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Star Wars: Battlefront

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At some point people will have to understand that EA sells luxury goods, the things rich people brag about having or show off but don't actually have little value after being rarely used. A shame, really. But EA does not give a shit about what their customers want.

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This is one of two games I am immensely looking forward to at least trying, but unless it comes out for PS3 (I doubt it) It'll have to wait till I can get a better computer. HOPEFULLY by the end of the year depending on if I go into full time work or an apprenticeship.

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It's going to end up as a disappointment no matter what EA does, whether they decide to be good guys and keep true to the formula that made the first two great, or if they are money-grubbing assholes like usual and make you have to pay for DLC in order to use anything other than the shitty laser pistol sidearm. The nostalgia will only go so far in masking the fact that it'll be another Call of Duty/Battlefield title except with Star Wars attached to the name.

First person shooters in general are just cashing in on the Battlefield formula, so you just know even Battlefront is going to have unnecessary crap like ranks that affect equipment availability, and since it's EA, it's a given that there are going to be microtransactions involved.

At this point, the best I'd be hoping for is that all the characters do not end up as transgendered morbidly obese special snowflakes with dyed hair wearing wing-tipped glasses, and the only way to attack the other team is to hurt their feelings or crush them under the weight of your body mass as you roll around the battlefield like an organic boulder.

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They've already gone with the pre-order DLC and season pass shenanigans that everyone obviously loves. Not to mention platform exclusivity for a demo dubbed as a beta.

Also, I have a terrible feeling that if the Stormtroopers reach level twenty, they unlock a wookie bowcaster with a reflex sight.

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