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So I've decided that I'm not only bored of SS13 but I don't have time for it.

Over the past month(s) the server has become quite toxic to be honest. It's like high school with a bunch of blonde gossiping teenagers. I've decided to just bail, I don't know if I'm coming back but yeah I'm leaving.

I don't mean to bash the server in any way, I had a lot of fun here. But it seems now if you do one thing wrong you have a bunch of players up your ass. It seems like every where someone turns, someone is out to get them. There's been threads that point out valid facts that still no one decides to listen to, which annoys me greatly. It's almost as if when you are known by a majority of the player base a target magically appears on your forehead. It's really irritating, that if I do this I get someone bitching at me because they didn't like it or they are just bored to all shit and want to ruin someone's day for their own enjoyment. I know I'm getting out of line, but you know who you are and please I'm asking you kindly to cut the bullshit, you aren't cool nor do you earn any points except the fact that you make yourself look like a complete idiot when you do so. It's a game, if you really want this much drama maybe you should invest your time in taking after school classes in the drama classes.

If you get someone mad, welp bud you're getting a big pile of shit on your head. Aurora had it's moments, but the toxic players that just weren't taken care of was getting ridiculous and led the motivation to just bailing.

I'll let things clear up before I touch the server again.

Though there were some pretty awesome people that I'll miss here.

Yeah, goodbye.

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