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Howdy Folks and Folkette's so while in a Skype chat Jackboot proposed we migrate the bay job-guides for our wiki. I proposed a different more unique idea. A competition.

The way it's going to work is, you'll write a guide for a job and it'll be judged on a number of things

1- Game mechanics, this is very important as it's the whole point the job guide needs to be full of mechanics.

2- Roleplay encouragement, this one is a biggie, while guides remain heavily focused on game mechanics we want to

avoid encouraging powergaming for example; "As the CMO you should always make sure to bring the medical Hardsuits back to Medbay Incase of a breach" is a no no but "There are medical Hardsuits in EVA Incase of a breach or wounded engineers."

3- How well written it is, this isn't as important as we have people who can grammar check, but it's nice for them not to have to. And the better it's written the better it will flow.

4-How unique or fun it is, Guides are a bore to read, we know that so anything you can do to make it more fun would be great!

Now the rewards:

1- You get your guide on the wiki with full credit

2- the little image of the worker for example the CMO will be of YOUR character(regardless of species :) )

3- Prestige you get to say "I wrote the book on being CMO! Don't fuck with me!"

We need these guides for pretty much every job, when you get one done post it in the Guides & Tutorial section with the prefix of (Wiki guide) here http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=91

I thought this would save a little clutter on the guides board - sounds


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For all jobs pleeeaase!!! And give a good detailed guide, but keep some secrets secret! As in, tell a Chemist what good chemicals to stock up are, but not what a good cryomix is.

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