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Implement A Formal First Contact Protocol to SOP

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As mentioned in this last thread. (Thank you for Arrow to necroing it slightly with the dismissive motion of it not being a formal / actual request)

First contact protocol or FCP is something that used to be utilized more often in events such as Ling, Cult, events of canon and noncanon variety, etc. It was very commonly referred to as an additional directive that had some level of secret clearance similar to nuke disc, only known by command. Butter in the last thread fleshed out a more formal statement of this for the SOP which I will reiterate here for a formal addition request.


1. Avoid interference with new species until preliminary assessments have been made.

     a.) Assess the average intelligence level of the species

     b.) Assess the technological stage the species currently resides in

     c.) Assess the disposition of the species

     d.) Assess the resources available on their homeworld


2. Contact (NBT NTCC Odin Equivalent) and inform them of the discovery, along with preliminary data.


3a. If contact is disallowed, record the system’s galactic coordinates so a different party can arrive and set up observation operations.


3b. If contact is allowed, collect data on the species language and send their leaders a message informing them of Alien presence, alongside peaceful intentions.

     a.) If reception is positive, prepare an away party of only the most collected and intelligent individuals, as they will not only represent their own species, but the greater Spur as a whole.

     b.) Provide species with information on the Spur at large, and inform them of (NBT Ship’s Mission)

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I'm mixed on this. I like the idea of having an official code of how to conduct a "first contact" event or situation, but I'm also unsure of whether or not the SCC would be outlining this for anyone on the vessel, and if the SCC does outline it for certain members, there's always reasons as to why that would be too much. For example, it being known only to command would make sense in the context of the Horizon being a vessel looking only for phoron, and thus first contact would be relegated to command given how deep and serious of a situation that would be. Then again, it wouldn't make sense for everyone in command to know how to make first contact and, say, have all of RnD and security completely unaware of how to formally make contact with a non-standard lifeform.

Unlike expeditionary vessels specifically designed to seek out sapient life (see: Baystation) the Horizon has no obligation to carry out a formal "hey, what's up, random organism?" and wouldn't be punished for gunning down a random creature if it was actively tearing the ship apart, let alone have a whole codified procedure on it. If this was implemented, I think it should be implemented ICly following discovery of, say, a new simplemob in an admin event, or something. Have it be that the SCC realized that being an expeditionary vessel in search of phoron is probably going to have other consequences. If nothing else, it would make science slightly more worth playing.

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I do not wish to constrict command staff in this way with a formal protocol. Command should approach it carefully and with tact. Beyond that, the creativity is best left to the round and the unique situation the antag crafts vs having to ic rules lawyer the best direction. 


Voting for dismissal.

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