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Nerf or Revamp Lottery Tickets

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Been seeing it a lot recently where characters will empty their bank accounts and buy out every lottery ticket in the cigarette vending machines, sit somewhere, and then scratch them all off until their account is at like 5,000–10,000 credits because it's THAT easy to make money back with them. I never really had a problem with it until it became increasingly common for characters to incorporate their new unrealistic amount of winnings canonically into their characters and then spend it lavishly mechanically at the operations console, or hold onto it and then RP out buying implied expensive items off the ship. I think that the tickets should either be reworked to be a little more realistic (we're meant to be in a corporate hellscape!) or maybe even be replaced by something else entirely like a claw machine or gacha-like IC system. Wondering what others opinions are on it and what we should do, or not do.

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I'm normally not a fan of "This is supposed to be a dark setting!" as an argument, but I'm in agreement with this one. If anything it makes more sense for the machines to only ever allow a 'win' of just enough to keep playing, and to even be a vector for predatory Idris loans in some form. 

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