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Service borgs shouldn't be allowed to print out money


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This is the second issue we've had to deal with where a borg was printing money "because people love money!", and frankly, I can't see the use of the function. Like, wat. Why would NT design borgs that are able to fabricate currency? There's no situation in which they would ever realistically need to.

So just putting it out there, as something to be considered.

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I agree.

The function doesn't have to be taken out completely. The whole reason that it was implemented (although it's never used in this manner) was to be used to bet on games, holodeck matches, things of that nature.

We could just switch to like...poker chips? Or something.

The idea of gambling was also brought up by Less. However, given that in-game credits have been completely replaced by transfer cards (basically checks), it makes the system nearly impossible to use. People can currently only transfer money from an account to another, meaning that bets cannot even be placed, and no money given to borgs - short of "giving out" money for free, the function serves no purpose.

Perhaps a rework of the station's whole entertainment infrastructure could address that (there was a mention of poker or pool tables, at some point), but that seems a bit far off.

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