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well, economicaly speaking, you are paying for the work that was done on to make the potatoe chips, for the plastic bag, for the ingredients, but mostly the cost comes from the plastic bag, and on how often does the potatoe chips get selled, and their price either rise if people do not buy them frequently like for example 700 bags of chips each day in one shop, then the price increases to compensate for the loss. It's simple. For example you sell icecream. It's summer, and you got three types of icecream. Two of them are sold frequently, like you know that these two will be sold immidiately, but the third will not, so what you do, is pack up more of the first two types, and a little bit, if you stack up on the three equaly, the third will type will be left, and will need their price increased to compensate that it was not sold on the schedule (for example 10 icecream of that type in one day).

So seriously, i am not impressed that potato chips cost that much. Here in Latvia, the MILK is cheaper than water! A bloody milk! But there's a reason to it why.

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Speaking about prices. Just look at this screenshot. I know that you cannot understand anything except that it's Macbook Pro that costs 72000 UAH. But Belive me when we had 1 dollar for 40 UAH(it's 22 UAH right now) this price were 127000 UAH.



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I think you've got the wrong idea, Swat. It's the other way around. If it isn't selling well enough, there are two reasons for it. Either it's not just not well-liked, or it's too expensive. In either of the cases the answer isn't to INCREASE price. It's to DECREASE price. Or to get rid of it altogether in favor of another product. Or just to get rid of it, period.

I also just noticed that HMMWV is missing a door.

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