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Change cuffs to make them a little more bearable.

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Okay so, why am I making this thread?

I've noticed as a security player, some players have a nasty habit of two things. One, constant cuff breaking. Two, security guards tugging people along to break their cuff slipping. So, I have some suggestions.

1. Double or Triple the time to slip handcuffs. Keep zipties and cable ties the same.

2. Make breaking cuffs uninterruptible, and require a yes/no prompt to finish and break cuffs.

For the first one, I think if we make it so it takes longer to slip regular handcuffs, it'll reduce people's willingness to just constantly slip them and be annoying about it. I think this is a net benefit, and may make players think about how they can be more strategic with their slips.

For the second, its in two parts. One, I've noticed a long standing habit of people tugging arrested people along to interrupt their handcuff slip. While I feel like its partially justified, a lot of the time its someone just constantly slipping cuffs. I also see it used a lot to just force an antag into staying detained. Even when they're not slip spamming.

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Cuffs kinda need to be decent to make the freedom implant worth taking. If it can’t be interrupted, why wouldn’t you just queue a break and sit on the prompt to finish every time?

Maybe I’d be more supportive if the things were more reliable to begin with, like removing cuff breaking from crew races (because the SCC would just be buying cuffs that can’t be broken by Unathi, lol. The break is a novelty that only makes sense for extraordinary creatures like raging vampires and changelings) but as it were I already can’t depend on cuffs without some babysitting. People will just sit right there and be even harsher toward prisoners.

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Antags have demonstrated over and over again that the vast majority of them will just mindlessly mash the "remove security's attempts to contain me" button as soon as humanly possible no matter how ill-advised it may be. See: lings repeatedly reviving themselves in main hallways while being carried in a bodybag only to get immediately domed and justifying harsher treatment because that guy was just medically dead and now he isn't. This suggestion will not lead to antags being strategic. It will just lead to security players keeping a mental timer and pulling out a baton at the 3 minute mark or whatever to instantly stun the person once they finish slipping their cuffs because they know it's coming, and humoring the lowest common denominator of antag play by giving them a free escape for performing the bare minimum of effort with no forethought, roleplay, or even TC cost only appeals to security players that just want to make spaceman horizontal and brag about how they beat up John Hub, Antag Main in #general-chat.

12 hours ago, Carver said:

Cuffs kinda need to be decent to make the freedom implant worth taking.

This is another concern. Freedom Implants should feel good for the antag to use at just the right time, but not unfair to security if it's just spammed blindly. This kind of change would just devalue that.

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This is something I absolutely disagree with. Cuffs are fine, and if someone is trying to slip out of cuffs, and we notice it. How do we stop them? Just baton them into pain crit? Though totally up for increasing the time. But if I have to beat someone each time into pain crit to stop them from breaking their cuffs, I'm going to also ask for stun baton battery increase.

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