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Lori Alvarez's Pink Screwdriver Margrite

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BYOND Key: NebulaFlare

Character name:Lori Alvarez

Item name: Margrite

Why is your character carrying said item to work? If anyone can remember, way way waaaaay back, Lori would always grab a pink screwdriver and call it Margrite. It added a touch of classy lady quality in a rugged, rough-and-tumble department of engineering. Once, she even stayed behind on shift to look for Margrite because she couldn't find it. I just RPed that she keeps misplacing it.



Item function(s):It functions exactly like a screwdriver.

Item description:This is a pink screwdriver. Etched into the handle is the word 'Margrite'

Item appearance: It's a pink screwdriver.

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You have screwdrivers easily accessible to you.

Yes. The point of custom items isn't to provide usable equipment, but unique items that can flesh out a character and help their roleplay.

The one valid concern I could see you raising is "she could just take any other screwdriver", to which I'd say that a lot of other custom items (clothes, toys, and variants of existing items) could be denied under that rationale.

The screwdriver seems different enough to me. It's a specific, unusual color, has an engraved name (an engineer carrying around an engraved screwdriver seems like a pretty legit request), and if you want to push the app even further, you could have the flavor text say that it's got little stickers of flowers or something.

There is a vast difference between having to pick something from the station and pretending it's yours as opposed to having an actual, labeled item, that no one can copy, and that people will actually be able to identify.

((Before somebody brings it up here, smart and observant people might notice that I was actually against another of Nebula's apps for a similar engraved piece of engineering equipment, some time ago (goggles). After hearing what she had to say, I quite honestly changed my mind about that. Plus I do believe this screwdriver is a bit more unique than the regular kind.)

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I'm gonna bump this. Semi-back-ish-not-really-from my haitus.

To answer a few points, yes, screwdrivers and hand labelers are easily accessible to a Chief Engineer (or whenever I play cross jobs with Lori, like plasma researcher) But it's a nuisance to go digging around for that specific pink screwdriver. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find it in your toolbelt, other times you gotta pull out every single screwdriver out of a vending machine to get the pink one. And that is kinda 1) irresponsible for a head, 2) breaks RP a little. My old excuse of constantly losing it every shift worked fine when she was just Engie - always busy, it gets misplaced. But I would assume it's a bit concerning if a CE is constantly losing stuff every single shift.

Also, usually right off the start of the round I need to prep up the engine, order stuff at cargo, check the messages at the bridge, etc. etc. etc. By the time I would be able to go look for a pink screwdriver and hand labeler, someone would have blown a hole in the station and that is way more important to take care of. What I am requesting for is a method of convenience.

The pink screwdriver is a Lori quality I've carried all the way back from Apollo Station. It's something that is very....Lori. It's as important to her existence as her bionic arm and purple hair, and screaming death-threats over radio she'll never carry out.

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