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  1. It would be different if it was extended, but this is an antag round. You have to expect to be forced into RP with an antag, on an antag round. That's just the way it is. Would I be against adding a "host" preference in the antag options? Probably not. But it isn't as game breaking or immersion breaking as it's being made out to be.
  2. goolie

    Absolute State

    Completely understandable, I do hope everything sorts itself out. I wasn't trying to give you unsolicited advice, I was trying to explain why people are concerned for you on the server.
  3. goolie

    Absolute State

    Hi that was me, (if you ARE talking about the similar topic we brought up) and the only reason as to why individuals are messaging you with concern is because you've mentioned before that your mental health is being affected by the threads @Lmwevil mentioned. I don't want to insert myself into your situation but if I was being negatively effected by all the threads that I created, I would probably lay off of it but, instead you're creating so many of these threads no wonder it is causing you stress. If you didn't want people to worry so much about you, you shouldn't bring personal problems up and relate them to issues on Aurora. Like the other guy, I'm not attacking you nor am I trying to upset you. There's just quite a few people that are now worried that you MAY be too invested into the server, and could probably do with stepping away. (Everyone needs to take a break!)
  4. goolie

    2nd Bartender Slot

    there's two states to the bar. massively over-packed or completely empty and you either get overwhelmed from all the people asking for fancy drinks or you get left there standing in the middle of the bar doing shit all. i think if you added another slot, just like how the chefs have two slots, it fixes a lot of the issues that arise when you're trying to rp as a bartender. it relieves some of the work when the drunkards come and invade the bar and it gives you someone to chat to on those rounds with nobody in it. i'm definitely for the idea!!!!! +1
  5. +rep from me!!! i've played with Kalna on station and it was a joy to say the least!! i have no doubt that you could pull off an amazing IPC character if given the chance! ❤️
  6. get some ghost roles for the expedition to the away missions and shit! that'd be a whole bunch of fun.
  7. A darker colour is so much easier on the eyes! I'd vote for this one if it didn't have a white background for sure. Try messing with the colour palette? @UnknownMurder
  8. I've always wanted to know who the player of Kaiser is! When we met a few days ago OOC it was super fun to talk about all the different situations we all got in. You were super nice to me in the game as Kaiser and in the Discord when I asked you for help after I deleted my application! I know that if you get accepted you'd make a great addition to the IPC gang since you RP so bloody well as Kaiser. (PLUS THE CHARACTER YOU'VE MADE SOUNDS AWESOME!!!) Big +1!
  9. BYOND Key: Mama Farthole Character Names: Ada Bishop, Ryan Barrett, Rudavina Rosina Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup! Why do you wish to play this specific race: Mostly? It's been the conversations I've had with members of the community about the lore, and the different situations IPCs could get into. I've been really interested in the hard-wiring of an IPC compared to a Human. Where a Human could do what they please in a sense, an IPC has a set of coded, opaque morals that they have to follow religiously. Even with these coded commands that IPCs are normally equipped with they strive to fit in with the crew even though this could be entirely their programming telling them to do this. I think that's whats so appealing about the IPCs. At the end of the day, any action that you perform as one, is driven by code. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: If you've seen my character Ryan you probably either love him or hate him. He's a chavvy, obnoxious bastard that goes around annoying people and getting shouted at by Security. An IPC character would be massively different in perspective to Ryan. Where Ryan the Human has his own wants and desires, (which an IPC could have too) an IPC is basically forced into carrying out their actions in a more limited, lawful way. They have this "invisible barrier" thats built into them by their creators which stops them from doing anything morally dubious. When you play an IPC even though it's your character and their backstory is yours, it feels as if you're being forced into another playstyle which isn't that of your own. Character Name: Bling-35 (Could always change it!) Backstory: Bling was a privately manufactured, privately bought service bot that spent it's time looking after it's elderly owner. Right away Bling was tasked with learning the etiquette of a "proper man" as well as mimicking the several accents it heard from the owner and the people who visited. Posh. Well spoken. Mature. Bling was bathed in classy ritz-like behavior which was the only thing it knew. It grew elegant, high-class (of course this was all mimicry. How could an IPC even begin to understand the fine dining and activities of a gentleman?) and desired only to serve the pompous collective that mingled with it's owner. Even though Bling was taught in classiness, this didn't stop it's owner from ordering it to perform menial tasks such as cleaning, decorating, socializing and of course Bling's favorite order, making "fancy" cocktails for it's owner when their friends visited. It was a simple subservient life that went on without any hitches. Year after year Bling would blindly and loyally follow it's owner, fulfilling any whim that the old man wished into being. It was apparent however that as the years did go on the health of its owner deteriorated more and more and less time was spent keeping the sizable house clean or inviting over the owners friends for their little parties that Bling grew to enjoy. It became more unpleasant. Real. Most of Blings time was taken up helping it's owner to the toilet, ensuring that his pills were taken at the correct time and cleaning the blood that splattered the bedspread on one of it's owners "bad nights." The inevitable happened shortly after and Bling was left with no one to command it. A pointless life. All this money. A house, quiet and empty. Bling waited. Waited for someone to order a mojito, or ask for some sort of cocktail. It was only till it decided, whether it be the programming or just by chance to venture outside of the house that it was met with thousands, of different people to talk to. But they didn't have that same "pizzazz" it's owner did. Some of them were dirty, outspoken and to it's surprise didn't even say please or thank you! Disgusted with the manners of the general public, Bling inquired around. Where could it find similar people to serve? Fashionable people. Swanky people! Soon after it discovered The Golden Deep collective of IPCs, becoming one with them quickly. With the Golden Deeps approval and agreement that people needed to understand the importance of well-spoken manners and the pursuit of currency, Bling was able to get hired by Nanotrasen as a Bartender. What better place to work? So many upstanding people! What do you like about this character?: Oh gosh. I've spoken so much about this whitelist and the character that I've been wanting to make. I'm really excited to play an IPC that has a little flair to it. This being the poshness and snootiness that's been driven into them since their creation. I think it'll be a lot of fun to play as, as well as to interact with! (Hopefully!) How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I think I'm good at RPing in general. If I had to put a rating on it though? I think it differs from character to character. This would be my first IPC RP on Aurora, (duh!) So it might not be as good as my Human RP but I've played IPC on other servers before so I don't think there's too much cause for an alarm. If I do get accepted and you ever see me in game, and think I'm doing something wrong just tell me! Notes: Thanks to everyone in the Discord that helped me after I ended up deleting my first draft by literally pressing CTRL + Z. Your advice and support was really appreciated! Wanted to add quickly that the backstory isn't set in stone. It's just the kind of the gist of what I've been wanting to go with.
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