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faye's Extremely Good and Super Cool New Gibson Expansion And Sort Of Rework

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Lore Impact (Small/Medium/Large): Medium 

Species: (Skrell, Tajara, Human, Vaurca, Dionae, Unathi, Synth, General) General

Short Description: Big New Gibson cultural update. More flavor lore, more interesting holidays, and far more things to talk about on station. I removed the Filipino colonization aspects, however, as they felt sort of shoehorned and did not mesh with the rest of the page. The Undirstads now have a bold cultural and appearance requirement. 

How will this be reflected on-station?: New Gibson characters will have much more lore to work with. 

Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists?: Improves upon the existing page. Currently, a lot of players forget Gibson even exists. What I have written will make the planet much more memorable and interesting, as well as integrates it more with current events.

Do you understand that the project may change over time in ways you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team?  Ya

Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t6BYF7Wc0CSF11-VY7X5kbx0KaITyZno5xpWOoMQ9IA/edit?usp=sharing

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Let me confer with Lucaken, and we'll respond latest Sunday (June 19th). 

Edit: I enjoyed reading it, and it hones in on things that Kyres and I attempted to do. 

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i like the deeper dive into mythology in the new lore and further inspiration from Nordic as well as Icelandic folklore.
seeing more elaboration on religious aspects would be cool, but is probably out of scope.
i'm also glad the Filipino colonist aspect was removed from the lore. it felt kind of shoehorned, as mentioned in the OP.

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