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Player Complaint - Muko Suand

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BYOND Key: 50_N00b
Game ID: several, I don't have them, dates below
Player Byond Key/Character name:  Muko Suand
Reason for complaint: 
It's been brought to my attention that Muko Suand has been actively shit talking me in deadchat. I'll be clear; I play an extremely abrasive character. I wholly expect some amount of backlash because of that, but at the end of the day it seems to be fine for people actually involved. This, however, leeches into the realm of extremely petty winging for the sake of trying to put me (and as I've come to realize, others) down. I feel like this started after he bothered me a few times in LOOC about doing xenobotany as RD.1 It's not a stance I really understand, if he wants to play a role he can join in and I'll hand the lab off, I'm not hogging the lab in an attempt to prevent people from playing the role. Since the LOOC thing, I muted ghosts and ignored him. (for clarity, I don't think this interaction is problematic, I just don't like to use LOOC for this kind of banter personally, hence muted)

Afterwards, some days later, I was informed about the deadchat stuff. It immediately bothered me on the basis that it was clear he wasn't complaining about the character in a real sense, Sasha is a cunt! That's the point. If you wanna complain about that go for it, but then we get into "a bit weird that he's 50" and "he's zavod" as if either thing matters. I was also told he does this to other characters3

Then, today, he just seems to be at it again. I concede this is far more minor, simply saying "RD shouldn't do xenobot,"4 but it's just getting on my nerves and frankly he's just being a dick at this point. I don't really know if any of this is serious enough to warrant a complaint, but I feel like that kind of pessimism is horrendous and if he's hounding other people for just existing as well, I don't think that's great for the community. 

1; (03/15/24 ~11:00PM MST)




2; (03/23/24 ~1:00AM MST)



3; (03/23/24)



4; (03/30/24 ~11:00PM MST) 



TLDR;  As minor is it may be, I feel like Muko Suand is breaking rule one; don't be a dick.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? 
I tried to ahelp it during the round cs1-aVIV, however it was getting late and after waiting 20-30 minutes I logged off without a reply. Mel DMd me after and said to make a player complaint.
Approximate Date/Time: as this spans multiple days, all dates and times are attached to the screenshots

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Alright well with that in mind a warning was issued due to the behaviour listed above and the matter will be considered closed if no one else has anything to say in 24 hours.

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