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monkeysfist101's tajaran application.

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BYOND Key:monkeysfist

Character Names:Daniel Wahlberg, Hernando Saylor, Static

How long have you been playing on Aurora:7 months(?)

Species you are applying to play:Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Light Gray

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:Grugg was my first character for SS13. He's had almost a year of character development and has grown into my deepest character. Aside from that, Loow and Sierra kept pestering me to bring him over.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:Despite being born on Earth and being raised by a human family, Grugg is still treated as though he's an alien to human society. Because of this, he carries himself with a chip on his shoulder towards the rest of society. To get anywhere, he must fight tooth and nail.


Character Name:Gruggathan Grimes G'nugg

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Grugg was born on Earth in Sydney, Australia to a mercenary and a freighter captain. He and his twin sister, M'rasha G'nugg, grew up speaking exclusively English and knew very little about Adhomai and it's culture. With their parent's often away for extended periods of time on shipping runs, M'rasha and Grugg learned to become self sufficient. M'rasha took care of their parents' house and handled the weekly deposits from their parents while Grugg protected his family's apartment from lowlifes as best he could. It was a good life for some time. At the age of twelve, the twins were met by a NanoTrasen emissary and were informed that their parents' ship was ambushed and captured by an unknown force with all hands assumed lost, orphaning the duo.

Taken into a human foster family, Grugg and M'rasha tried to begin life anew. Unlike his sister, Grugg did not integrate well into a nuclear family where the parents were always home. Hiding money in secret, he would look up to the stars at night through the smog and light polution and dream of floating free in space. Working as a courier, Grugg scrapped together enough funds to buy a ticket off world. He lived as a vagrant aboard an old commerce station for several years doing odd jobs for the scum of society.

At the age of eighteen, Grugg reconnected with his sister and foster family. Both he and M'rasha were contacted by NanoTrasen as part of an outreach program to children of former employees. In exchange for a ten year contract aboard a space station of the recipient's choosing, NanoTrasen would pay for higher education. Both of the twins were accepted to North Point Orbital Military Academy.

He roomed with Chance Mendoza, where the two became fast friends and rushed the fraternity Kappa Delta Kappa together. Sharing the same birthday, the two's drunken antics involved attempting to convince other inebriated students that they were twins from a human-tajaran relationship. After an attempt at learning Siik'maas, Grugg gave up and instead took three years of German. Realizing that he could not major in shooting bad guys, Grugg picked a major out of a hat and spent the next four years of his life learning to be a botanist.

Shortly after graduating in 2452, he fulfilled his end of the contract and hired on with NanoTrasen as a security guard on board the NSS Exodus. The station was old and dingy, but still better than most of the choices. When it was announced that the Cyberiad was being constructed and would launch within six months, he hastily got a transfer to the shining star of NanoTrasen's fleet. The proudest day of his life was being on board when the Cyberiad commissioned.

Shortly after joining the Cyberiad, Grugg was caught in an explosion caused by a disgruntled employee. In the chaos, Grugg lost half of his left ear to a stray bullet fired from a fellow officer. The explosion left him with third degree burns and eventual skin-graft scarring on his right arm and the loss of his right hand. After stopping the bleeding and applying stimulants, Officer G'nugg returned to the brig and singlehandedly rescued a pair of officers who had become trapped. There was no reward, no ceremony, no medal, only a friendly arm punch from Mendoza.

To add insult to injury, Officer G'nugg was denied promotion to Head of Security due to his injuries. Disheartened, he immediately applied for transfer away from the Cyberiad. Once again letting fate choose his future, he drew a name out of a helmet and Placed his application to the NCS Aurora. Glad to see that his lifelong friend, Mendoza, was aboard, Grugg contented himself with knowing that maybe he can finally get some rest aboard this new station

What do you like about this character?Grugg is a fish out of water. Among humans, he's just another catbeast. Among his own kind, he is left out in culture and conversation.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?9.5/10

Notes:IC, Grugg can't understand Siik'maas. Is there a way to disable this?

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In all seriousness, Grugg is one of the most well maintained characters I have ever interacted with.

This application is largely based on the stories and development from Monkey's time on Paradise station. With several minor changes to this character's back story, I can see Grugg being accepted without a second thought.

I interacted with this character for a long time on that other server.

Monkey can RP this character very well.

This character will be a wonderful addition to our crew manifest. Grugg's story may be changed to fit in with this server's standards, but Grugg is going to be accepted at some point. Just wait and see.


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There we go. I've edited it with suggestions form various users to make it more Aurora-friendly. I've left in some parts that actually happened and are an integral part of G'nugg's personality. (such as losing the hand in an explosion and retrieving two wounded security officers)

EDIT 2: Changed accidental but hilarious in hindsight fact that Grugg and Chance joined the KKK in college.

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After the background changes, I'm very happy with this application and I support it. While it may need a few changes before the lore/admin teams are happy with it, I think it's definitely in good shape now. Best of luck, monkeyfist101, this has my +1. I hope to see you in-game.

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Wait... you've been playing this character...

And now you want to turn him into a Tajaran?



The character has always been Tajarran, he just wasnt able to play him on Aurora because of whitelists.

I'm liking this, although I may be biased because I've seen this character in action on other servers. It's definitely a more unique background for a Tajaran (I think it might be the only one that doesn't know its own culture/language, which will make for some very interesting roleplay between him and the other Tajara on station). I am a bit curious to know which Tajaran ethnicity he is - Hharar, Zhan-Khazaan, M'sai, Njarir-Akran?

This has my +1

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He's a Hharar.

Paradise station flavor text:

The outdated ID picture shows a young tajaran with light gray hair styled in an afro. He is grinning ear to ear and is striking a bicep flex pose. He has the coat of arms of a notable military academy tattooed on his left bicep. This picture, however is a stark contrast to the flesh and blood. Grugg appears to be missing a good portion of his left ear and has skin graft scars on his right arm. Small black pock marks reveal shrapnel scarring on his face. He has a standard issue NanoTrasen prosthetic right hand.

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