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Ielia's Starfinder


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BYOND Key: ShesTrying

Discord Username: ProbablyTrying#4310

Character Name: Ielia Aliori-Quis'Naala

Item Name: Starfinder

Item Function(s): In essence, it will just be the Jargon tarot deck. It can pull from all of that, but I would like it to pull three cards at once, and display the constellations above the cards after a short animation. It should also tell the viewers what cards/constellations it will pull. Ideally it's the same size as the tarot deck- small enough to fit in the headtail pocket.

Item Description: A small, bronze ball. It is heavy in the hand, and seems to have no switches or buttons on it. 

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Ielia believes strongly in the stars, and tries to gleam as much wisdom from them as possible. She frequently gives readings to her coworkers, and would like something more sleek/streamlined to do this with. 

How did your character obtain this item?: This item was purchased by her when she started on the Horizon, and is custom-made from her fleet at home. 

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Ielia believes strongly in the stars- this helps to show that. It will streamline her ability to read other's stars, and allow her to bring more star/constellation arepee to station. 

Sprites: starfinder.dmi

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