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Hi, I am PY004

Just figured I would say hi to everyone and introduce myself a little bit.

Well, there's really nothing interesting about me. I guess the only thing of importance is that I am a SoundScopes worshipper and that I like cookies and corgis. That makes Baka really happy apparently.

That is all for now. I Hope you enjoyed reading my boring post.

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Hi Incognito Jesus,

I am usually nice. That's because I live in New York and I get to make fun of all the New Jersey people all the time. So my evilness is gone by the time I get onto the forums. Usually. That's clearly not the case here. :P Just Kidding! (for Scopes: I don't even want to go to Harvard!)

What about you? Are you nice?



Thanks. I will.


Hai Baka!

I not only get to type to you on Teamspeak, but now I get to type to you on the forums! :D

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Welcome. Stay.

Do not steal Baka.

Theft of the Baka is a capital crime and punishable by death.


Baka has just agreed to be stolen. Therefore, I have stolen Baka.

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