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[Denied] Miko's Sake Bottle.

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BYOND Key:Jakers457

Character name:Miko Du'Razhu

Item name:Miko's Sake Bottle.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Miko enjoys bringing his personal brews from his bar to work. The bottle would be one of his selections at Messa's Bounty. Though you may ask, why is he allowed to bring booze onto the station? With that I say, he has 'sponsors' in high places within NT, and advertisement of Messa's Bounty will benefit the share holders of NT.

Item function(s):It contains Sake. Probably the same amount of units as any other bottle I'd presume.

Item description:A stone bottle of Sake with a Blue Moon painted on it.

Item appearance:It'd be a traditional looking black Sake bottle with a Blue Moon on it.

Additional comments:

Though food and drink hasn't been done before as far as I know. I thought it'd be nice, sure you can make sake on station but I thought this would compliment Miko's passion as a provider of drinks.

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So wait, is this his personal drinking flask? (Not a flask, but you understand the effect).

Because I don't think NT would allow anyone to bring alcohol on station (nor should custom items have to be smuggled, generally). The only way I can see this is if your character is a bartender, and they'd keep the flask into the bar. (In which case we'd care less about the concept of the bottle being carried to work every day or not, that can be handweaved in as something else).

Edit: I don't know your character, but your OP seems to heavily imply he is a bartender. I've got no issue with a bartender character having a custom bottle of alcohol. That seems reasonable, no?

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