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[Denied] Rasuna's Adhomai Police Jacket

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BYOND Key: Valkrae

Character name: Rasuna Ki'hata

Item name: Na'Tor PD Jacket.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's what she wore everyday when she first joined the police force on Adhomai.



Item function(s): It's just like a jacket. More like a parka, really.

Item description: This is a Na'Tor Police Department Uniform Jacket.

Item appearance: http://s4.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/7D533ECF.jpg But more of a dark blue.



Additional comments: She would wear this because it would basically be what started her career in Law enforcement, and it'd basically be a day-to-day jacket that she'd wear almost anywhere.

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I'm willing to accept this application, but only under one condition:

You will not wave this jacket around all the time when off-duty, and be all like "I PLAY SECURITY, I USED TO BE A COP, I AM LAW" and what not. When off-duty, you are off-duty, and I don't want to see you using the jacket as an excuse for doing things like fighting operatives with improvised weaponry, taking charge of a security situation, etc. When you are off-duty, you are off-duty, and this will only serve as a conversation piece.

How does that sound?

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