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Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Enabling "throw" with a bat in your active hand should 'swing' it back at the person throwing it, with a hit chance of ~70%.

Flashbangs, eggs, forks. Anything. MAYBE EVEN PEOPLE???

And also:

>Officer Cawton throws the stun baton!

>Robust Mcrobusty hits a home run!!!

>Officer Cawton has been hit by the stun baton!

>Officer Cawton has been stunned by the stun baton!

>Officer Cawton throws a flashbang!

>Robust Mcrobusty hits a home run!!

>The flashbang hits Officer Cawton!

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
I thought this was going to be about fish and chips.


Take your greasy amphibians and fried potato chips back to England, Queen Lametoria!

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A new combat mechanic? Yeah no. Because whenever I go up against riot cops with smoke grenades I can totally home run their grenades back at them without damaging it or making it detonate anyway.

Totally against. Ridiculous mechanic.

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