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Player Weight and Strenght

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I propose that we add a system of strength and weight to our characters. In short, the stronger they are, the faster they can drag large objects (such as people) at the trade off that they hunger faster and weigh more. As weight goes, the heavier one is, the harder they are to drag and pull, for better or for worse.


1. Fats McBaldo beats Pun Pun to death with as bar stool before throwing its lifeless body at Pourus Booze.

2. Biggus Secus has an easier time dragging Fats McBaldo to the prison wing.

3. Biggus Secus gets a hatchet lodged in his chest from Planter O'Dank.

4. Doc Smalls will have a hard time dragging Biggus to medbay without a stretcher.

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Personally, I think build and weight is a thing that you can do quite easily in your flavour text, and that adding actual mechanics into the game would just create an avenue for people to abuse and grief with.

Fats McBaldo would choose a fat build and beat people up who, mechanically, wouldn't be able to do much back. Besides, pulling someone isn't really that much of an issue anyway, when you can just stick a stretcher under them.

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I've been thinking about something like this for a very long time - how it's silly that Dr. Whimpyboots can disarm a shotgun from (and push over) a highly trained secret Syndicate agent with years of combat expertise. Ultimately, however, I really don't think there is a good way to introduce a system that has balances - what's the penalty for being large and strong? There are fast and strong people out there, why do we have to choose? Don't get me wrong, it's a worthwhile discussion to have, but the answer isn't as cut-and-dried as we think.

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Those that are quick and strong are generally more lean. Which is what I imagine operators are. People like Doomberg who do nothing but get their swell on at the gym are noticeably slower.

Lean people generally have more muscular and cardiovascular endurance. While Doomberg can lift like a trillion pounds. Of course there are also states of fitness in between.

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