as a continuation of the former oppressive regimes before the first rebellion, and therefore should be brought back under PRA authority, but can grasp at why the old nobility might wish to attempt to reclaim their lost land and wealth. In that way h
  10. BYOND Key: Triogenix Character Names: Erik Saylor Ivan Popov Caius Strelitz Jared Looper Liam Tasev Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Somewhere around Taupe(72, 60, 50) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: When I first wrote this section it took up more than
  11. Everyones kinda already said it regarding RP and her personality, but just to throw in my two cents, probably one of the best CMOs to be under, enjoyable to play with, and a very mechanically talented medical member ontop of everything else. +1
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