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  1. I like this, after Carver expanded a bit more here I'm fully behind it. I get lore reasons for species to be stronger then another, but the massive difference in time to break vs. time to slip is way to big, and shouldn't be a thing for a basic member of a species.
  2. Minus one no pun in app +1 Roaper's HoS Ferier is enjoyable to play with as security, and is pretty competent at giving orders and keeping everyone organized.
  3. I have but one question, how will learner roles work with this? Would they just be from the companies that occupy that department? For example, Zavod or EPMC Cadets?
  4. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Legal Systems Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Lore about how courts and prisons work in human factions. How will this be reflected on-station? It will mostly be reflected within security and antagonists, being able to threaten a certain prison, i.e. threatening to extradite a criminal back to Dominia unless they confess. It may also be used to create characters. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? Yes-there’s very little on prisons and the legal systems of most of the human factions, beyond what’s on the Guide to law wikipage. This is written in an attempt to supplement what is already on that page in the most concise way possible. It also includes some new quirks for each faction. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? For potential use in arcs, articles, and other lore created by the loredevs. Also possible use in backstories. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Yep. Long Description: The Republic of Biesel: Courts: The republic’s justice system is a product of its reliance on megacorporations. It is known to be one of the most corrupt in the spur, with the SCC having a huge influence on rulings. It is not unknown for an aspiring union leader or anti-corporate protestor to be imprisoned for maximum sentences with little to no evidence of crime. Anti-corporate protesters will say the SCC is the reason for the stacking of Biesel’s supreme court, which currently has 57 Judges serving five year terms, and elected by the more influenceable Bieselian Congress. This corporate influenced justice system continues with how Biesel runs it’s criminal and civil courts. Instead of a jury system or single judge, Biesel operates with tribunals, meaning three judges will be presiding and deciding the fate of a criminal, while seven will preside and decide in civil courts. These numbers are true for all non-supreme courts, whether it be the the smallest district court on New Gibson, or the Biesel Planetary Court, which handles crimes that occur within the space around Biesel on top of being the second step of appeals for those on the planet Biesel. Prisons: Biesel prison system is, as of June 2463 entirely operated by SCC affiliates, with Zavodskoi Interstellar having the biggest presence housing 58% of all inmates within the system. Some have said this has led to extremely poor conditions within prisons, but multiple totally independent studies conducted by the Republic have stated this is not the case. However it cannot be denied that reoffense rates have gone up in tandem with corporate control over the penitentiary system. In addition, the Republic also has an agreement with the SCC affiliates to keep their population of inmates above 60% of the total capacity of the prisons. Biesel has the highest per-capita incarceration rate of the developed nations within the spur, with 1458 people incarcerated for every 100,000 living in the system. A majority of prisons on Biesel have their inmates working as nearly-free labor, with the average salary of a working inmate being 1.2 credits an hour. What the work is depends on the location of the prison, but menial labor is the most common, such as painting, tilling farm land, or mining are all common. Those working off the prison are normally implanted with tracking implants incase of an escape attempt, and are closely monitored by guards. The Circle: Originally constructed by the Solarian Government before the 2nd Economic Crash, the Circle resides on New Gibson, undeme r the control of Zavodskoi Interstellar. It is the definition of isolated, with the closest accommodation being some 37 kilometers away across New Gibsons surface. It is only accessible by shuttle, and it is the hoof 8971 inmates of all different species. The most common crime of the inmates is piracy, but it is also known to play host to a number of murderers, serial killers, and traitors. However, some say that the site is nothing more than a blacksite for those who corporations want to stay quiet, such as whistleblowers and others who vehemently oppose the control corporations have over the system, in which these people are slowly destroyed their minds through techniques such as starvation, extended solitary confinement, torture, and abuse. Several former inmates of the prison have launched civil suits following the establishment of the CRZ, alleging constant abuse from guards, torture for information, negligence resulting in death by freezing, and even execution of inmates. However within the month all suits were dismissed by the courts in which they were filed, and all appeal attempts failed. Zavodskoi has since stated that it will use, at the behest of the FIB and Biesel government, enhanced interrogation techniques in order to extract information critical to safeguarding the Republic at the site, but has declined to comment on what these techniques entail. The Solarian Alliance: Courts: Pre collapse, The Solarian Alliance justice system is archaic and a product of its bloated bureaucracy. The average time a charged person spent awaiting trial within the Solarian Alliance was 19 months and 28 days. However, the closer one was to the core of the Solarian alliance, the faster a court showing will be scheduled, and vice versa the farther from the core systems. Operating a Magistroral system, meaning that a single judge both presides over, sentences, and determines the guilt of the defendant, the Solarian Judiciary will hand out punishments as it sees fit, being almost completely separate and nearly untouchable by other elements of the Solarian State. The Solarian Supreme Court is staffed by 5 Magistrates who are voted into the position by their peers, and serve for life or until retirement. However, following the collapse the provisional government has suspended all future court dates, giving planets and agencies still loyal to Sol the ability to hold suspected criminals without trial for an intedermentant amount of time. However due to the backlog of trials, it is expected the judiciary will complete those already assigned sometime in the next two years. Prisons: Solarian Prisons are state owned enterprises, focused primarily on containing criminals until their sentence is complete. Conditions vary based on location, and security level, but in general most Solarian Prisons have mediocre conditions. The Navy also has a big hand in prison complexes, assisting in transport of detainees to the prisons, and supplementing guard forces at the more high risk prisons. This influence caused many people to assume it was the Navy who assisted former Prime Minister Frost in escaping both his Venus and Martian prison before being pardoned and taking the reins of ATLAS. Pre-violet dawn, a large number of prisons were located on Mars, with the detainees on the red planet making up somewhere around 20% of the total solarian prison population, in a multitude of different prisons. However, following violet dawn many of these detainees who were not transferred off-planet or killed in the fires were pardoned due to the extenuating circumstances, or escaped, with a majority of the pardons being those who were within a year of being released and now reside in the northern parts of the planet. However this has backfired on the newly former military government, as many of these criminals formed gangs in their new home, and constantly steal water supplies, distribute narcotics, and generally be a thorn in the side of the military government. Solarian Code of Military Justice: The Solarian Code of Military Justice, or SCMJ, is theoretically the highest code of law all members of the Solarian Alliance Military are subject to. However, the enforcement of it is normally left up to a unit's officers, with major being the lowest rank able to chair a trial, which leads to many officers deciding whether or not to conduct a trial to decide purely off their own whims and desires. It is not unknown for criminal activity to be ignored within a fleet if the perpetrator is well liked by their officers, or if officers believe whatever occurred was not of much importance. This in the past, has included ignoring what the Luna Convention would define as war crimes. The Empire of Dominia: Courts: The Empire of Dominia’s courts are split into two distinct Categories. There is His Imperial Majesty's Judiciary, operating on a magistrate system, and the Courts of the Holy Goddess. His Imperial Majesty’s Judiciary, normally shortened to the Imperial Judiciary, is a set of judges appointed by the Emperor to enforce his laws across the empire. Due to this selection process, Magistrates of the Imperial Judiciary are loyal to none besides the Emperor, and are generally from Noble Lineages. They are known to be extremely harsh on Ma’zals and Secondaries, often handing down prison sentences that may be double of a nobles who committed the same offense, as well as almost always signing arrest and search warrants based on “Suspected of Synthetic Infiltration”, especially if the target of the warrant is a political enemy of the Emperor. The supreme Imperial court is the Emperor himself, to whom all Dominian citizens may appeal to. While the Imperial Judiciary handles a vast majority of criminal activity within the empire, the Courts of the Holy Goddess fulfill an equally important role within Dominion society, but do so with far more power. The Courts of the Holy Goddess, made of clergy members of Priest or higher within the Holy Tribunal, hold the absolute power of life and death over Dominian citizens, being the only institution within the nation to be able to legally execute an organic. Warrants are not required by Keepers of Saviors to drag those officially registered to members of the Tribunal(all Dominian Citizens) before the court, as long as they are within Dominian space. This being said, compared to the Imperial Judiciary the Courts of the Holy Goddess are rather forgiving, normally giving a guilty party the chance to repent in the eyes of the Church, and keep their head. The notable exception to this rule are Nul’ahks, who if found outside Dominian space and extradited back, will almost universally be executed after some time, normally after an “interrogation”(read: tortured) is conducted to determine their activities since they left Dominian space. State Prison: Dominia’s Prisons have, without a doubt, the worst conditions of any established interstellar nation within the spur. Lack of adequate living supplies such as food and water, cramped spaces, disease, lack of medical care, and an abusive guard force make going to prison in Dominia a near death sentence. Criminal Nobles will normally attempt to have family pay to improve their conditions, if it can be afforded, but a rival noble house can always pay more to ensure regular beatings or an accidental death during an escape attempt. For those from the Imperial Province of Fishandu, they will meet a fate worse than any other. Guards take a seemingly particular pleasure in torturing those from Fishandu, whether 3F or not. Including forced marches through the Moroz snow without proper clothing, waterboarding, forced into stress positions for days on end, and many other horrible methods that break down and eventually kill the detainee. No guard or prison officer has ever been arrested or investigated for these incidents. There is even rumor of unknown men spiriting away detainees, with some claiming to have seen the markings of Zavodskoi Interstellar on these men. Her Holy Sites of Repentance: Operating as the Tribunals holding area for those undergoing repentance and requiring a more assisted regiment. Very few inmates will reside in these centers for more than a year, and there are currently only four sites in existence. Repenters will pray every day at scheduled times, read holy scripture provided to them on a personal basis by Priests, and watched over Day and Night by Keepers. Failing to abide by the requirements of the site will result in Corporal Punishment, normally lashings. Conditions are good at these sites, with repenters being well cared for by the church. The Coalition of Colonies: Courts: Due to the disparate nature of the Coalition, and emphasis on Planetary governments being able to handle their own affairs, the Coalition only has one real court. Named after a former Coalition Admiral during the Interstellar War, the Bacui Court deals in sentencing multisystem criminals, such as pirates found within Coalition space. They work closely with the Coalition Rangers, who are tasked with escorting accused criminals to the nearest court, which can sometimes take weeks. That is-if the rangers decide to take the accused to court. Frontier Justice: Within the Coalition there is an informal understanding when it comes to the enforcement of laws, it’s up to the enforcement agent there, whatever their title, to decide what to do about a criminal. It is not unknown for those accused of, or believed to have committed, murder, piracy, or other high crimes to never see trial beyond checking how long a human can last in the vacuum of space, or what effects bullets have on the brain as they tear through it. This style of justice is generally accepted by those living on more rural worlds, while others living on more Urban Worlds such as Xanu Prime roar about how it feeds corruption within Law Enforcement, and kills possible innocents. Prisons: The Central Coalition government operates two prisons, both within the Xanu system space, and hold a total of 14,573 inmates all of whom were convicted of major felonies across multiple systems. The guard forces are-by law, composed of members from all coalition planets with a population of 5 million. The Serene Republic of Elyra:(due currently being reworked, this will be rather simple, I may edit it after the rework comes out) Courts: The courts of the Republic of Elyra function similarly to the courts of Sol, with the major difference being instead of the Magistrate determining guilt, guilt is determined by a Jury of 9 randomly selected citizens, with a majority vote deciding. However, like Sol, the Republic believes in Capital Punishment for those found guilty of Major crimes, despite being a signatory of the Luna Convention. Elyra on average executes 103 people a year. Prisons: Elyran Prisons tend to focus on ideas of reform, attempting to assist those who commit crimes to forge a better life path for themselves. This has been rather successful, and as a whole the Elyran Prison system has only a 13% readmittance rate. Due to the aforementioned focus on reform, the condition in Elyrian Prisons is most likely the best in the spur for human nations. The Eridani Corporate Federation: Courts: While on paper they have the same court system as the rest of the Solarian Alliance, due to the lack of a requirement for megacorporations to follow laws while in Eridani space, this system is never used, and there are zero Magistrates for the Eridani system. Instead each corporation has their own set of court-like systems, with all having an accused's direct superior as the judge. Due to the aforementioned lack of requirement to follow laws, they are even able to execute people, however corporations have stringent rules in place to prevent false charges being stated as true from happening at random to employees. Prisons: Eridani space houses no proper prisons, but instead work camps where those found guilty by their superiors can work off the debt they now owe to the company for whatever damages after being fired. The type of work depends on the planet within the Federation the camp is located on. The conditions in these work camps are barely tolerable, with just enough done to ensure that corporations have a chance of reclaiming the debt owed to them. Einstien Engines and Zeng-hu both constantly trade for the most amount of debtors in these camps, with both companies holding around 30% of the total inmates, with Hephaestus Industries holding another 20%, and Eagle Corp coming in last overseeing 18% of all inmates, at the behest of all three megacorporations.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Yea, giving orders and having an actual presence I feel I need to work on. As I play more higher population rounds, I think I'll get much better at having a presence in the department, most of my shifts so far have been very lowpop and extended, so I think I started playing bastin a little too passively for how he should be.
  6. As @Carver said I do not see many players referring to this cheatsheet or whatever you want to call it regularly, and while I would certainly find it interesting, I don't think the effort should be made to create something that would not be used by players. On the topic of this, we have companies TODAY that discourage(strongly) employees discussing their salary with one another. Nanotrasen would probably follow this to a hardline-possibly including salary under the NDA all employees sign when they start working, so I don't really think it should come up in IC situations beyond "X company pays better then Y" or "X person defiantly makes more then Y", because hard numbers would be heavily discouraged by NT. Though I will also say, I think something about salary should be put on the wiki, especially for humans, just so potential new players and others can have an idea of what their characters quality of life is. I just think the approach suggested here is the wrong something to do.
  7. BYOND key: Triogenix Character names: Vadim Vaziri Jasper Feron Ivan Popov Xu'Qua Tyak How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Around 11 months now Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I want to play Command & Counselor roles every now and then, and getting on the whitelist is how to do it. Why did you come to Aurora?: After my first experience with HRP in SS13 got shut down, I wanted to continue to play SS13 on a more established HRP server, so I decided to try Aurora out, and finding that I enjoyed it, stayed. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yep. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? No administrative actions that I can remember or find. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is creating a unique character that fits into a setting, and then using that character to interact with both other people, themselves, and the setting at large. It should be about the interactions your character goes through, both with people and things happening outside, but also their interactions with themselves and how all these interactions shape their growth as a character. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: I think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff has three parts. Firstly, they are there as educators, OOC’ly a head of staff player should know the ins and outs of their department, how it functions, and what its role in the wider station is, while being able to explain any part of this to another player OOC’ly. Secondly, they are the link that ties the station to the rest of the setting, being able to send and receive faxes from the Odin or other parties. And lastly, they are there to facilitate RP, how this is done can vary from character to character. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I think the only real OOC responsibility of command whitelisted players is when playing a command role to keep in mind the experience of other players. There are multiple reasons why characters may do things that would harm the experience of other players, most examples revolving around the command characters' likes/dislikes. While this can be believable in the setting, and shouldn’t be completely off-limits, I believe it should be kept to a minimum in order to make the experiences of a round enjoyable for everybody. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? For Bastin Schmidt, the CMO I hope to play during trial, after the stresses of the second incursion bled of, instead of going to his seemingly all-but assured job as a chief medical officer aboard a Nanotrasen, now SCC, station, he found himself propelled away from his family and into the CRZ to tour medical facilities on newly acquired planets, speak with doctors, giving tips, tricks, and general advice on how to become more efficient, as well as teaching them how to use newly purchased corporate equipment. He found the work enjoyable but dull, on top of keeping him away from his family, still wishing he could return to Biesel proper and manage a department aboard a Nanotrasen Station. He was noted for being able to teach effectively, and had a higher rate of corporate purchases from hospitals he toured than most other doctors. Eventually, he got his wish, and was assigned as a chief medical officer aboard the NSS Aurora. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? CMO & Consulars, maybe HoP if I feel like it, possibly CE after a month of playing engineer again. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: [Bastin Schmidt] - CMO [Farid Achaari] - HoP How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I’d say I’m a solid 7.5/10, I still stumble and get dry in some scenes, but I’m much better than I was before. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yep Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yep, despite the fact the CMO one is really out of date. Extra notes: N/A
  8. I'm super tired and only doing this now because if I wait I'll never do it, so sorry in advance if I ramble or an unclear, I'll take a look at this tomorrow morning and clean it up if I was. I am very against the implementation of a mechanical skill system, such as the system on bay, because I think it makes the focus of the game more on mechanics, rather then on RP. As for why, currently, players play characters that are well-rounded, they may specialize in their occupation but they know other things BEYOND their occupation. An example would be an engineer who also knows their way around certain weapons due to being a volunteer in the TCFL, or a security officer who enjoys cooking and cooks for themselves at home so may make a meal on-station for the rest of their department using the kitchen. Neither of these characters will be up to par with a proper solider/chef, obviously, but they'll be able to do it believably. HOWEVER, what I believe changes with a mechanical skill system is that people tend to min-max their characters for their jobs. So in my experience that meant every engineer was a master at building, every security officer was a master at the usage and maintenance of all types of weaponry, every EMT was in the best shape, etc. And, due to the limited number of points given to each character, it also meant that those little other skills were less likely to be a thing, as people min-max as hard as they can for their job. It's the same issue with tying it to jobs, it makes each character instead of a person, into a robot who only knows how to do one thing really well, and can't function with anything else. The way I could only see it work in theory is if the skills that could even be picked were in some way mechanically limited by a factor(age, species, w/e), as I think if they had to be limited by the modmin team it would be even worse then it is now, but going down that road would only lead to more issues. This doesn't even touch on the amount of pure people effort it would take to hammer out which species could do what, like, "Should Skrell be as limited to skills as humans if they're in the same jobs?" It would be a herculean task(Just with hammering everything out for people, I dunno how hard the coding end would be cause I dunno anything about that) that, in my opinion, is not worth undertaking. Tl;dr, It's not worth the hassle to add something that will cause characters to become more two-dimensional with their skills.
  9. So, I really like this as I've been wanting for an Earth Rework for a while now, given the amount of characters from it and how little lore there was previously on the wiki(most of the good stuff you had to dig through the news for). However, I still have a few questions. To start, this seems eerily similar to the "theme" of the Eridian Federation, what with the extremely stratified society and corporate dominance, and, while I do not necessarily think this is a bad thing, what does this Earth Rework do different to truly distinguish the characters coming from the planet compared to those coming from the E-fed? I think my primary worry is that people will start playing Earth characters like they're suits or dregs. Secondly, I don't see much mention of the Solarian Collapse and how it affected the planet, which I think would be a good thing to add, as in, with the formation of the SCA(Solarian Corporate Authority) has megacorporate influence waned on the planet? How do the different types of people on earth feel about the formation of the SCA and the collapse of Sol? Stuff like that would be really interesting to see. And, on a more personal level, I don't see anything referencing the climate disaster that was caused by Sol's Terraforming system in 2458, as in, how did it affect the gardeners compared to the Urbans? How did the disaster change the views of x people? Is it just being retconned or did it still happen? I personally think it's a very interesting piece of lore that seems to have been forgotten(even more interesting after Violet Dawn) and it would be a shame to not have it expanded upon properly on the Earth wiki page. That's all I have for now! I may think of other things to ask/comment on later, if so I'll post them here @Marlon P..
  10. Right, thanks for the questions! To answer the first one, the reason they came to Biesel as I outlined somewhat in my app, is because they wanted to go to the stars, specifically another space besides the Jargon Federation, and due Sol having collapsed and the Coalition being a backwater, as well as the Badland states that would actually accept Skrell also being backwaters(in their eyes), it really only left Biesel. As for the synthetic life in Biesel, they somewhat see this as a trade-off, in order to fulfill their desire to see and work in the civilized/stable parts of the galaxy outside the federation, they will need to deal with being around synthetic life, and even working with it. While they do not enjoy this, they will be able to tolerate working with synthetics within a workspace, holding them in high suspicion for anything that goes wrong, and not attempting in any way to have a relationship more then colleagues with synthetics. The second one, Social Credit Score. While Qau wishes they had a higher score, they are not very upset with the 6.5 score they have, seeing it as better then below a 6. They of course wish to increase their score, at least enough to become a Primary Numerical, which, if achieved, depending on what happens IC'ly and how high they get, may entice them to return to the federation. As for their opinion on the social credit system, they have some gripes with the system, revolving around how certain things are rated, but all in all believes the system is a good way to reward Skrell for being not only good citizens, but good people. Third question, the warbling arc. Qau, like alot of federation citizens, followed the events of the arc on the news. At the time, they outraged, with the possibility of the archive may never be opened due to the actions of a rogue scientist, with that same scientists usage of artificial intelligence adding more fuel to the fire of their outrage. They closely followed the story up until the arrest of three terrorists aboard the NSS Aurora, after which they were much to occupied by schoolwork to really continue to follow the story. The had heard from some friends however that a wave of anti-skrell sentiment had been growing across human space. As for how it will impact their decision making aboard the Aurora, unless they are told more about the events on-station by a crewmember IC'ly. Question number four, the relationships. Qau had multiple Qu'Nioh, and one or two Qu'Kaax(who he worked with during residency) but has never a Qu'Poxii. They have however, had one Lu'Poxii, who surpassed them enough for the rivalry to be null near their final year of college. The reason they have never had a Qu'Poxii was primarily because they have had difficulty knowing if someone was/is right for them, and feels uncomfortable in moving quickly(in Skrell terms), this however may change now that they are out of college and in Biesel. As for how their relationships affected their personality, the biggest affect was with their Lu'Poxii. Their relationship just took Qau's basic personality and amplified it, making them want to help more people, primarily psychically, in order to one-up their rival. Beyond that, there was not much affect on their personality with non-familial relationships. Question number five, how does my skrell view other species. Well to start with humanity, they view humans as very reckless, participating in the proliferation of artificial intelligence, but they also respect and admire humanities drive for technological advancement. For Tajara, they view them with concern and pity, concern due to the proliferation of nuclear weaponry on Adhomai, combined with the Cold-War situation, and pity because they are in that situation. For Unathi, they view them with Pity, due to the ruined state Moghes is in due to the events of the contact war. For Diona and Vaurca, due to the relationship between the rogue scientist in the warbling, and their primarily vaurca/diona research team, combined with Qau not being exposed much to either species through their life, has caused them to view both species with suspicion, unable to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong, needing to be told by a species like Skrell. For IPC's, they find them to be dangerous, and if not outright destroyed, held in the highest suspicion possible. Question six, the current election. They feel unsure of themselves, liking the foreign policies of Weashbi, trying to help as much of the spur as possible, while also liking alot of Weibii's policies to deregulate the megacorporation's with Federation Space in order to keep the economy afloat, and their "Skrell First" policy, of fixing the issues of and helping Skrell within the Federation, while not being domineering. As of now, they are very much on the fence between those two candidates. I hope this answers the questions you had!
  11. Pretty simple, there's no reason why my [X gimmick faction] should have a completely different citizenship because of the character I rolled for antagonist with.
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