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  1. Insightful, pro-active Consular Officer from my personal experience with them. It was refreshing to see an Officer from the Coalition occupy the position and I was very happy with how they played the role.
  2. I don't know if there is any already in the code but maybe a chance of randomly getting a lot worse very quickly while heavily (mortally) wounded. Basically crashing. Might help prevent people languishing and dying for a while if there's a chance for them to rapidly decline.
  3. Any chance of beefing up the rear part of the upload? Otherwise its a weak spot with only one turret and two walls before you're technically into the rear of the core.
  4. Asteroid should be scary. Dangerous anomalies entities appearing around a research facility is very awesome. Maybe give the anomalist the responsibility of and some way of locating them with their tools?
  5. How about a gravity jetpack with a cell charge for a built in anti-gravity generator for countering the station's gravity and an on-board gas supply for maneuvering? Anti-gravity generator would in essence be the Z-level stabilization and the on board fuel supply would be for moving around or changing Z-level.
  6. I agree. Designing the vest around an optional component seems backwards from a design point of view. It should stand on its own as looking like it actually protects a very vital area - but if you disregard this then there's not much more to be said I guess.
  7. The only awkwardness I've had with processing is when the accused has no ID so you can't generate an incident report from the console, meaning you have to use an external timer (as in, outside the game - or keep track in game of how long based on the time) to best keep track of their punishment, because by the time you've gotten a replacement ID from a HoP they're likely to have gone over their brig time. But that's a rarity, most of the time its that processing takes so long that for quite a few offences the time spent processing fills out the punishment time, meaning you write them up and its practically time for them to leave already.
  8. Make them wigs instead of hairstyles perhaps?
  9. I had high hopes for this character after your initial post and acceptance of the feedback but on a closer read you haven't made mention of his cuteness specifically and this lack of clarity on a very important part of the character - particularly after bringing it to your attention - is very disappointing. You've described their physical appearance but not given us a measure of how they're cute. Handsome =/= cute. I would strongly suggest you reconsider this application once you've put some effort into responding to feedback.
  10. Carver said that the far left vest doesn't protect the stomach, you linked a picture of a vest with a narrow gap between it and the waistline but your vest doesn't protect that much and has a noticeable gap between it and the waistline. Lowering the vest by one pixel makes the gap look smaller and far more like the one in the picture - and more like the protection an armour vest should grant as a minimum.
  11. I agree with Carver. Extend the vest down by 1 pixel and you'll get closer to what's in the image.
  12. I think this is a great idea and I've had a lot of fun already just from a single interaction with Danny Harrow making his game on the station. I love this!
  13. Nothing about how cute they are, I'd like to see a bit more detail before giving a +1.
  14. I thought there was a project to allow engineering to build any part of the station they needed? https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/projects/11#card-15447282
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