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I never knew Seven Ghost was female. Err, that's not really related.

Anyway, in the hope of shedding some light on this thread (since people will post and speculate anyway), I believe Seven was tempbanned for logging out mid-something yesterday. She actually contacted me over pager, trying to explain the situation - her net crashed due to a power outage, and by the time she came back she had been banned for leaving the round during what I'm assuming was an arrest, antag, or admin-related incident.

As I'm no longer on staff, I told her to submit an unban request, and since it's not really fair that she'd get to miss out on the night's rounds because of what was essentially a miscommunication, I offered I could ahelp on her behalf and try to get in touch with the active mods to inform them of the situation. That's where we parted. As I never saw an unban request (or staff complaint) after that, I'm assuming Seven and the staff never succeeded at getting in contact after that.

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