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Job Ban Appeal for Jetnissan

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Total Ban Length:

Job Ban

Banning staff member's Key:


Reason of Ban:

Accidental Atmos Grief

Reason for Appeal:

I was job banned because of a mistake in Atmospherics in an extended round at 12:18AM 04-13-2015.

I replaced all the pumps with high pressure pumps and switched them on. I was in the process of performing a powernet upgrade to support my changes when I was stopped by an administrator(during which time Atmospherics experienced rolling power outages because I was unable to move).

My mistake was thinking that the valves to dangerous gases were on-- and I moved to switch them off. However, as a precaution I asked the active station AI(Who was named HELIX for this round) to alert me to any atmospheric alerts and anomalies. With the AI as my "safety-net" I intended to perform upgrades(in a way that would hint to the inexperience of my IC character who has a knack for Engineering, but is young and impatient and doesn't quite have the order of operations nailed down just yet).

I was told that my mistake was a very serious offense, and that it would result in a job ban(and that I was lucky it wasn't a full ban).

My immediate response to this could be summed up as, "how unappealing and unfun."

There is such little room for error that one can not even make and fix their mistakes ICly without fear of a rather oppressive OOC staff getting involved with "serious punishment,"

Granted SS13's community is quite wild and such a stance is understandable, this seems quite ridiculous. I've invited friends to the server that has experienced severe punishments for minor, and even "pointless" action(such as one guy getting banned for end-game hostilities after the round had ended and admins delayed the server reboot).

I very much enjoy the idea of heavy RP SS13, and I used to run private servers of heavy RP SS13 myself. But to be job banned from two of the only jobs that interest me over a mistake during a station upgrade seems ridiculous. Especially when that mistake wasn't an intentional grief. I could much better understand if I was out to kill everyone on the station with atmospherics, but it was a small fuck up that would add to the RP of a bare-bones extended round anyways. A problem that could be remedied and turned into a plot line(or just solved with a crew transfer like every other round).

With that said, the RP-Nazi stance found here is rather off-putting, and I firmly believe the staff of the server should work on improving it. It's better to have those invested in the RP, rather than invested in the rules(and who focus on the preemptive enforcement of such rules).

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Thing is, it's atmos. If you were experimenting (or as you put it, make and fix IC mistakes) in medbay, science, even security, it would be excusable. But atmos is notorious for being a server killer when deliberately messed with. Sure, it was a mistake, but at worst, you could have crashed the server. At best, you would've made the station inhabitable in some, or all areas.

You can experiment with practically anything, but atmospherics is the one place where it's frowned upon. I believe you deserve an appeal for this, so you have my support. Just be careful next time when you work with pipes.

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Hey! I was the android HELIX (There was no AI at the time) for this round (as the round is currently still happening). I checked atmospherics myself and fixed the problem (which was quite an easy fix honestly, if annoying). While I support the job ban at the time, I also support your appeal, as I can see how and why you made the mistake. Overall the mistake wasn't that serious from what I could tell, and no toxins were leaked into distro (unless they were cleaned by an admin). The only annoyance was that it was sucking a shit ton of power from the net, and I had to compensate.

'Best of luck on your appeal! I fully support this. Next time, I recommending asking another atmospherics technician to assist and teach you. Some that come to mind are Oliver Stefan, Roy Wyatt, Aquila, Halligan, Leah Conally (This one is my character and would be happy to help) and DragonSnap.

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Perhaps it would be a positive addition if I explain exactly what happened, as you seem to have very negative view of the staff from the unfortunate circumstances that have taken place, and to be quite frank you're telling it from a "damn those horrid admins and moderators for doing their jobs" perspective and talking about all the 'bad' things that were said while entirely ignoring everything else in order to feed your own negative impressions.

So, to clarify.

You were asked whether or not you knew how atmospherics worked, and you replied that have a lot of experience with it. Had you told us you didn't know how it worked or were new, you would have been cut some more slack as it's only normal for players new to the game to struggle to understand their wrong doings. We do not ban people for things they simply don't understand, we aren't "anti new player"; however, you specifically stated that you knew what you were doing and therefore took punishments as required.

Yes, you ARE lucky to have not been permanently banned. Given your self declared experience with atmospherics the fact that you were pumping lethal gasses through the piping is a red alert for all staff that atmospheric grief is taking place. You have been given the benefit of the doubt, however, and I specifically suggested to you myself that if you were to appeal the jobban that could have been a permanent ban, it would likely be accepted.

In closing, I'd ask nothing more than for you to give the staff a little more credit than you may at this time. I understand being banned isn't fun, nor is receiving a black mark on your history for something you may or may not have intended to do. We can't just allow people to go around messing with atmospherics and getting away with it, however, as the potential for a single person to ruin entire rounds for everyone else whether they intend to or not simply isn't a risk we're capable of taking. I support this appeal, even as the one who applied the ban, and I hope this experience shows the severity of not keeping a close eye on one's work in atmospherics.

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I'm sorry if I come off as a player who is gun-ho "damn that admin dictatorship."

The things people I've seen banned or removed for petty reasons have been a bit irksome and may have rubbed off on my post.

I figured it might have been something common and thought it may have been a good idea to bring it to staff attention in an app that they would likely end up reading.

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Basically, as was pointed out by others, atmospherics is a rather dangerous tool, and as such, any tampering with it takes the staff's immediate notice. Since you claimed to be familiar with the system, we had little reason to suspect inexperience with the system. Understand that we do help people, but at that point, please ask. Or at least give us a warning that you may not fully be aware of what you're doing, and that we should be expecting something. It'll lower the amount of communication needed afterwards, and make the affair much simpler for all sides to square away.

Regardless, the ban has been lifted. Enjoy your game.

Locking and archiving.

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