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  1. I thought there was a project to allow engineering to build any part of the station they needed? https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/projects/11#card-15447282
  2. Also just because it looks like wood doesn't necessarily mean its actual wood. I can imagine a firearms manufacturer using fake wood to sell a more aesthetically pleasing rifle if such a thing was popular at the time.
  3. I love the idea of SWAT armour being lower grade ERT armour or at least following the same design choices just with none of the hardsuit stuff the ERT have. Nice work!
  4. Can you somehow have a toggle visor system so that it opens the face up to just below the eyes so security can go all Judge Dredd if they need to? Or just more reasonably a deployable visor in case people want to eat/drink/inhale without taking off the helmet?
  5. Fantastic bug player and a joy to RP with. I'd very much like to see them as a Ta consular.
  6. Or you could just... do the damn yield reports, Yahir...
  7. I love the scarecrows, can you make one wearing an assistant's jumpsuit and no hat?
  8. Chapel has some issues. Morgues/crematoriums in full view are morbid and weird. Its also incredibly difficult to perform space burials which, as a Scarab "main" poses numerous problems with getting my post-mortem wishes carried out. To resolve this, add curtains to hide the morbid fittings in the chaplains office - and include a conveyor/chute system so that bodies can be respectfully disposed off into space - because currently the only real ways are to shove them off the edge of the asteroid or drag the bodies down to the supermatter radiators. There's even an open space near the xenobiology disposals right underneath the chapel. The larger office also allows for chairs to be set up for more private funeral services - or crew can watch from the windows.
  9. Maybe two states of failure - one where the meal is recovered in the red text warning stage - producing edible but possibly toxic food that can cause sickness/vomiting, and another where if you don't "save" the food it becomes a burned mess.
  10. I don't want to make things more complicated for you... but maybe the longer it smokes for (failing) the more ingredients are ruined?
  11. I think if the failure caused the microwave to start emitting smoke towards the end of the cooking - perhaps with an italic red message "The microwave starts to emit a foul smelling smoke..." and gave the chef time to dash over and hit abort? Egads the roast would be ruined - but the microwave would be saved.
  12. I'm loving the designs so far. Looking very professional. Can we get some tacticool looking Bowman style headsets for them?
  13. Yahir inspired one of the funniest moments I've ever had in SS13. He's a good boy.
  14. Instead of denying access just make it part of the SoP to not search maintenance without probable cause (response to a reported crime, pursuit etc) without a change in the alert level?
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