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  1. I hate to peanut gallery here, but I guess I'm involved anyways. I did not refuse to let Rooster use the sprites out of the blue, I had said it was important to me that there was a level of consistency with the uniforms, and had suggested that mine be used as the rolled down version for the jumpsuits as there was some contention on what kind of style you guys wanted out of it. It seemed like Rooster agreed, and very shortly after I had finished all of the uniforms - and made note of it in the chat, multiple times. Rooster may have noticed this if he was reading the messages instead of neglecting his own project to play foxhole; which, frankly, is almost laughably amusing given the argument he is making against Ryver. Regardless, seeing as Rooster was blatantly ignoring the progress I had given him, and I felt my voice wasn't being heard (fair, given it is his project to do with as he wishes), I withdrew. Yes - I took the sprites with me, as once again it was important to me that there was a level of consistency, and I didn't want them used in a way I didn't agree with, but I don't think any of this is "out of the blue." Evidence: This is just one piece of the puzzle, showing how disorganized the project was as a whole - leading to the loss of Ryver from the project, treat your volunteers badly and you can't expect them to stick around. As far as I am aware, Ryver was getting fed up with the disorganization for the same reasons I was, beyond even needing to focus on skrell work, but I'll try not to speak too much for him here. I don't think its right that Rooster feels entitled to Ryvers work, and seeing Rooster throw him under the bus for what amounts to "you didn't give me free sprites" isn't a good look. I wasn't aware there was this much bad blood, given the fact we were both cordial during the whole process, even with the organizational issues. NOW, with all that out of the way; what about the app? Ryver is a good spriter, and when he's passionate about a project he's really good at hammering it out, that said I'm not sure if its a great idea to juggle so many responsibilities - and the posts above may or may no speak towards this. Two cents.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Yasin Deamurr Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Atmospheric Technician Game ID: cdZ-aVXO Personnel Involved: Daniel Milner, Engineer: Victim Yorick Gallows, Cargo Tech: Offender Leona Raszeur, Officer: Witness Yasin Deamurr, Atmos Tech: Witness Secondary Witnesses: Dayo Abioye, Cargo Tech: Watched the fight from outside engineering Ostroverkhov Urvan, EMT(?): Treated Milners and Gallows injuries as first responder Real Time: (9:00AM GMT 09/12/2021) Location of Incident: Engineering Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ x ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: While sitting in the engineering foyer with Milner and Abioye, officer Raszeur approached our desk yelling at Milner, shouting ‘bitch’ a few times to get his attention. She asked Milner to repeat something he had said to her earlier in the shift. (he had called her a cunt in response to similar behavior, something he already apologized for). While this was happening, Abioye stood up to leave, and Gallows walked into engineering through the open door - grabbing Milner and threatening him. Milner threw a punch in response, and Gallows pulled out a maglight to use as a weapon, hitting Milner over the head with it. Myself and Raszeur attempted to pull them apart as the fight moved into the back corner of the foyer, and at some point during the fight Milner had his ribs audibly broken by Gallows. Officer Raszeur held Milner to the ground while Gallows attempted to duct tape his hands, I pulled Gallows off and the fight ended there. Medical and Security responded to calls made over common by Abioye, doctor Urvan confirmed that Milner had at least one broken bone. Gallows was carted off by security, and Milner by medical. Several unnamed onlookers remained, giving a rundown to the only head of staff working at the time. The entire incident took place in the ten minutes between the transfer being called and the shuttle's arrival, leaving no time to collect evidence. Submitted Evidence: [None] Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [ x ] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Cygnus Rey, Chief Engineer Actions taken: After hearing a rundown, Rey lightly scolded Officer Raszeur in the engineering Foyer and then moved to security. Afterwards, Rey requested Milner come to security, not realizing he’d been moved to the ODIN on transfer, pending treatment for still broken bones. An argument ensued, where Rey had told Milner to ‘come to security and run your mouth. I’ll be here’. I’m unsure if any action was taken towards Yorick. Additional Notes: The way Chief Engineer Rey handled the entire situation was a joke, and I don’t think his actions should go without mentioning. I’ll make a separate IR if needed.
  3. Haven't updated this for a while. Some new stuff, mostly sketches; Francis Another Yasin A couple lizards A furry Aries As I am sure you have seen already, the new Vaurca title cards And that's all for now! See yall in another 4 months
  4. While Ryver hasn't been on the server for as long as some others, he's made some contributions to the lore already and seems to be pretty passionate about it. +1
  5. New vendors look terrible in walls. Would avoid mapping them in walls if possible, particularly if new walls to match that style are off the table - though I doubt new walls would really fix it anyways.
  6. RE: things on walls: This is why the top down style has persisted on many servers, and why the slanted walls became the compromise - and frankly wind up being the better choice in context. Tall looks the best on its own, but you'd need directional vendors to make up for sudden importance of perspective. Seems you'd have to redo all the doors by hand if you wanted them. The map has to be designed with this perspective in mind to look any good, and lets be real -nbt isn't gonna be scrapped and redone for the sake of aesthetics. IE. it'll look just as bad as before, for entirely different reasons. Which is part of the argument I made in the original PR so, bam.
  7. Pulled from a reddit thread, for visual reference.
  8. Alternatively, have skills behave more like a statblock? Athletics is the prime example and its whats implemented atm anyways. Of course no idea how to implement anything else, or what the others would even be. Fan of skills, as a concept, either way though.
  9. 1. [...] Thank you for the correction, a mixture of my established illiteracy and poor proof reading has led us down the evil path of temptation. 2. [...] Vaurca are highly social, especially with one another, so going out of my way to talk to other K’lax and to a lesser extent, other hives, would be a common sight. Since they’re also purpose built, Vioux would be really dedicated and passionate towards its work. Since Vioux is young, ignorance towards the wider world isn’t unheard of – particularly when it comes to humans, as it has little experience with them. Playing a buggy worker means no valid hunting for me sir v.v Though, more seriously, Vioux would be far more cautious about dangerous scenarios, keeping themselves at least out of sight when hostilities roll around. That said, it’s still very curious, and would likely be very inquisitive about said scenarios and how they were dealt with when its deemed safe. Other things include, but are not limited to: Bugs talk funny. They are less individual than they are part of their hive, and brood. They prefer darkness, and would go out of their way to make it darker (if possible or reasonable). They need to be wary of their tank levels and eat to replenish it. VR is essentially heaven and acts as their afterlife, their sense of reality can be and is impacted greatly by this. 3. [...] Vioux was a Unathi researcher, their role as a worker would have made it impractical to serve as a kataphract, however it did spend some time observing both Unathi and Warrior Vaurca in this role. The purpose behind this is not dissimilar to others of its brood, and its goals centered around learning techniques which could then be applied to the weapons Vioux was designed to create. It moved around quite a bit, throughout Moghes at first, to observe as many styles as possible, working with members of its brood – composed of both researchers like itself and warriors intent on applying these new techniques to their own skillsets. Eventually they moved on to Ouerea with the understanding the culture on the planet differed significantly and thus provided new avenues for analysis. It was here Vioux would have started to establish an interest in the Aut’akh. 4. [...] Understood, shifting things around to fix this; Vioux would have done a fair amount of research on the Aut’akh after coming to sympathize with Zumoks ideas, but struggled to maintain or even establish any contacts in light of the public image it was expected to uphold as a member of Vedhras brood. It’s still curious about them, and would like to see their technology first hand, but during the time it spent on Moghes and Ouerea its thoughts surrounding them were speculative and mostly based on Zumoks ideas. 5. [...] Vioux believes that each brood has their own role in Preimminence, and while it relates most heavily towards those with a purpose similar to its own, it is highly respectful to any of those who fulfill their duties. The Zo’ra hive is treated with this same reasoning, however it can’t help but feel slight resentment towards C’thur. Still, it understands that they too have an important role in Preimminence, and makes an attempt at keeping its personal feelings about them in check.
  10. BYOND Key: 50_N00b Character Names: Yasin Deamurr, Clement Sormirr, F-R.A.N.K.Y., Bjorn Rolaerr, Zukzi Zukarr, Azuah Kizyrr, ARIES. Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Mountain Dew Green, otherwise known as (RGB 130, 150, 20), otherwise known as Vedhra lads Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: https://youtu.be/RpdscsPV1yE I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a high dosage of ants recently, which has made me curious about their lore, which has resulted in my reading of said lore. I’m interested in what the future holds for Vaurca, and would like to experience it first hand. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Quick rundown on mechanics; Vaucra breathe phoron, with oxygen being extremely toxic to them. They are unable to self heal and require treatment should they become injured, however their exoskeleton makes them resistant to changes in pressure and temperature – with further nuance depending on the caste. Of course things to keep in mind during RP. Vaucra are often mistaken for having lesser intelligence by other races present in the Orion Spur, in part because of their speech patterns – the intricacies of their native language lost in translation. Even beyond that, they are considered a threat to some, who fear they may bring more of their kind to the spur; material shortages, particularly phoron, have set these people on edge. This all contributes to a thorough level of discrimination that one should be wary of in day to day life outside the hiveships. Vaucra are also born with purpose in mind and a job to do, even the unbound are specialized in one a way or another, and the dedication one would feel towards this purpose and their brood, and hive, as whole is unwavering. It is highly unusual for a Vaucra to feel disloyalty. They are highly social, and connect with those of their hive easily, while workers in particular remain passive, avoiding conflict with those they do not mesh well with. VR also plays a large part in Vaucra life, seen as a sort of paradise for the unbound that use it. Many feel vulnerable outside it, and even resentful when they’re cut off during deployments. Bound are essentially robots, lobotomized before their brain has even developed and used as the primary labor in hives and projects. Warriors are built for defense, however have been seen as less important in recent years. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Vioux K'lax Vioux, like many of Vedhras brood, was born with the Ill’dra in mind. It despises them just as any other Vaucra would, however holds a keen interest in their history, technology, and methods. It considers itself an expert in this regard, and can come across as haughty in that sense. It’s time in VR has exposed it time and time again to this threat, giving it a distorted sense of danger, believing the Ill’dra are closer than they often are. Still, this has proved invaluable to its goals and has provided a wealth of knowledge about this enemy. The first few years of its life were spent on Moghes and Ouerea, first studying the combat styles of the Unathi as a whole, and eventually moving towards a fascination with the Aut’akh and their profound interest in augmentation. Vioux spent some time with their version of shamans, coming to respect the technology they had come up with – crude and violent as it may have been – it was effective on a practical and cultural level. It has come to agree with Zumoks ideas regarding Unathi as a result of these interactions. Vioux itself possesses minor augmentation (beyond what the average unbound would posses), primarily an improved respiratory system, designed with the intent to prevent a black kois infection; the effectiveness of this is up in the air. Having learned much from Unathite practices, Vioux was shipped off to Tau Ceti to take part in Nanotrasens phoron research, and of course, its application to weapon manufacturing. Now almost four years old, it remains thoroughly enthralled with its purpose and sees this change of scenery as an extremely important step in furthering its broods goals. Vedhras dedication to Preimminence is not lost on Vioux. While not a shaper, it seeks perfection through its dedication to its purpose and encourages others to embrace this ideal as well. It's views on other races is very lax, respecting them for their strengths and weaknesses, believing strongly in their individual roles regarding Preimminence. Vioux sees the Ill'dras hivemind approach to be a bastardization of all purpose, hamfisted, corrupt, and ultimately a step backwards. What do you like about this character? I’ve always liked playing characters with a hyperfocus on purpose and what that means to them, in the past I have used IPCs to further this goal however Vaurca naturally fall into this niche – particularly with Preimminence. I also like playing contrarians, and while most broods are more or less focused on their own survival, I like the idea of the outright aggression towards a “greater evil” of Vedhra and her children. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Cool kids only beyond this point /10 Notes: https://youtu.be/RpdscsPV1yE
  11. Tzeneth nailed it on the head imo. Coming from bay, for example, where there are a billion different ranks and different factions, that gets overwhelming really quickly. The point of having a baseline is to prevent it from getting to that point, while opening up other corps in other jobs for people that think its "NT is about as interesting as a saltine cracker without the salt." Forcing people to play other factions isn't going to result in those people caring enough about said factions to make them anymore interesting than NT and frankly will water them down with people who don't really care about the corporation lore in the first place. Still a hot take. Whoa.
  12. Maybe I just hate change, I like the idea of the other corps getting more of a hand in things but I also feel like NT served as a kind of "neutral party." I know the goal is to force variation but I'd personally rather see NT remain a baseline for all departments and encourage players to branch out just by allowing other corps into more jobs or departments - which seems to be the case with the proposed changes. Hot take, I know. ALSO I'd love to see independent get more jobs since the whole thing seems to be based around contractors anyways.
  13. +1 from me, enjoyable to play with. Good roleplay. Based.
  14. I'd have to think on that real hard to formulate a good opinion, I think, but my kneejerk reaction is; 1. There are multiple antagonists so getting people to coordinate on a choice that effects the whole rest of the round might not be the best idea, particularly when it comes to TWO choices. I'd have god summon requirements be unrelated to domains, and have it so once one is summoned you can't summon another. 2. Having players railroaded into a domain, even if you get to pick it, begins to feel like a reskinned version of what we have 3. This sounds like an overly complex way of doing it BUT to be fair my ideas are way way worse in that regard. Hear me out; What if research was brought back? Make it so cultists have to discover their spells, but instead of learning the words - we instead focus on tasks more related to domains? The more tasks they do, the more 'loyalty' they'll get towards that domain. The types of spells you can get are directly tied to that loyalty, and if you start working with other domains you'll loose loyalty towards the others. You can either work towards a lot of low level spells from a lot of different domains or work towards high level spells in one domain. This is an extreme spitball, so apologies if it sounds pretty rough. Pros; Flexibility Cons; Perhaps too complex, possible power gaming combos I'm still super against connections to lore gods, I think players should be able to do that on their own if they'd like - and we can leave the gods nameless to facilitate that. Otherwise it feels like gatekeeping to me, which is big bad for an antagonist role. Let players come up with their own gimmicks, give them the tools to do so, don't railroad a gimmick by having those connections in place. I'd also like to see the game-mode remain very horror focused, to be honest. It's kind of what its built around, which is why in my original proposal for gods they were all very spooky themed in one way or another. I also think leaning towards outright holy or light themes would result in some really boring peace cults that might as well be an extension of the chaplain. (I say all this in contradiction to the gimmick railroading above but I think there's a middleground somewhere, and if it was to be truly open we'd just port deity lmao)
  15. Which is the intention, I think it can be expanded upon to not necessarily have a 'god summon' end game as well - and wrap it all up in the domain system. I'd hesitate on making the domains specific to religions in the lore 'cause it makes it a bit hard for /anyone/ to jump into it, which is why deity is actually better for that sorta thing since the god is whatever you say it is. Having it be open ended is generally better for RP anyways. I leave Nar'sie in as is because she doesn't actually get summoned often anyways, and the proposed changes make her even harder to summon - she's a rarity and she's meant to be. Which makes it really novel when she does get summoned. Plus she's pretty iconic and I'd hate to see her properly removed. Yeah I actually have a handful of sprites already, I have a rough design document too - though I quoted a huge chunk of it already and I haven't put a whole lotta thought into it other than the gods, yet. This is a project I've wanted to pick up for a while but I wanted to have something really solid to work off of before suggesting anything so, kinda stagnated lmao. Its definitely not a small project.
  16. The first step to anything is to discuss it, particularly with sweeping changes as mentioned. Discouraging discussion of ideas, no matter the size, just leads to stagnation, which I think everyone can agree is bad. THAT SAID; You're right. It doesn't come out of thin air. I'm a spriter, which is part of the equation, and I'd be willing to commission a coder (if one was willing) to actually work on something like this, because at the end of the day its a big enough thing that it wont get added unless someone is passionate enough about it to just do it, or if someone is being motivated to do it via other means. Of course. There's always the lazy mans solution to just port deity.
  17. It's good to see some ideas for cult floating around, I agree with the idea that cult needs some love. It's one of my favorite game modes but its also very used up and has seen very little changes over the past 8 years. The lazy mans solution is to port deity from bay, (which actually covers quite a few of your suggestions here) but I think the two are different enough that that doesn't fix much other than "oo, new content," and essentially functions as an entirely different mode with similar themes. (that said I'd like to see it ported regardless) I had an idea (part of a WIP) for cult as well that focused a lot on something similar to what you've laid out as domains, though a bit more abstract. Destruction, Reality, Corruption; each with their own "end game" (see; deities) that have different requirements to get. I get why having an endgame can stunt rp, but I like to think of it as giving additional tools to players rather than railroading people towards specific paths. I think having certain paths not include summoning a deity but obtaining power or etc. is a fantastic idea but I'd like to see more detail. I mention this because I think it's super applicable to your domains idea and could be expanded upon to include themes I've missed or vice versa. See specifics in the spoiler below; RE: I think a fix for this could easily be to make the cult more obvious the more shenanigans they get up to. See; casting spells, having members, summoning gods, etc. We already have themes with the veil in place, so expand on that. Give ghosts more visibility (though I'd like to see their sprites changed so IC you're not seeing your co-workers ghost cause they're observing). Give the station a reddish tint. Make the cultists have red eyes. All stuff within that vein of thinking. ANYWAYS. Not meaning to derail too much, like the concept. Needs to be fleshed out a lot though.
  18. Playing with Ryver is always a treat, his cats are fun to be around and he's great with his robot characters too. I'm sure he'd do a good job with Skrell. +1
  19. Herp has some fun characters, I've mostly played with bob who is really solid. I'd love to see his take on a command character. +1
  20. As Zukarrs life has entirely post contact, and even beyond that, mostly in space, his opinions on modernization are pretty positive. His younger years in the early days of the wasteland exposed him to a hodgepodge of jury-rigged tech, from a mixture of eras. The bigger city saw to expose him to more modern devices, though perhaps in a more conservative way. As he moved off planet and into space, particularly with the pirates, he was exposed to a lot of variety in terms of technology. The idea of life before the accessibility of tech as it stands is alien enough to him that it's not something that crosses his mind often. The Aut'akh strike him as fanatics, taking what he sees as normal and pushing it to an extreme. He's not a fan of their practices regarding augmentation, following the idea that prosthetics can damage the soul, but he is still fairly ignorant of their religion as a whole. He's not so prejudiced against them as to purposefully stir up problems with them, though, he just thinks they're wrong. Spirituality was never something that struck a strong chord with zukarr, but he grew up practicing Th'akh and the beliefs surrounding this religion are ingrained in his head. To him, it's all very common sense and so he treats it as such. He can come across as surprised when others don't understand or know of the practices or the importance of spirits, to the point of assuming they are dumb. This can rustle some feathers as one might expect. All in all, he mostly sticks to what the shamans tell him - not entirely interested in delving deeper himself. Any struggles he has surrounding this mostly come from profound ignorance of other cultures, and even other unathi faiths - in so far as mixing Sk'akh and Si'akh up with each other on a regular basis. This has resulted in more than a few tussles over his lifetime, but his lack of fighting expertise has put him under the boot more than once. Unfortunately he's also too stupid to learn most the time, and to him, Th'akh is the only correct faith.
  21. Thanks for the heads up, went ahead and made an edit, switching to NT.
  22. BYOND Key: 50_N00b Character Names: Yasin Deamurr, Clement Sormirr, F-R.A.N.K.Y, Bjorn Rolaerr Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Red Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve had a character idea floating around in my head for a while, I went ahead and read the lore and while the idea has changed substantially since I first thought of it, as a result of a better understanding of the lore, I’m still excited to try and execute it. I also like that Unathi don’t feel like a rehash of anything particular from human history (at least in my opinion), so I’m excited to explore more of their lore and develop characters based on it. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are large lizard-like aliens, and as one might expect from that, they have reptilian-like qualities. Mechanically, they have a slow walking speed but are able to sprint quickly for a short amount of time. They’re cold blooded, so their idle body temperature is lower than the average human. They’re sensitive to cold, but resistant to heat. They have claws, causing bleeding when they attack – all things to keep in mind when playing. Most Unathi are refugees one way or another, as their race reels to recover from a nuclear war that occurred shortly after first contact was made with humanity. This was recent enough that there are a wide variety of perspectives in regards to this. Older Unathi will remember the times before contact was made, and may have entirely different perspectives than younger individuals where this is all they’ve ever known. Their society is heavily focused on honor, spiritualism, and clans – feeling somewhat antiquated on the galactic stage as a whole. Character Name: Zukzi Zukarr Please provide a short backstory for this character: Zukarr hatched shortly after the first bombs fell on Moghes, his entire childhood occuring during the contact war. As his clan occupied the more rural areas of Moghes, they found themselves pushed further and further from their homelands as the encroaching wastelands made life difficult. The first ~8 years of Zukarrs life were spent wandering deserts in a slow and grueling journey towards fertile lands untouched by the nuclear fallout. His lifestyle became mostly nomadic, traveling in a group with his clan and coming into contact with many villages and towns that had, or would be, meeting the same fate as theirs. As the war came to a close, the idea of approaching Skalamar became increasingly appealing to the clan's dwindling elders. They spent some time outside the city, waiting to be let in amongst the flood of refugees that now sought shelter within, living in ghetto camps until their time. While there, Si’akh preachers made their rounds – appealing to the tired individuals strewn about. While Zukarr and his clan didn’t buy into the wild doomsday claims, the interactions certainly fueled Zukzis thoughts, allowing him to come to his own conclusions about the evils that led up to the war, namely coming to dislike both the Izweski and the Coalition. Shortly after their entrance to Skalamar, Zukzi and much of his clan were met with severe overpopulation and pushed into the spacefaring life. Too proud to accept any of the contacts offered by the mega-corporations poaching for cheap hands, they found themselves seeking refuge on sinta operated colonies and took a shuttle to Ha’zana where they integrated themselves into the colony. After the formation of the Grim Compact, Zukkar took an interest in joining. He approached the Steel-Spirits, inspired by their forward tactics, wanting to become a warrior amongst their ranks. Very quickly, though, it became apparent he wasn’t great at fighting (or, frankly, much else). While the thought that he’d approached the wrong crew did cross his mind, he was too stubborn to admit defeat and continued with the Steel-Spirits. Zukarr would be assigned to more menial tasks when he wasn’t needed, and took on many responsibilities of the chore wheel on his particular vessel. At first he found it demeaning to do tasks normally delegated towards women, and worked hard to try and elevate himself off what he deemed as the floor, but he wasn’t strong nor intelligent, so there he stayed. As he became more familiar with the culture of the pirates, he’d become less offended by his work. Their Dread-Lord was a woman, and this did a lot to weaken gender roles in his mind. Eventually he’d find himself in the galley, preparing the day's meal for the rest of the crew. An older Unathi taught Zukzi much about the process and he had a knack for it, more so than anything else he’d tried - at least. Over time, he came to realize that the pirates, and in fact the government of Ha’zana as a whole, was a tributary of the Izweski Hegemony. Not the least bit pleased by the idea of indirectly working for the Izweski, even if it was mostly autonomous in nature, Zukarr broke away from the lifestyle and began looking for contracts to take him away from the system. Idris picked him up, interested in the idea of access to the exotic cuisine of Sinta cooks. He received some formal training before he was dumped in Tau Ceti to become familiar with the other sapient species and gain more experience before, ideally, moving onto more profitable ventures. NanoTrasen picked him up, placing him in Tau-Ceti to fill some shorthandedness on the Aurora while also attempting to introduce him to a more mixed society, becoming more familiar with other sapient species. TLDR; >Childhood was nuclear >Join pirates...Is a bad pirate >Learns to code cook >Idris big money chef What do you like about this character? I wanted to play an Unathi in a role they are not commonly seen, this accomplishes that well, I think. I also enjoy playing contarians in general, so having a Sinta who generally dislikes the governments of their species is also a point of interest for me. I think since he’s fairly new to culture outside of Sinta space, he’ll have a lot to learn which makes room for character development which is always fun. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’ve warmed up quite a bit since my last app, and have had an easier time sliding between characters and diving into development, so I’d rate myself at an 8/10 Notes: Sorry for the long ass backstory!
  23. Problem with mechanical skills is implementation, its a lot of work to make skills relevant to everything they should be relevant to, and what'll happen is a half-done job like it has been on bay. In an ideal world, they'd be sick and I'd be totally down but I don't see them getting enough work done with them to make them really functional. I don't think skills should be removed either though, its a handy reference towards what your character can do when you have a lot to keep track of already, though I think some policy change might be worth looking into - since as is, yes! you can get bwoinked for working outside your department even if you have the skills (and the backstory to match them) to do so. (of course then you tread on what is and isn't powergaming so I dunno that's a whole other discussion) Maybe a good alternative would be to port and expand on the polaris traits? It's more focused on physical characteristics and depends a whole lot less on tons of integration with other aspects of the game.
  24. I've known Ryver for years and he's always been a great roleplayer, his idea with Royale is great +1
  25. re-balancing it to be less deadly is perfectly viable, the point is that it's a PVE like game-mode while still being player controlled - which there aren't a lot of options like that to choose from short of making something from scratch.
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