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Laputa City - Venus (WIP, discussion)

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):City/colony

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):To be discussed

Region of Space: Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance.

Other Snapshot information:

- Constructed fifty kilometers from the planets surface. Humanity has found a hospitable area almost akin to the Earth's atmosphere and gravity.

Long Description:

(Will be worked upon once I have time, but I thought I'd throw the concept out there for people chat about.)

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If this is made, it would have to have a rather low population, or be spread out amongst multiple platforms. It actually might be less populated than Luna, methinks, because the lack of the ability to land on the surface poses a massive obstacle to population growth.

Also, Laputa was named because it meant "The Bitch." Swift was a satirist, after all.

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(Just posted something almost the same as this, whoops)

Another thing worth saying is that by international agreement literally everything on Venus has been named after Female deities, or just feminine names in general. Not sure if this's gonna stick with our lore but I felt it worth mentioning.

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Locking and archiving, WIP applications are no longer permitted and should be placed in either the 'Off-Topic Discussion' or 'Lore Questions' boards.

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