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The Crimson Crow Cometh


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Character name:

Jason Sanders

Item name:

Crimson Crow Mask, Crimson Crow Jumpsuit

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

To wear and do vigilante things with. Honestly he uses the vigilante persona as a sort of shield from all the dramas and such. And seeing as how he's been doing this for a while, I feel like he should get a real costume.

Item function(s):

Wearing? The mask should conceal the wearer's identity, but beyond that, there's not much else needed.

Item description:

Mask: A bird like mask that conceals the identity of the wearer and suddenly makes you want justice.

Jumpsuit: A red jumpsuit with a black crow on the chest and black wings on it's back.

Item appearance: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9shs0mu41pumkh9,07rvy28nw063sjr/shared

Additional comments: So, I know that most likely, NanoTrasen wouldn't let him bring this stuff to work. So, instead, I propose that it is made craftable with a red jumpsuit and cardboard to make the jumpsuit, and a gasmask and cardboard to make the mask.


Story thingy

David knew it was wrong. Of course he did. Everyone knew it was illegal, and bad. But he couldn't help himself. Could it really be that bad if it felt so good? They were cats, but they were all so beautiful at the same time. The way they purred. The way they screamed. It was wonderful. Of course, it never lasted long. Eventually he'd have to kill them, but that only meant he got to find new cats to play with. His wife didn't know. His children didn't know. It was his own little secret. They wondered what was in the basement, sure. But they trusted David. Why wouldn't they? He was an upstanding member of the community. Everyone loved him. Except the cats, of course. But he loved them.

He needed to find a new cat, and luckily enough for him, he'd found one. She was gorgeous. Perhaps more so than any of his other cats. He couldn't help but smile to himself as he followed her. He'd gotten good at the following part. He needed to stay far enough back that she didn't notice. Eventually most of these cats would go someplace isolated enough that he could get them. Or at least drag them into somewhere more isolated. Surely enough, the cat turned into a dark alley. Wonderful.

He approached and pulled out his knife. He knew that he had to be careful with the cats until he got the chance to cut off their hands. Their claws hurt a lot, he'd learned that the hard way. The cat, sensing she was being followed turned to him. Darn. It would've been easier if she hadn't noticed him. Oh well. He could still do it anyway. She said something. He didn't care about the words, he just liked the sound of her voice. Her purring. Yes, she was perfect.

"Shush, Kitty-kitty. It'll all be over soon," he said quietly, approaching carefully. She began to back away. He hoped she didn't run. That would just make it more difficult. Of course, he knew he could catch her. He had long legs, and he'd been on track. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a voice from behind him.

"Ooh, lucky me. I was worried I wasn't gonna find a scumbag t'beat th'shit outta. Thanks f'r helpin' me, pal." The voice was cruel. Mocking. David turned around, prepared to hurt whoever ruined his private time with his Kitty. The voice was attached to a tall man, a black cape wrapped around him. He was wearing a red jumpsuit with some kind of bird on the front, and a mask half covering his face. David was so amused by this, he almost didn't notice the crowbar clutched in this stranger's hand. "Who are you?" David asked, he heard the kitty escaping. That annoyed him, but he could always find more. He'd just take his anger out on the stranger.

"Well, I'm th'Crimson Crow. Y'can just call me 'the guy who made m'eat through a straw f'r th'rest o'my life'." The mocking voice only made him angrier. He didn't want the stranger to talk anymore. He lunged at him, swinging his knife. The stranger jumped out of the way and continued, "Y'know, th'funny thing 'bout knife fightin', is y'gotta get close t'stab somebody. But with my handy dandy crowbar, I can hit you from farther away." David stopped listening. The stranger was just going to keep mocking him. He didn't want to hear it. He'd just kill him, and then he'd go and find a kitty to play with.

He lunged forward again, aiming for the stranger's throat, only to suddenly stop. The Crimson Crow had grabbed his wrist, stopping him from stabbing him. David tried to pull away, but the Crow had a surprisingly strong grip. He swung his crowbar at David, and it collided with his jaw. It hurt. A lot. He heard a crunch, and he felt a few of his teeth get knocked out. He dropped the knife, "Owh God, I'm shoorry!" The Crow threw him onto the ground, and David curled up into a ball. It hurt. He missed his kitties. He felt the crowbar hit him a few more times, breaking more bones. He begged for mercy, but the stranger acted like he didn't hear. Soon enough, he fell into unconsciousness, dreaming about his kittens.



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I'm siding on no. And here's why.

Vigilante characters are not something, or anything, that I wish to encourage. You can have them, but I would rather not provide "official" support for them, or anything they deal in. And here's why: near all of them are relatively annoying for good security and good command staff. The position is already stressing, and having someone in red spandex running around is something I'd rather not have wear down on the decent players.

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NT would not let you wear this to your job...maybe you could bring it in your bag but still I think there'd reasonably be IC consequences for wearing it.


Additional comments: So, I know that most likely, NanoTrasen wouldn't let him bring this stuff to work. So, instead, I propose that it is made craftable with a red jumpsuit and cardboard to make the jumpsuit, and a gasmask and cardboard to make the mask.
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