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Arianrhod City - Venus

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): City

Founding/Settlement Date: July 15th, 2103

Region of Space: Venus, Sol System

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance

Population:: 300,000 at last census

Other Snapshot information: Arianrhod city is a conglomeration of structures several kilometers long located 50km up in a significantly more habitable section of the Venusian atmosphere, where temperatures are only 70c and pressure is roughly 1 Earth atmosphere. The structures are held up by thousands of 'balloons' of hydrogen (Which can be mined locally from the surrounding air) of various size spread across the structures of the city.

Long Description: Created initially by a conglomeration of corporate interests led by Adlersfl├╝gel-Jelen GmbH during the colonial boom of the early 2100's, Arianrhod city had its humble beginnings as a industrial complex designed for atmospheric mining, and the production of a number of products from exotic Nitrogen-based ceramics to agricultural products. As workers, their families, support and management staff and a handful of contract-personnel moved into the complex it expanded exponentially, and when Adlersfl├╝gel-Jelen fell apart Arianrhod-Industrial complex merged with nearby platforms into the modern-day Arianrhod city complex, which has since multiplied in size and population more than ten-fold.

Arianrhod city today is controlled by the Sol Alliance and ruled through-proxy by the Arianrhod Governing council. The council is elected democratically, though the candidates capable of running are selected by both the Sol Alliance Governor-General and local corporate interests, ensuring that the elected council is almost always remarkably pro-business. Though the population has rarely made objections, due to the universal healthcare, generous pension and other unexpectedly generous benefits offered by the governing council and companies on the city.

In Sol Alliance politics, Arianrhod has consistently been loyalists to Earth and the central government through both thick and thin. Though through its rather unimportant position and insignificant population has managed to avoid direct involvement in either civil war.

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