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Kaisers red sphere of doom

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BYOND Key: 50_n00b

Discord Username: 50n00b

Character Name: Sasha Kaiser

Item Name: Stress Ball

Item Function(s): 
When clicked in your hand, it (visible to others) emotes being squeezed. Depending on intent, the message changes;
Help        [You] play with the stress ball.
Disarm    [You] squeeze the stress ball.
Grab       [You] pinch the stress ball.
Harm      [You] crush the stress ball.

Item Description: 
A deep red sphere, soft, pliable, meant to be handled.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: 
Kaiser is an angry guy, to a self destructive degree. Recent events both in his professional life and personal life have led him to wanting to reign in some of his aggressive tendencies. The stress ball is to be one of many mechanisms he’s meant to be using to redirect his anger.

How did your character obtain this item?:
Sasha was given it during a preliminary psychiatric session with the goal of anger management in mind;

Sasha Kaiser says, "I'm going to destroy this thing."
Zaynab Shirazi says, "Then do it. I have plenty."
Zaynab Shirazi says, "Crush it, tear it, stomp on it. It doesn't matter-- it's only a thing."

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?:
The stress ball is specifically a storytelling prop, it exists to show a desire towards personal growth. It’s not the only thing driving that growth but can be seen as somewhat symbolic for the character's current arc and serves as a marker towards that goal.



image.png.25c43297f638fb110f37eebfb0fb293e.png image.png.ed53db0b4039bde1ab8e765ea371e3ed.png 


Additional Comments:
I think this is hilarious. I think he’s going to throw it at people. I think he's going demolish it. It fits thematically with how I’m trying to handle the character. A win win. If this is too mundane an item, I’d love for it to be added to the loadout with the same functionality, and I’ll make a recolourable sprite for it. I have no reason to gatekeep a stress ball of all things.

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