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Player Complaint - Cliff Noton

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BYOND Key: Aedan, playing IAM (Security Android) at the time.

Player Byond Key: Indictmentt - Character Name Cliff Noton

Staff involved: No. While I did ask if Cliff Noton wasn't actually being kind of a murderous/assaulting shit, I was only really addressed when he complained about being buckle cuffed and left without a radio. For the most part, I tried to handle it ICly.

Reason for complaint: This guy was one of the least pleasant people I've ever had to deal with as Security. He began the round by allegedly attempting to stab Lauren Blade's eyes out, and was brigged for a very minimal amount of time without my knowledge. The next time I encountered him he was punching Aquila in medbay, supposedly because she was attempting to take his mask off in response to the Garret Mary infestation the station was going through. I arrested him for this, and allowed Aquila to check his appearance beneath his robot mask and gas mask before taking him to security.

The entire time, Cliff Noton was screaming shitcurity and faggot or similar insults in my direction. I mostly filtered it out and didn't reply, asking input from the Warden and the security channel. I was told to give him minor assault, and ended up both stripping his radio and bucklecuffing him because he had (to my knowledge) demonstrated himself both violent and also highly socially hostile.

Towards the end of the round, I found him fleeing security again and was told to arrest him for trying to steal a riot shield from an officer. I eventually caught him, took him to the brig. Things were too chaotic by this point, so I stripped him partially in processing. Because of the Garret Mary situation (in which almost everyone was Garret Mary due to a changeling using stings rampantly) nobody was even paying any attention. I discovered that he had a CE ID he'd given himself, and gave him Grand Theft because I felt uncomfortable, as an Android, throwing him in permabrig like he probably deserved.

This was a fifteen minute timer, and when I returned later I saw him walking out of the brig with no trouble. But there were still two minutes on his brig timer, while the cell itself had been broken out of. Additionally, at the end of the round this exchange occurred:


Garret Mary(as Thomas Limes) asks, "IAM, you ever get that cell door fixed?"

Garret Mary (as Morgan Sanford) has analyzed Garret Mary (as Lupa Arroyo)'s vitals.

Garret Mary (as James Goode) snores.

Garret Mary (as Morgan Sanford) has grabbed Garret Mary (as Lupa Arroyo) passively!

Garret Mary (as James Goode) snores.

IAM states, "The one that was broken open using rods? Probably not."

Garret Mary(as Thomas Limes) says, "Actually it was a glass shard"

IAM states, "Yes, well."

Garret Mary (as Cruz Buzzard) buckles in!

Garret Mary(as Thomas Limes) says, "Then I took the detectives gear"

IAM states, "Hmm..."

Garret Mary(as Thomas Limes) says, "And walked right past you on my way out"


To my knowledge, the Detective (Thomas Limes) was SSD, so you can throw that on the pile of complaints to be found here.

I don't have a complete log anymore, because the round stretched on long enough to push the furthest of my backscroll away. Truthfully, I don't actually know for a complete certainty that he stabbed Lauren Blade's eyes repeatedly, but his behavior throughout the entire rest of the round didn't really help his case, so I'd kind of like it looked into.

Approximate Date/Time: 05/9/15 @ 1:00-2:47 AM Central Time.

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I don't particularly care if this guy was had been an antagonist. And although he clearly wasn't (it was ling), I don't really care about him not being one either.

What I do care about isn't the fact that this player chucklefucked quite a lot, but that he wasn't even funny while doing it.

This is terrible.

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The player's ckey name is Indictmentt. I had added it to the complaint.

It appears that Indictmentt has also been talked to by Conspire2Ignite, according to the log. In it, it reads that because he had been tabled by Lauren Blade several times which made them start stabbing them in the eye with the screwdriver. It was explained to them that it's not good to stab someone in the eye just because they laid you out on the table.

I would like Conspire2Ignite to put in input and I will see about getting in contact with Indictmentt about this topic.

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I'm inclined to agree with Frances, assuming she's not being sarcastic.

I don't even care about antag status, as long as it was fun/hilarious. But it was neither. If I recall they were the one that broke into the HOP's office, killed Ian, and stole the CE's ID card. There's no fun in that.

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Indictmentt was brought to my attention via his own ahelp when he asked why he was bucklecuffed and stripped of his headset. Turns out he stabbed a person in the eyes with a screwdriver and yelled slurs at security. In my view, stripping him of his headset was definitely the right preventative call (I don't much care for slurs). So I focused instead on why he decided to stab someone in the eyes in the first place. It was supposedly to stop him from being repeatedly tabled by the person after having thrown a toolbox at them. I considered the incident a wash and thought it to be handled ICly.

I believe it was then that had to sleep. So I didn't get the incidents with the stealing things or breaking into places. I would like to hear Indictmentt's explanation on those matters. Since he wasn't an antag, minor crimes are consider alright to me. Going beyond that should have a really good explanation.

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As someone working in sec that round (Jillian Fleming), I can confirm that Thomas Limes was AFK, and Noton was being a shitler the entire round, especially given the chaos that was already occuring. While I was trying to sort out the situation in medbay, he tried to steal my riot shield, at which point I attempted to tase him, failed horrendously, returned to medbay, and requested IAM arrest him.

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I had alerted the staff to keep an eye out for this player for them to give their side of the issue.

If we cannot find them before Friday rolls around, I will mark this thread as resolved seeing I have proof in the form of logs that I had gathered from Saturday that confirms the complaint in question and the player will receive action against them.

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Time has came to a draw and the player in question has not responded nor signed in. I will lock and archive this topic, along with carrying out the action that I said will transpire.

If you have question, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach me in a pm.

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