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I've thought about colonization of Venus, but with cloud colonies there just wouldn't realistically be enough actual living space to allow a significant portion of the human population to live there. Granted, this is a universe where humanity has FTL travel and the ability to manipulate gravitrons, but the point about living space still stands since you're going to need most of the space on the platforms just for the equipment just to keep a cloud city afloat.

Since it's a universe with gravitron manipulation, then the issue of low gravity on Mars is effectively solved. So is the issue of transportation over interplanetary distances.

I'm not shitting on the idea of Venus colonies. I think those are a cool addition to the lore. But I just don't think they'll be that big or important in the grand scheme of things.

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Oh. Because it'd be practically impossible to colonize Luna despite its proximity.

Whatwith constant meteor bombardment, a complete and total lack of an atmosphere, soil that's basically ground up glass, and massive amounts of cosmic radiation.

Honestly, it'd be more realistic to colonize a planet like Mars than Luna. And probably more useful in the long run, too.

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Mars is ehh. IRL there isn't a way to solve the gravity issue. Sure you can improve its atmosphere and so forth but you cant help it's mass to provide the gravity needed. Mars is pretty much an awful place to go in real life and in most science fiction.

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