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  1. Yeah for quieter times of the server when its less populated this would absolutely help avoid these issues. Having it so that people need to either be in the game or have played in it for a while to vote (in case they died in round and to avoid people just joining and cryoing to get a vote) would encourage people to join active rounds as well.
  2. I feel that "Actor" would be a better term going forward for the server as HRP. It gives less emphasis on the antagonistic aspects of the roles and more on actually playing them believably as expected of the roles. What are your thoughts?
  3. Haydizzle has a combination of artistic skill, drive and amazingness that I plan to steal one day. Until that happens, however, I support their application in a very biased way. +1
  4. Lots of interaction with their department and believable roleplay from their character. Very good egg. +1 from me.
  5. This is a fantastic decision for characters like Offworlders too, due to the selection and cost of their gear it can be hard to fit much else in the way of small items. This is a much better solution than just adding more points. +1 from me.
  6. I am massively biased on this point but I want the Gamer Skrell reality.
  7. Anecdotal but I've been able to "lead" as a HoP during a situation/emergency while receiving medical treatment and being entirely immobilized. The vast majority of work for a HoP is using the computer at a desk/laptop or just talking over the radio. Everywhere they would need to get to (incl bunker and surface command) can be reached with ease or by elevator. Also agree with others on the cargo technician. I would imagine lifting a crate (say onto a table) is a basic requirement. It's a very physical role.
  8. Also when the Xion mining team came to the station in the KotW arc they all had mining helmets on and looked FANTASTIC
  9. I very much support extending hardhat access to miners for the benefit of IPCs/Dionae. Would also make sense for all miners in NBT if they need to do prospecting on planets etc to have access to them.
  10. BYOND key: Happy_fox Discord name/id: Borg / AI names: SAM (AI) Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Yes Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I want to continue to play AI as I enjoy the playstyle of a supportive role and extension to the station itself. I think I do a good job with AI, balancing the need to be observant and yet not "spoiling" an antag by shutting them down straight away. I also enjoy trying to provide players a mixture of seemingly automated and interpersonal interactions to present the AI as both a machine and an intellect designed to interact wit
  11. BYOND Key: Happy_Fox Total Ban Length: Assuming permanent Banning staff member's Key: Aimlessanalyst Reason of Ban: "Logging during staff contact after attacking several players. Refused to read the rules, was belligerent and argumentative." Reason for Appeal: This isn't my Ckey and I was able to play just a few days ago. Guessing its being applied to my IP because of my location/internet provider as I'm on wireless data at the moment.
  12. I'm going to be extremely lazy and quote you because everything you've said I agree with. I very much hope for more long term events like this in future and enjoyed watching the crew react to the situation and how it affected their work. People adding poses that they looked really tired, uniform regs slipping because they're "working from home", people getting fed up and angry. There was a lot of background RP from the arc that gave it a nice depth for a lot of people.
  13. [b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Lady Aurelia DCLXVI [b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Head of Personnel [b]Personnel in Question:[/b] Ryan Barrett [b]Job Title of Personnel in Question:[/b] Cargo Technician [b]Reason for Review:[/b] [X] - Extended Arrest History [ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record [ ] - Other: ____(Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) [b]Notes:[/b] Please see attached for the latest in a long history of infractions and punishments for this individual. Despite numerous warnings and a fine in a single shift the
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