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I LOVE THE [Zandiziite Games]. I LOVE [Zandiziite Games]. I LO- I LOVE THE [Zandiziite Games].

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Lore Impact (Small/Medium/Large): Small

Species: Unathi foundation, but general themes owed to the nature of the submission.

Short Description: Rewrites and expands upon the now-deprecated "Xeno-Zandiziites" section that was removed with my first Zandi LCA. Also technically redoes the notable figures I submitted there; I'm not sure if the lore team intentionally left them out or just forgot about it, but I'm going with a slightly less liberal approach.

How will this be reflected on-station?: More material to work with ICly in terms of Zandiziite stuff, and everything I said then still applies (more material for passengers, potential loadout items, etc.)

Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists?: We had a section on this and now we don't, but we will if this gets accepted. Pretty much reinforces the whole "non-Unathi can be Zandis" thing we had going without leaving people looking in the "view history" abyss for previous versions of pages.

Do you understand that the project may change over time in ways you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team? 
You guys gotta start paying me. (yes lmao)

Long Description:


Xeno-Zandiziites; Notable Contenders

While there is an overwhelmingly large number of Sinta in the Games, the masks are what make the fighters, not necessarily the individuals behind them, and any race or species can compete in the Games if they are chosen to represent a given region or territory, with the exception of Dionaea and synthetics. The first recorded xeno contestant was a human competitor hailing from Um'a'yid, a native Ouerean man of at first lanky, then hulking build known for having dropped the jaws of the native Moghes population when he threw a contestant onto their back within the first thirty seconds of the match starting, even going so far as to make it to the top ten before being defeated in the underwater competitions of Skalamar.

Xeno-Zandiziites can hypothetically come from any part of the Spur, though whether or not the Hegemon or the rest of Moghes will recognize it is a different story. Zandiziite Sol, or more correctly Zandiziite Terra/Earth was anticipated prior to the Contact War, but was very quickly shot down during and following it due to the questionable relationship the Izweski nation held with Sol during and after the conflict. Similarly, the first Skrellian competitor was only recently announced to have passed the pre-trials, and Zandiziite Qerrbalak is set to premier in mid 2466, leaving long-time Zandi fans and competitors alike scratching their heads at what that year's narrative will be, and how the use of psionics will affect the Zandiziite Games.

The Empire of Dominia was an unlikely participant in the games, and nowadays makes a return every other year with Kazhkz competitors (jokingly) proclaiming themselves as the "force that shalt strike the Hegemon's hope down once and for all," gene-boosted or gene-modded and steroid-enhanced individuals (humans and Unathi alike) reaching new heights (literally and figuratively) and always creating a narrative of evil and fascism, ironically enough. Every instance where they have been major participants within the greater Games, they are framed as "the bad guys" or an opposing force of some kind, their entrances to matches and sometimes the final bout being accompanied by beautiful, minor-key choir notes and orchestral hits. The Empire was the catalyst for the current ruling on steroids and genetic modifications, the many writers for the Games deciding there would be far better results if they were left as-is, making it all the more prevalent and stunning when a Zandi manages to beat them regardless of their mutations and substances.

The K'lax Vaurca hive, recently subjects of the Hegemon, have also sent representatives. Most recently, Za'Akaix'Hoiy K'lax, of Vedhra's brood, is a seven-foot-tall Warrior with metal antennae and large amounts of prostheses, though its head remains entirely natural (save for its antennae of course). Zandiziite "Chiton-Carve" of Tret trains tirelessly on and off of Moghes, whilst pursuing work elsewhere or during its off time. Vaurcesian members of the Games are portrayed as strange, unorthodox, utterly alien, but ultimately endearing and worthy of praise, and have done great things for relations between Unathi and Vaurca.

A single Tajaran contestant has represented Adhomai since 2459. Almost every diehard fan of the Games criticized this player, an m'sai, and joked about his entrance every which way, ranging from simple mocking to even harassment—though once again the people were proven wrong, surprised when the m'sai leapt over barricades and obstacles in a match of laser tag at breakneck speed, securing several key wins as the holographic fire raged below. Zandiziite Adhomai has become a fan favorite, with the extra publicity and popularity exposing many traditional Sinta to the Tajara long before they would ever set foot in Biesel. Zandiziite Adhomai has gone on record to state, "It is an honor to participate in this lovely community of fighters so far from his home," and, "Please stop sending him fan mail, he does not have the space for it!"

Zandiziite Qerrbalak, the first Skrellian competitor chosen to represent the planet of Qerrbalak and by extent the Nralakk Federation, has only been confirmed via writing and very little is known about them. It is speculated they are a high-level psionic of great social standing and Xiiori ancestry.

By far the most infamous competitor was a female whose name has been drowned out since shortly after the ban in 1235, rumored to have been a Sahl green-colored Sinta of above-average height and crocodilian complexion. It is said that after she won the games, yet outcast by the Kres'ha'nor, she spent the rest of her days in solitude, working, training, exercising even in death. While she is rarely ever talked about, and even more rarely idolized, it is said she will be reborn and participate once again, and prove to not only the Kres'ha'nor, but the Izweski that women are worthy enough to compete. The Overlord of Skalamar, Trikzara Sirax, has only once acknowledged this on behalf of the Izweski, vehemently denying and offering doubt to the legend, instead arguing that whoever this female was, she is a healer for the Games' contestants at best and nothing more.


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I love the Zandiziite lore as it is, but the wiki didn't really have any determinable info about how non-unathi actually compete or what happens when they do. I don't see why this wouldn't be an awesome addition, so I'd definitely love to see this up there. g.gif.e9c792ad1eeacb92940e3bb3d92fbccb.gif

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Hey, sorry about the delay on this!

We've decided to accept this app mostly as-is. It's going to be tweaked slightly to fit in with the new gender lore, but you should see it added soon!

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